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  1. Kilcullen’s “Out of the Mountains” is another phenom, fam n frenz.

  2. Hi, I like your site. FWIW-if anyone here has ever tried bit torrent, you can find lots of books scanned into .PDFs or e-files. Download a copy of a well-known torrent program, like utorrent at https://www.utorrent.com/, then find a torrent tracker page where you can search by topic, like https://thepiratebay.org/index.html.
    It is not perfect, but the more sites you search, the more interesting things you’ll find. Search for military manuals, prepper, TEOTWAWKI, etc and you’ll be surprised by all the files you can find.
    E-books aren’t a perfect solution, but you can at least see if you want to buy the meatspace copy or print up your own pages at home. Other resources include tons of Do It Yourself topics, blacksmithing, farming, gardening, first aid, etc.
    If you’re sitting on these resources already, you can also make up your own selections and turn them into torrents to share with the rest of the world.

  3. Rural is the key. Nothing is produced in the cities. People out in the countryside today were in high morale mode. Practicing rifle shooting and getting in shape.
    Vibrants and commie kooks stick out like a sore thumb in such places and there won’t be any support or help for them.
    Kill a commie for mommie stickers are still on bumpers out in the hinterlands.

    1. Except what I have discovered is that in rural white TN there are a great many who are sucking at the .gov mammary. Break-ins & robbery are very real, trust me. I have been disabused of the notion that they are ‘all good people’ but see the moral disintegration extremely widespread. It is quite discouraging.

      1. another who is finally seeing what tfA-t has always known

        welcome to the party pal

        better late than never

  4. Speed, mobility, surprise. The guerilla came out of the people, the insurgent is an outsider agitator.

    Incidentally, seven months of pandemic quarantine and still no zombies.

  5. any book or manual written by any offisker is nothing more than toilette paper

    as if they are worthy of anything or acknowledgment- pure scum

    read what is written by the men who actually did the deed- enlisted men

  6. I looked for an original SF manual and came up empty, there has been a shit ton of better writing on the subject than what I can do.
    If I remember correctly, the only paperwork we got at Counter Guerrilla Warfare School was the pamphlet “B-52 tips” which was only a few yrs old then (spring 1975 or 76).


    1. 0321, saw your comment re religion. NP. Thanks for clearing that up. I read your comments as well.

  7. Learning to eat soup with a knife is good. I read it before going to Afghanistan as a psychological operations detachment commander. It was literally my job to create desired behavior changes in my target audience so if I am recommending this book you might want to consider that advice from a professional. The main thing I took away is twofold:
    1. The people are the water in which the insurgents (the fish) swim. Without the support of a large base of the population they can’t survive. BLM has this right now with 66% of Americans supporting them in a recent survey. Look at the white suburban moms holding signs if you doubt this.
    2. It’s easier to convert people away from something they adopted like becoming communists versus an unchanging attribute like being black and a black supremacy movement. There is nothing that can be replaced there with another ideology for example.

  8. Western counterinsurgency is a very expensive titling at windmills, it yields nothing and Nagl knows even less. Parking a maximum state death star over a country and occupying it will give you Iraq and Afghanistan today. And to a lesser extent the wilds of Yemen, Libya and the horn of Africa. Roughly ten percent of a country will NEVER accept foreign occupation and whether you like it or not, the Muslim variant of resistance has a steel of its own in its temper and resilience.

    I mentioned at Herschel’s pub the other day that Douglas Porch provides a great hangover cure in his magisterial analysis in “Counterinsurgency: Exposing the Myths of the New Way of War”.

    Insurgency, especially Muslim insurgency, is wildly successful and has yet to be extinguished anywhere. Leave any embers and the brushfire will begin again. Learn from them; they have a videographer on every strike.

    Michael Collins, Paul Emil Lettow-Vorbeck and TE Lawrence [albeit his success was because of his Arab auxiliaries augmented by western logistics and remote firepower] showed how “western” insurgencies can succeed. The first two men, Collins and L-V, from the Peak Guerrilla era in 1916-1922 show how its done.

    Study losers and don’t be surprised at the results.

    1. Like our host, I was awaiting your input to this thread. I read ‘Soup’ before getting your take on this book, and can only recommend to ANYONE interested in this topic to download & listen to your contributions to the Dangerous History podcast.

      For those of you interested in learning from a master, begin here:

    2. Bill, a quick note: I hadn’t been to your forum in some months. Tried to log back in but apparently I have been purged from all memory … and so registered a new account.

  9. Pamwe Chete by Ron Reid-Daly

    Selous Scouts in Rhodesia. Jam packed with the good stuff.

    1. Hardcover – Import, January 1, 2000
      by Ron REID-DALY (Author)
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  10. Urban warfare. Includes suburbs. That’s where your enemies are. You can’t defeat them, if you don’t go where they live. Study Beirut.

  11. About torrents

    There are some files in torrentland that are legal to distribute and some that are DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act). There are companies that specialize in tracking torrent users and checking on what they download, and some court cases have been filed against movie downloaders. If you download torrents at home you will very likely be added to some kind of industry/gov list and it will go on your permanent record.

    If you insist on using torrents buy a cheap laptop for cash, reformat it (who knows what spyware the previous owner put on it before he sold it to you) and only use it from coffee shops. Learn how to change the MAC address each time you use it. This advice applies to whenever you search online for something.

    Linux is free and spyware free, so now is a good time to start learning how to use it. Ubuntu and Mint are two popular systems to use. Download the ISO file and burn the file to a DVD and install it on your new laptop.

  12. Counter insurgency can only work if local/state/federal forces are in the fight. I can’t speak for the fedgov, but many local/state forces can be considered as supporting the insurgents by their unwillingness to engage lawlessness.

  13. Many years ago, I reached out to you Bill, seeking new source material for review. I have every book you suggested, on one shelf or another, and read em twice. Good stuff.

    Won’t be long and us here on this mountain will be testing your observation of determined men on the mountain .

    Locally groups are done spitballing, gathering measuring twice, nailing as needed. Bad times are coming, it IS Written.

    The food industry purchase, stores can not keep cases of food, rice and beans, other staples on the shelves. People here recognize a storm of major magnitudes coming.

    Most are using the Election Day as their be prepared by date. We think that’s cutting it way to close.

    For you non voters, fuck you! You are the low life’s willing to hand over what’s left, your the men women who have given up on HOPE!. God luck loosers!.

    Ol Dirt.

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