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  1. Something a lot more portable and practical would be a paintball gun with paintballs filled with a non-toxic, but noxious-smelling substance. I watched a video some years ago where LASO was experimenting with such a device for crowd control. I believe IDF uses it on the Palestinians, when they cannot get away with actually murdering them.

    1. That substance has been around for a long time and yes, the Israelis were the ones who invented it.

      If memory serves, the smell is a cross between a point-blank skunk and a ripe dead body and does *not* wash off. Ya just gotta wait till enough skin is replaced for it to finally leave the unfortunate recipient.

      I think the ACLU put a stop to its use, of course. We could certainly use it now. Lottta targets out there. (Between AntiFa and BLM the odor might even be an improvement.)

    2. Yeah, the manure cannon looks like a shitty idea, mainly due to mobility and resupply concerns, though I bet it would be a crowd pleaser.

      One overlooked source of aromatic products can be a trapper’s supply company. Fox urine, coyote urine, fish oil*, skunk essence*.

      *all time faves…

      Might even get a couple traps whilst you’re there…just for fun.

      A Conibear 330 is between ‘very hard’ and ‘almost impossible’ to extract from w/o tools, even if you know how it works, especially if it is short-chained to limit rescue access. Put it someplace one might reach into… A bite from a big Conibear can take you out of the fight even if you do get out of it. Even the slightly smaller 220 can be pretty effective, still being capable of killing a beaver. Even smaller traps, such as the various foothold traps in the larger sizes (#4-#5 and larger) can be a demoralizing inconvenience, not quite a minefield, but you do get the idea you cannot just crawl forward… Duke traps are cheap, imported foothold traps that are readily available at places like Cabelas, BassPro, Tractor Supply and other farm supply stores.


    3. If the IDF is using it, most likely your local PD has been trained by IDF to employ the same.

      See, e.g.,:

      Minn. police learn from Israeli counter-terrorism conference


      Israeli forces trained cops in ‘restraint techniques’ at Minneapolis conference.




    4. I dont understand why sonic weapons are not being deployed. We know they exist, we used them in Iraq etc….They leave no marks, no injuries…would seem like a sure thing.

    5. Methyl mercaptan should be a prime consideration. It’s the stink added to otherwise odorless propane. In concentrated form, a few drops would clear a large room with much projectile vomiting. This happened once at an all-company meeting in a large ballroom, causing hundreds of people to run, screaming for the exits. The prankster had to clean up the tiny amount, ultimately dousing the carpet with gasoline, burning it, then paying for the new carpet.

      Then he was fired.

    6. Coyote lure can be purchased online or at local sporting hunting stores. Unforgettable essence.

  2. I saw an article out of Japan. Riot control with indelible ink in water canon and paintball guns. Tag-em and then bag-em at a later time.

  3. That’s great! When we were stationed in Germany we called those trucks “Honey Wagons”. You could always tell/smell went the fields had been treated.

  4. Seriously? Flinging shit at people accustomed to flinging shit?

  5. Dweezil,

    The substance that you’re thinking of is ‘Bee-go’; it’s used to drive bees out
    of the supers to be able to get to the honey in the hive.

    If you’ve never smelled it, you’ll be glad because it’s TRULY noxious; imagine
    vomit, a couple of toddler’s week old diapers and a gallon of milk left in a
    locked vehicle for about 2 weeks.


    Such could probably be added to the paint ball ammo via syringe and then
    the entry hole superglued quickly to seal it.

    Hope that helps.

    NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  6. Yep, keep advocating for cucking sidestepping for dealing with Team Globohomo Red.
    Got a statue or memorial honoring White Western civilization, the Confederacy, American history, or our war dead in your local area?
    I guarantee, you won’t much longer. But, at least you can have loads of fun with your shitillery and paintball guns.

  7. I’ve got 500 gallons of ammunition ready for use! I’ll even pay to have it delivered to where you need it!!!!
    (Quivering in excitement!!!!)

  8. The Japanese have a interesting technique in crowd control. They hit the crowd with a fire hose. You say — not unique. What comes out of the fire hose is an indelible dye marking all in the crowd. Ingenious.

  9. Heck, I think that for CROWD control (hint, Dweez), this is an even better idea than firehose. What it lacks in “ammo” supply it makes up for with perfect scents (see wut I did there?). Of course, getting it from the field to the necessary locale could take a lot more time than loading the paint ball hopper…

  10. Not something I would ever do or suggest, but hypothetically speaking for funzies, pre scored self disintegrating containers of Phu Gas with black powder kicker charges embedded into dirt banks, large diameter pipe sections for aiming purposes, pipe spigot mortar design launchers, use toaster wire low DC voltage ignition source, a crafty defender could place a variety of size charges in all sorts of useful locations, they would be pretty good weatherproof devices using readily available supplies with basic mechanical skills. Get really fancy wire in a central launch control panel in a bunker or other tactical location.
    I suppose a man portable spigot launcher, using primed shot shells holding BP charges, a simple drop and launch fixed firing pin, possibly a timed cannon fuse and BP bursting capsule incased in the phu gas carrier, lots of possible carriers from milk jugs and large soda pop bottles to heavy mil plastic/rubber bladders within a wood or metal frame with a pipe spigot. Or go big and employ 15-55 gal plastic drums with a launch and or burst charge. Even grenade launcher accessories adapted to modern rifles using blanks, as found on vintage mil surp infantry rifles, a dedicated single shot shotgun, using BP and primed shot-shells would be handy and expedient, light, carried in a backpack scabbard, remove the stock replace with a swiveling baseplate, like a WWII jap knee mortar. Even use propane gas as the launching charge and a BBQ ignition magneto with steel pipe spigots.
    Take a bit of R&D to refine some particulars, but its all low tech, open source backyard engineering. A creative imagination can create a number of scenarios.

    Fire that sticks and burns long and sucks all the oxygen out of the immediate area is a high motivation instrument in defensive posture.
    There’s a coating used on early blimps and dirigibles, using powdered aluminum, asphalt/bitumen, quick drying thinning agent and some other materials, like powdered magnesium, which is gas and water tight, creates a unique container when applied to cloth. Historically found to be a highly aggressive combustible. A duel wall container with BP sandwiched between might be a pragmatic addition boosting flammable characteristics.

    Lots of hypothetical thinking fun!

  11. I’m sure , if you really worked at it and applied yourself, You could make it leathal.

  12. Contact tracers = Stasi
    Rioters/BLM/Antifa = Bolsheviks
    Rogue federal agencies = Cheka
    Media bobbleheads= Lugenpresse
    Most Politicians = Comintern


  13. What a great idea. Who is going to hang around after being soaked with fecal matter.

  14. That truck is often called a “honey wagon.” I used to repair the hoses on them.

  15. Why is this even a thing?
    The expense of the clean up alone would be over the top.
    Who wants to cuff and arrest shit covered people?
    The old way is the best way.
    March right into the middle and start cracking heads with sticks.
    Clean up is minimal, arrest is easy on comatose criminals, and frankly, it’s kinda fun for the stick swingers. Hell, I might even volunteer my services.

  16. In der Schweiz they used to have a holding tank under the barn, the gulle loch and they emptied it into the gulle wage every spring, sprayed it over the fields, my god what a stench. Fermented cow shit and piss.
    Can’t think of much worse to get hit with, but it will probably get return fire in the form of copper and lead too.

    I really believe they’re parading their retards to get our guard down, just like we did with the retards in Richmond. Bubba, meet Leroy and Leticia.
    Read your Sun Tsu.

  17. Sure beats the water canyons with dye, no need to round them up this sucker comes with its own punishment.

  18. Any ever use a mosquito fogger? I’ve often wondered what the viability might be of a fogger loaded with pepper spray.

  19. US Army has these on standby in case of problems with the locals at some overseas fwd bases.

    Some of the anti Semitic comments by a number of readers clearly show some of you need to get right with God, and the way things are going, you probably need to move that towards the top of the list. Sad to see that the awake movement still has bigots in tow.

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