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  1. It let me download in the just be evil browser. Good deal. Something to read with this Italian roast.
    Thank you and thanks to mil-gov for making such useful information.
    Pappy was Special Forces in the early 80s and I love to break out the pictures when buddies say the whole thing was made up.
    I have grampaw’s WWII USMC dog tags in a safe place and will put them on when the festivities begin.

    1. And did you serve?
      Riding on the merits of the past generations is what got us into this mess, everyone thinks they’re Rambo and never spent 1 minute in training. Good luck with the dog tags, the training doesn’t rub off.

  2. what a load of steaming crap

    spehshul farces are not what they are bloated up to be

    damn goatherders in sandals slaughtered them by the dozen with 40 year old rifles and teenager street tactics

    you follow those losers guidelines and ewe too will be killed


    if this is the best murka can field- all is lost

    including the millions of $s wasted to dress them up like superheroes

    1. God you’re fucking annoying.

      Go kickstart this thing then billy badass. We’ll be right behind you.

      1. the thing that annoys peepul the most is the truth tfA-t tells…

        99% just can’t stand to think the murka they love and the troops they idolize are all a damn lie

        but, but, but… you have to vote!

        crusty scumbag is more like it

        1. We live in a nation of enablers and apologists, instead of holding people to high standards, we make excuses for the weak and failures.
          And where did we learn that?, from our Bolshevik handlers, they taught us well.
          Holding yourself to high physical and mental standards is only for Nazi’s, we should act more like ghetto trash.
          And so we find ourselves in a nation of people hating anyone who tells them to wake the fuck up and look at what a mess you are. It makes people uncomfortable too, they shy away from mirrors, especially the fat, tatted, cell phone addicted ones.

          1. “Holding yourself to high physical and mental standards”

            spot on dude

            disgusting as it were

            i want to puke whenever i’m forced to share the same space with average murkin peepul anymore

            serious question.. why has the population- both male and female become so damn unattractive and, well, grotesque?

            dirty, fat, inked(WTF is with all the tatts?), scraggly unkempt appearance, and always with that dumb slack- jawed look on their ugly cretinous faces and obese physical forms in a much too small (XXXL) t-shirt, while constantly staring at a 5″X 4″ $1,000. stewpit phone- like they’re waiting for an important call or something LOL

            these are the same peepul who complain they don’t have enough $ and can’t get a break in life… gee, i wonder why?

            i remember growing up in America- and it most certainly wasn’t anything like this

            beam me up Scotty- there’s no intelligent life down here
            prepare firing solution for photon torpedo strike on my call

          2. We live in a nation of enablers and apologists…

            You forgot sexual deviants, narcissists and psychopaths.

            Or do you not count yourself, tFat and Dollbanger as part of this nation?

  3. Go kickstart this thing then billy badass.

    That would require him leaving his fantasy island where gets to play his hero Colonel Kurtz.

    1. As opposed to Pope Bonehead?
      Seriously, who’s in more dire need of psych help, a guy that calls out the the world’s crazy lying bullshit, or one that creates it with his religious psychosis?

      1. SemperJarhead, coming to the aid of his damsel in distress.

        Your sophomoric mancrush on tFat is self-evident.

    2. @ Bonehead

      someone who is rational and sane has to remain standing to sweep up and process the detritus after the 300 million+ are from the murka

      that rational and sane person most likely will be Moi

      tfA-t will be just- but firm

      All (remaining)mankind will celebrate his triumph

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