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  1. Yup. This was what I referred to in another thread. Don’t be too quick to dismiss them because they don’t fit your ideal vision of an adversary.

    1. The right wants to convince itself they’re all pink haired fags and stupid ghetto monkeys, but somewhere in all that mess are some hardened former combat vets and heavy weapons.
      Walking around spewing arrogant ignorance will ensure some serious casualties in no time, the right seems to excel in over estimating it’s prowess. Gen. GA Custer acted in the same manner too.

  2. Dressed the part, ‘Panther’ group came straight from central casting

    It is easy to see why the group attracted attention. In a moment of fury over police shootings of black people, the group was perfectly cast. Maybe too perfect.Within a few days, an activist on Twitter sussed out that the group was comprised of models and actors from Atlanta’s film and entertainment industries. A Twitter user who goes by Wolf The Red identified them from their Instagram accounts where he found the group modeling haute couture or publicizing their film credits, but “zero prior demonstrations. No posts with guns. No calls to action.”


    1. Hahahaha,they’re being paid to be actors! It’ll be FUN guys, c’mon, you can bring your kid, Oni!

  3. The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed (unless violation of malum in se).

    Georgia is an ‘Open Carry’ state.

    A pack of blacks were doing it, tough shit, all you freedom poser hypocrites.

  4. When 200 niggers are squared away enough to come out and put on a show like that, they get my attention. It’s a PSYOP of course, but they’ve got potential, and they are fraying nerves. I grew up in the south, home of the angry nigger, and after my experience with them as a species, I hate them like no other. They are the fabled “missing link,” bearing chaos, death and destruction wherever they go.

    I will not engage in a pitched battle on their terms, the silly niggers. However, what one could do to make a difference, and send a clear message, would be to snipe white women while they are out on dates with black men. Leave the nigger standing there covered in her blood.

    Time for some joy in this life. As I have said, my people are the most efficient and merciless killing machine ever created when put to it. In that there is no shame. Outnumbered 10:1, 11:1 is where we operate best. All we need is the will to know things will be better on the other side. Never forget what we are, what we have created, and will create again. Harden your hearts and prepare White men.

  5. there is NO nigger problem up here

    that said, anywhere below the bridge (Trolls) the shines must be controlled and deported to their ancestral homelands/huts/jungles/deserts

    tfA-t hails from the eastside of Detroit- tfA-t knows niggers

    you cannot befriend them
    you cannot live by them
    you cannot placate them

    they are savages and have no place in civilization- whatsoever

    you Southern Boys better clean up those sub human stinking baboons before they get completely out of hand

    know niggers- no peace
    no niggers- know peace

    tfA-t has spoken- and that is all

  6. The Three Amigos 2: My Little Black Panther Buttercup Marches on Stony Mountain

  7. So in the North Country Off Grid video our narrator spent 12 minutes warning about the charismatic leader. After that he ripped them to shreds. Siting the same a lot of us have mentioned. Faulty Weapons, Airsoft Weapons, no sight or optics on weapons, a jammed weapon, and a plethora of short range guns. I get “don’t underestimate your enemy”. I pulled up a Topo Map for this place. Plenty of rolling hills and high ground. Where’s their overwatch? I’m thinking serious guys like this would include some range. They’re a popcorn fart. Are they dangerous? Yep. Is there a possibility they’re going to kill people? Yep. There’s a video that appeared today of them stopping cars with white people in them and threatening them. Where’s LE? Where’s the FBI? We may be forced to defend ourselves.

  8. About 1,000 heavily armed black militant supremacists flexed their muscles at Stone Mountain over the weekend. Their hatred of white people and the fact that they are armed to the teeth is not to be taken lightly.

    1. They may have showed that they could group-up, but how many times did they stop while walking up a small incline? And how often did dear leader need to remind them to drink water and get in the shade?

  9. A link at aggregator page said some of the weapons had missing sights, some were Airsoft and the comrades didn’t practice good discipline such as muzzle pointing at his own people.
    Also a White couple who defaced a Burning Looting Murdering “mural” in the glorious people’s republic of California are being charged with a hate crime.
    Marxism is the new religion of the KWA along with Covid-1984 and negrolatry.

  10. Grand Master Jay’s real name is John Fitzgerald Johnson.







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  11. Fuck, your all tough guys, Your fucking idiots, anybody underestimating their enemy, their skills sets, is a mental midget. 0321, yup, many good men and women will die, cuz their retards, when they may just live.

    A smart fighter understands engage on your terms, unass, when you’ve achieved a reasonable goal, and is in your people’s best intrest. Stay off roads, move at night, bla bla.

    What’s coming at least in my turf, is engage float away. Engage from distance, preferably from superior terrain. End of the day, we don’t have enough people to be battle field fighten.

    I NEVER want to have to RTB, and tell a friend’s wife he isn’t coming back to camp. Forgive me for sounding weak, I don’t want to lead, and I’m scared shit less.

    Intend to fight smart, not just fight.


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