21 thoughts on “Fighters #4: Essential Reading”

  1. You can download the file by changing the dl=0 to dl =1

  2. Speshul Farces manuals?

    what success or war have they ever won pray tell?

    fucking useless eaters and tax termites- all of them

    1. these green colored turds are not the heroes the media makes them out to be

      if they were worth a shit in the first place, we wouldn’t be in this situation now would we? and whatever happened over there in the M.E after spending 20 years fighting a handful of goat herders? all that $, all the loss of “homeland” freedom, and NOTHING- that’s what.

      the shit they do and call “special” is the same shit us grunts did back before the T.W.O.T war and all the BS propaganda that went with it.. it makes me wonder how abysmally low today’s ‘conventional’ forces have been degraded…

      tfA-t knows these green boogers have and will be used against the murkin peepul and how they will dutifully follow orders for yet another cheap pot metal ‘Made in China’ badge and ribbon- heroes…

      you know it and they know it

      tfA-t has spoken

  3. Forgot to add to the IFAK post: Do not use the same tourniquets you train with. The handling and use of training causes undue wear on CAT’s, leading many to wrongly believe CAT’s are substandard….it’s a tourniquet and it works. Don’t believe me, let me properly put one on a limb and give the windlass two full twists…..I promise, you won’t (immediately) like it.

  4. Great idea. I like the manure gun approach because it puts out a more consistent flow. I had looked into using the old fashioned tractor-pulled spreader in the past but that isn’t very practical since all spreaders available locally are rear-discharge. So a liquid manure gun would be far more practical. Especially true if you can visit a good confinement hog operation.

    In the spirit of ‘giving back’ to one’s community, we should all consider giving back the same crap that incessantly spews from leftists mouths. They will appreciate tasting their own sh:t. After all, it’s for the children. The spoiled violent lazy coddled children.

  5. The days of FTP were fun where you could upload to receive some download credits.
    Digging around in the Hall of Archives spindles to see what goodies are in PDF format.
    Found the Communist Manifesto, Prairie Fire by esteemed party member comrade kommissar Billy Ayers, Wound Ballistics charts for various calibers, tons of WWII elite units and equipment, Big Battles, US Army tech manuals, and still searching.
    Most people don’t know that Ape Lincoln was a penpal of German RAT bum Karl Marx.

  6. Any idea what’s going on with ol’ Remus over at Woodpile Report? He hasn’t posted in a month.

  7. Having to store it in Dropbox (the only means that popper up) is a non-starter for this type of material.

    Using Dropbox means you have to have access to and use the internet, something one can’t (shouldn’t) have to do.
    To be truly useful, any/all of this type of excellent info should be set up to be in a file that can be downloaded and stored inside ones smartphone/tablet/laptop, so it can be instantly accessed anywhere/anytime without the internet.

  8. The ARIS volumes are worth having as well in your library.

    OT: Anyone in the blogosphere happen to hear how Ol’ Remus at Woodpile Report is?
    It’s been some time now and am frankly worried about that fine gentleman.

  9. If I could only have two, I’d take:

    “The Tiger’s Way,” by Poole – anyone who’s read it knows it’s a great primary resource for lessons learned from past conflicts and teaching techniques that work.

    “Total Resistance,” by H. Von Dach

    If I could have a 3rd, I’d take, “Where there is no Doctor,” by David Werner, and as a companion, “Where there is no Dentist,” by Murray Dickson

    All of these are small and light enough to be part of one’s ‘mobility kit’ and pack enough information to be worth while.

    My .02

  10. Pete, the time has come to fire a few of us. Dirt, DMV, And that shit stain TEE.

    Nothing positive is coming from the three of us. I simply can’t help myself. Tee farts thru his mouth, and I respond!. We know it’s a fart, cuz nothing but shit comes out.

    Respectfully Dirt,

    1. ewe and the older CUCK oughtsux just can’t take the truth

      ewe want only your rose-colored view of the world to be heard

      your fucked up cuntry SUCKS and everyone knows it but the CUCKOLDS

      the murkins are pussys and tfA-t exposes that fact

      fucking losers

      tfA-t is enjoying the BOOMERS squirming and flailing as their uber corrupt Fusa collapses into the dustbin of history- GOOD RIDDANCE!

      get out while you still can

  11. CA, thank you for the link. With regards to dropbox links, changing the ending dl=0 to dl=1 it will trigger an automatic download (dl=download and 1=true) of the file for easier offline viewing and further distribution. When dl=0, the file can be read but is essentially lost when the browser is closed.

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