Low-Intensity Area Denial Musings


     A crowd control substance ideally is repellent in several ways, as well as difficult to remove.

     To this end, consider “Bee Go”, a UV colorant for covert ID or use a vibrant color for visual ID… maybe add some glitter for festiveness.  Area denial/mobility barrier is from large amounts of veterinary “j lube”.  Anything with a mercaptan, and don’t forget hunting scents like fox urine analog.

     I suspect that the manure cannon may be a tad difficult to get close enough to the festivities.

     The best methods leave the commies perplexed, smelly and unlovable.  It disrupts their propaganda and puts them on the back foot.  Even just sliming an area (to borrow a chem warfare term) that they want to move through will disrupt them.

19 thoughts on “Low-Intensity Area Denial Musings”

  1. So now were nothing but poo flinging monkeys again.
    So much for evolution.

  2. Because Knowledge is Power!

    A few ideas:

    Ideas for dispersement include:
    Using a small, discreet dispenser to drip / spray on:
    – the backs / bottoms of individuals
    – the shoes / lower pants
    – the general area of interest / protest (i.e. around the base of statues, at the front of a picket line, etc.)
    – the objective is to infiltrate as “one of them” and clandestinely spread the seeds for odoriferous chaos.

    Overt and obvious dispensers, such as:
    – garden spray bottles
    – water guns / super soakers
    – garden backpack sprayers / handheld pressure sprayers

    Other noxious area deterrent ideas / sources:
    – You know those fly bag trap attractants? Put a few of those in a liquid solution to release the noxious attractants
    – Catfish bait chum
    – Fox urine was previously mentioned; Buck/Doe and other animal urine are also good and more readily available options. Skunk urine / scent is another option (https://www.predatorpeestore.com/skunk-um.html)
    – Bear bait attractant (10 dead horses was an old tried and true formula that is no longer available, but I’d wager there is something else on the market that somebody could share that would work.)
    – take a bucket of minnows or dead fish and let is go rancid in the sun for a week. The fish oil emulsion in a liquid dispenser for easy spraying

    Also remember everything from here on out is a two way range, as soon as we post these on the open net, the opposition can see and implement against us as well.

    1. Geez, you Fudds just can’t seem to flush your heads of the cucking sidestepping and retarded delusions.
      And you have the nerve to wonder how Team Globohomo Red effortlessly runs circles around you. Uh, wait, my mistake…..no you don’t.

      1. Why the hostility, why can’t we use both ?
        Add something to give them a glow in the dark presence along with the putrid and they would become an easy target.
        Some will never be trigger pullers but giving them active participation in the conflict is a plus for our side. Remember ” winning hearts and minds “.

    2. Because Cucking and Simping is King!
      Wipe your chin, you drooling geriatric.


  4. Low intensity conflict rather not so intensity low for those it happen to? What if Trad Americans not low intensity area denial much? What if no longer give shit for always nice guy, and say decide BFYTW much? What if low intensity really not low intensity much and is screen for white genocide, then pointless much not?

  5. Extremely high powered flatulence in the direction of the comrades.
    Why aren’t the sound weapons being used on these spontaneous diverse gatherings of poor downtrodden protesters held down by the man?
    Is it getting worse or just more obvious?
    A blood fam member who dwells in video game dopey dope world shocked me the other day by saying…this country is already destroyed.
    I’m glad they are waking up and also realize it must be pretty bad for “normie” to even notice.

  6. “Never use a tampon to staunch blood, it absorbs blood but does not staunch or coagulate blood. Every combat medic and EMT will tell you this.”
    ‘Rogue Elements’, you don’t know what you’re babbling on about.
    The only thing that can be done for gunshot wounds in the field, provided you survive it, is to CONTROL the bleeding and get the casualty to a surgical theater and on the table…..hopefully during that ‘Golden Hour’. Moreover, it’s damn difficult, make that IMPOSSIBLE, to effectively place a bandage/pressure dressing on someone whose been shot in the abdomen (no, you don’t use/waste a huge ‘belly bandage’ on it). Even if someone has been hit in a limb, sometimes the most effective (and time efficient) action is to staunch the bleeding with a tampon (similar to the use of Combat Gauze), and to also show your intervention some love by adding a tourniquet. You did know that, right? Sometimes it’s very fucking smart to add a tourniquet, even though an effective bandage/pressure dressing is CURRENTLY controlling a bleeding wound (bandages and pressure dressings DON’T stop the flow of blood, they only CONTROL it. Only a correctly applied tourniquet completely STOPS the flow of blood. Just so you know, no one uses Quick Clot in the field anymore……hell, it’s not even issued anymore (it’s been replaced by ‘Combat Gauze’). The granules, although highly effective, were too problematic in the field, especially in a light breeze and above. All the granules needed to activate was ANY source of hydration…..be it blood, the surface of the eye, someones open mouth.
    The object of the exercise is NOT to completely shove a tampon into the wound, as if you were stupidly trying to widen and dissect the wound tract in the field, but to staunch the flow of blood. And packing a gunshot wound to staunch the flow of blood is a purpose finely served by combat Gauze, or occasionally using the treatment multiplier of a tampon, from the supply added to your aid-bag or a pocket. I personally know 9mm wounds that decorated a soldiers lumbar region (simultaneously) that can attest to the correctness of the tampon intervention.
    Your comment incontestably reveals that you are not a trained and experienced Medic or Corpsman. Your comment is nothing but a shameless pitch, shilling for some product pimp and Patreon panhandler.

  7. What is it with everyone in favor of childish pranks when dealing with criminals?
    Doesn’t anyone take this shit seriously?

  8. These are all fun and games, but the time for these things was back in 2016 when the lefties were assaulting people “randomly. ” Since the commies have fully entrenched Phase 2 and are incorporating Phase 3 we need to get serious about how to handle them in those public confrontations.

    Perhaps the fun and games has a practical purpose and a gainful applications. When I am delivering freight in the PNW and the lumper in his black hoodie is tainted with an unmistakable substance I will know he is a hostile element while I remain anonymous. Why are we always behind the curve with these things?

  9. * Slather lith grease around base of statues. Can’t pull it down if you can’t climb it.
    * Backpack mosquito fogger to lay down smoke or add your favorite deterrent fluid to the fog.
    * Use an Ag drone to lay down a curtain of 5000 Scoville unit heat on the crowd.
    * Air cannon with itching powder?

  10. tfA-t is the light, the way, the truth, and the future
    tfA-t is the answer to all of murkas woes
    tfA-t doctrine: 300 million+


    and that is all

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