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  1. Hey Doc, the N95 material is electrostatically charged, thus catching virus particles. Don’t trust me- use DuckDuckGo.com and look it up.
    Agree with the rest.

    1. Yeah, and how long does that charge hold?

      Is it also fitted with replaceable AAA batteries?

      Asking for a friend…

    2. Why is Doc Graham’s bullshit reappearing on WRSA?

      Doc Graham’s advice was long ago debunked. N95, N100, and P100 masks are quite effective in stopping viral-laden DROPLETS, the most important means of respiratory transmission. Free viruses are NOT a major cause of respiratory transmission, but even the N95 masks exhibit the electrostatic repulsion of free viruses about which several here have explained. In the proper setting masks are useful.

      Why does WRSA have an affinity for “health care providers” who won’t stay in their lane?

  2. A soft weak society of peace and safety whores will take it good and hard now that the controllers know how they will bend over for anything.
    Mommygov should declare WAR on mortality so that we can all live forever.
    Whenever I see a fellow non-maskee at the Sack N’ Save I give a head nod or thumbs up.
    Obscure WWW pages say (((they))) are jumping over to China because Jarvanka Trumpstein won’t attack Syria, Iran, Turkey, Russia.
    Maybe China doesn’t want to play JWO but is up to some deceit to show that those who think they are the smartest chosen ones are anything but?

    1. Wotan, (ein gute name)
      Seeing that they aren’t all wrapped up in the Judeo-Christian myth, they are looking at this from afar and seeing loopholes they can exploit to perhaps put the final coffin nail in the Chosenite plan for world financial dominance. Their end goal isn’t to destroy the USA, but rather our (((financial system))).
      With the USA crumbling, China may just pull it off.

  3. surface tension folks….droplet size matters not virus size…lab tested…Sars cov 2 is not shed as naked virus… it is shed in groups contained in droplets much larger that the pore size.
    mask are used to trap your droplets and protect others…just like a surgeon wears in the OR
    BTW- I am an M.D. also and have direct contact with covid patients daily…so there

    1. I agree. This virus travels in water droplets. Masks filter water droplets. Just remember that the mask then is a repository of the virus that you don’t touch and must sanitize.
      What annoys me is the virtuous holier than thou attitude of those who mask shame.

      1. Mask shame, as in, shame you for not wearing a mask to save the childr… I mean, the elderly.

  4. In Reno, looks like a surgeon gathering. We’re not wearing masks, unless they won’t let us into where we want to be. Starting a drone search, review.

    Anybody running one? Starting from scratch. We need one with loiter time of 45min, 1 HR, with killer cameras


    1. Be aware—Child’s play to DF the drone’s controller, so the “loitering” of the operator is more problematic than that of the drone.

  5. And they’re going to make the poor kids wear these infernal things come this fall when schools start up again. Hopefully parents don’t stand for this crap and fill the ears of superintendents with righteous indignation. And if that fails, don’t send them. Schools half empty, or worse, will get their attention.

    Absolute nonsense to torture these kids with this nonsense.

    1. Seems to be getting worse than better.
      Did my usual post office run at noon, probably 80% of my friends were wearing masks today.
      We truly live in a nation of idiots.

      1. BINGO!

        same here 8 out of 10 retards are wearing a face diaper in town

        tfA-t poops on them

        he loudly proclaimed ” i don’t care if you catch the flu”

        the sooner everyone gets this the sooner we’ll know what happens next..

        there is no avoiding infection- and only fucking moron would allow any vaccine to enter their blood

        tfA-t is the only hope mankind has

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