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  1. you hesitate to encourage violence?


    and this my dear Fusans is why we can’t have nice things

    violence is EVERYTHING

    HATE and VIOLENCE is even better

    they go together like tits and ass

    let tfA-t into your heart

    tfA-t is the future

      1. Gee, imagine if there was a nuclear explosion in Israel.
        Must have been an ‘accident’ on their part.
        Tit for tat.

    1. ^– So says the agent provocateur Boomer as he sits at his computer on his secluded island where he pretends to be Colonel Kurtz.

      You’re such a poser.

      1. I can understand you being so jealous of tfA-t and I when all you have are alter boys to play with.
        Sucks to be you, huh?

        1. Once again, SemperJarhead coming the defense of his damsel in distress. How charming.

          You and tFat make a cute couple.

          Add in Dollbanger with his plastic doll, and you four would be a tour de force of wits in attempting to build your Mongol Empire Ver. 2.0.

          1. those ‘dolls” are not such a bad idea

            murkins slits are HOGS and filthy

            the attractive ones are STD infected nigger fucking whores either full-time or on the sly while their useless ‘husbands/ATM’ are watching niggerball


        2. al·ter | ˈôltər |
          change or cause to change in character or composition, typically in a comparatively small but significant way: [with object] : Eliot was persuaded to alter the passage | [no object] : our outward appearance alters as we get older | nothing alters the fact that children are our responsibility.
          • [with object] make structural changes to (a building): plans to alter the dining hall.
          • [with object] tailor (clothing) for a better fit or to conform to fashion: skirts with the hemlines altered a dozen different times.
          • [with object] North American & Australian castrate or spay (a domestic animal).

          al·tar | ˈôltər |
          the table in a Christian church at which the bread and wine are consecrated in communion services.
          • a table or flat-topped block used as the focus for a religious ritual, especially for making sacrifices or offerings to a deity.

        3. I’m amused once again, “Jealous”, that fucking loosers a dead man walking. He knows it. You may just make it, your recon, good at running and hiding, making excuses for your failures in life.


      2. poor poor bonehead

        accept tfA-t as your personal savior and your heart will know the peace, joy, and fulfillment that comes with HATE, VIOLENCE, and KILLING 🙂

        for it is written

        man does not live by bread alone- but by the word and doctrine of tfA-t

        for instance: “do unto to others the mercilful acts of HATE, VIOLENCE and KILLING so they may be at rest for eternity”- rAmen

    2. You are correct tfA-t. Violence is the universal language everyone understands. Violence needs no interpreter, no translation, no reading between the lines, and no misinterpretation or misunderstanding. Violence wins all day every day. Violence must be met with greater violence otherwise you are in a forever stalemate, a perpetual do loop. WE are in the fight of our lives now. OUR fight and victory must be clear and convincing. A win by WE THE PEOPLE must be one that is not decided by a coin toss or by the hairs of our chiny -chin-chins. tfA-t is right. This is why WE can’t have nice things. Just look around you. Keep reading today’s Remus and think who is winning? And why and how? As always stay small do what you can. Godspeed all.


    3. Yawwwwwnnn………. Completely unsurprising that you would conflate (look it up) “hate and violence” with “tits and ass.”

      What an illiterate dysfunctional moron.

      Eat a gun.

  2. Sam Culper of course is right. tfA-t is dancing around like a clown in front of The Almighty, daring Him to throw a lighting bolt. You are in my prayers tfA-t. I don’t think anyone is worried about what I’ll do when the time comes for violence. Whether I’ll stop or not is another question…….I’m more aligned with 0321 and Pete than anyone else, and have been for a long time. Ask anyone who’s ever engaged in a lot of killing, and they’ll tell you how easy it is to get carried away. When they come, they’ll have already done a lot of it themselves. Alea iacta est.

    1. fuck you sean

      and FUCK YOUR goD

      i’ve had enough of you old fucking bastards who allowed this shit to go on and on and on

      you goddamn old cuckold

      did i forget to tell you to fuck off?

      fuck off

      1. So that we may all better understand, please point to the place on the doll your mommy and daddy didn’t love you enough.

          1. I do understand that my question assumes he knew his daddy. However, based upon his clear inability to take any criticism and obvious anti-social behaviour, if at times not fully psychotic, this may be an invalid assumption. All of this leads to the conclusion that he has a soul purged of all charity.

            The purging of charity inevitably yields a hatred of truth. Satan is a liar and the father of lies because God is Himself Truth, and thus Satan, in his warped desire to be God, and resulting hatred of God, can only ever pervert truth in an effort to lead others away from God, and into eternal hell with Satan himself.

            You will notice tFat’s rage when anyone even comes close to exposing him to truth. If you have ever been the object of a Diabolical Narcissist’s (“DN”) rage, you will recognize this dynamic almost immediately. DNs cannot stand any confrontation, criticism, or correction, when they are demonstrated to be in error. They will rage at anyone they perceive to be a threat, with the level of rage escalating in proportion to the logic of the argument that they are confronted with. You know you have a DN intellectually pinned when all they can do is scream obscenities at you, which is all tFat ever does.

            Just remember, raging in the face of logical argument and confrontation is a clear sign of diabolical narcissism.

    2. Here’s the real warrior.
      You’re the one we should all be listening to, you’ve been down that road and survived.
      And thanks for the support, my friend.

      1. in no time at all this dried up old turd will be dead

        and not long after that the rest of the BOOMERS! will finally die

        tfA-t will savor their passing

      2. Real warrior, dude go give your wife a fuckimg blow job, you suffering from dementia, or,simlar lately. God 0321 you’ve drank the soup, gone full fucking retard lately.


    3. I piss on the almighty jewish delusion and dare him to hit me with his lightning bolt!!

      Only poseurs brag about their exploits – especially killing.

      1. yeah

        what a POS loser

        a has-been who was used like a cheap condom and now faces his demise as such

        go meet your useless god sean

        chop cho[ hurry along old boy

        see ya asshole- NOT

    4. Sean, teens a dead man walking, fucking injuns gonna skin him alive on day one. Our people simply imported the blacks, ,, or people absolutely ripped the native americans off.

      And this dumb fuck thinks he’s gonna throw a bit of cash, maybe some firewater, and steamed chicken with 4.00 delivery, and slip past the absolute violence coming his way.

      The REDMANS, gonna kill you,,stupid! This is fuckimg written.

      Your ol pal Dirt

  3. Ignore the incel, street-shitters, for they do not know the gift of Progeny.
    They also can’t comprehend the weight of that world “when the time comes”.
    As for Sam Culper and those words, I concur.
    Ducks in a row.


    1. Yeah, Trumpstein 2020, the best friend Israel/banksters ever had. Well, after Wilson and FDR.

      1. You can’t even hold a fuckimg full time job down, per your rants, not a sol in your turf listens to the rants of your old ass. I’d call that a clue 0321.

        Stay on your knucklehead pills you just may make it. Your rainman acts getting old.

        So many good men have told me that you were once a really good man. You have lost your objectivity. You have lost your creditability.

        What happened to you?


    2. You’re reapung it too, granted you’re not glowie.
      Finish your hot pockets and then show us your full Dorner, streeet-shitter. Otherwise, STFU.

      1. Who are you to demand anyone demonstrate anything to you Grill Cuck?
        What’s your street cred huh?
        Go back to whacking your 3 inch pud to Duck Dynasty!

  4. FWIW, tFat is the ‘red flag’ in the face of the bull, attempting, and many times achieving, a particular response (in his case, an emotional one).

    He is a provocateur, getting high from other people’s reactions to his insults. He’s trying to get someone, anyone, to ‘step off the porch’ and start something. He won’t of course, but he’s trying to get others to do his work His only play is to try to get people angry at what he says and react.

    I know, because I used to react. He stops when he gets no reaction.

    It’s your call, but the best way to handle him is to ignore him. He really can’t stand that.

    1. LOL! You christian cuck-fucking wankers consider yourselves to be bulls?

      More like bullshit – which is what you’ve been spewing for decades!

    2. you’re another life long tax maggot

      tfA-t made his fortune the hard way- he fucking WORKED the trades

      die old timers- you sure a fuck aren’t going to fight anyone besides for a bottle of geritol and some ex-lax to loosen your impacted stool up your dumb asses

      no one cares what you think or say

      what’s it like to be hated by your younger BETTERS?

  5. for all the fake god worshipers

    tfA-t claiming to be GOD is no more ridiculous than some useless shitstain in some make-believe heaven whose delusional followers claim this fantasy deity created everything yet, delivers NOTHING

    N. O. T. H. I. N.G.

    because YOUR god is better than everyone else’s god

    at least tfA-t is REAL

    your god is a construct of your brainfucked heads and a lifetime of perverted insane conditioning

    tfA-t is GOD

  6. The responses affirm their mental paralysis, arrogance and empty souls.
    It’s too bad they often share good info and then street-shit on the people they’re sharing it with.
    Veritas Aequitas

    1. Spout all the religious bullshit you want from your high and mighty pulpit, yell all you want at your detracters, your days are over.
      You’re clinging to the last vestiges of your religion, the churches are emptying and people aren’t buying into the bullshit anymore, 2,000 yrs of false promises and empty prayers and they are walking away from it.
      Enjoy your arrogance while it lasts.

  7. the war will end when all BOOMERS are publicly executed

    the younger gens does not want to support your worthless tired old asses so ewe can keep voting to steal from them and the future

    your presence is no longer tolerable

    piss off

  8. I am trying to get a strong perspective on all of this, let’s see if this is appropriate.

    The violence event is not the public pandemic and rioting as presented by the media. It’s the individual occurrences that make up the differences in the synergism of the overall collective. For example, the five oppressed youths jumping the suburban man and leaving him in a coma in the parking lot of the convenience store. The old man jumped outside a McDonald’s and he drew a concealed handgun.

    Had the suburban man been up to speed and fought a “losing” battle and another white man jumped in, the difference is that two against five would have been like two against three. I believe it is the individual occurrences and not the bigger more public events which will have a more lasting effect as to reducing the enemies’ numbers and empowering us to become more vigilant.

    What compels people to just stand and watch an assault or robbery when their “Christian” duty would be to save a life? Why would they not jump in? The Moral High Ground? That is an excuse for cowardice and apathy.
    Didn’t want to get involved? As a witness one is already involved and not helping is contributing to the assault. (By Christian standards.) Anyone else see where this is going? How about human nature and humanitarianism instead of religious?

    By refusing to take the opportunity when it happens in front of us is surrendering to the violence of the enemy. Even just standing next to the person being threatened shows a form of support and mutual defense. Others will contribute by proximity and circumstance.

    No one has to go out and start a dumpster fire, or shout nigger across the street; just don’t be the sheeple just because a boomer cat lady demands it, or the police will handle this (because they are professionals [?]) There is a time to stand up and be the silent violent and then remain anonymous and depart the area. The lives you save will be yours and your family (tribe).

    This is my perspective and with it and a few dollars one can get a really bad burnt tasting cup of coffee at a liberal retail establishment.

  9. Pete: this comment thread demonstrates why I stopped coming to your site for a time. I appreciate your “free speech” stance, but while our technology has grown which allows easy mass communication, our morality has collapsed. Black conservatives are called Oreos or Uncle Toms as violent, racist hatred is spewed by other blacks. To read the words of others spouting inflammatory threats of violence based on age group, to see such blasphemous hatred expressed towards God who allows them to BREATHE for the next minute of their lives … perhaps I can express it this way:

    When I met you years ago you shared that you were a brother in Christ. I have had far too much rebellion in my own life, and God has been dealing with me. I pray God would spare you such discipline, but could it be that allowing this GREAT platform to be abused by some so grievously, to permit & passively encourage such anti-Christian writing, is an offense against God? Is there not enough open attacking of our God in the mainstream media? Are there not enough online places for such hatred of God to be openly expressed?

    Should a Christian allow his own site to be used like this in the name of ‘free speech?’ Please consider these thoughts offered from a friend. As our culture deteriorates and morality is despised, we are so prone to walk in the way of the world around us. Which way shall we walk?

    Choose this day whom you will serve … as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.

    1. there is NO god you kool-ade drinking CUCK

      prove it asshole

      ewe can’t can you?

      in a court of law- YOU LOSE

    2. if you fucking brainwashed morons would just keep your ridiculous and fanatical stuperstitions to yourselves…

      there would be FAR LESS arguing now wouldn’t there?

      but ewe can’t can ewe?

  10. Well there’s 3 minutes I will never get back. Sam Culper, sans comments…the key to a better morning.

    Back to the garden…where my vegetables are more interesting.

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