6 thoughts on “Fashion!”

  1. Anyone preparing for a potential future need for spicy action should be encouraging the normalization of face coverings, especially in the age of mass surveillance and facial recognition. Shemaghs seem a little over the top when a plain ball cap and a surgeon’s mask would work just as well and draw less attention.

    1. I also understand a baseball cap with the LED’s in the bill, thwart all that tech. Not sure if that’s true. Best thing is to just stay away from those things,although they’re popping up everywhere anymore.

    2. Absolutely, blend in. However, in some urban areas, say, near Portland Place, this is entirely appropriate attire. I kid you not, walk into most NYC, New Orleans, Chicago, Saint Louis, or Madison coffee shops and people outright will say they’re communists. Blend in. Wear a plain hoodie. And I would like to add, these are the best places for intelligence.

  2. i ordered a dozen of the same tan n black and gifted them to my shooting buddies here on the island for christmas

    one of the ferry deck hands was an army MP and one was an iraq vet combat engineer(Schuetzenschnur winner) who also happens to be the president of the local MC Club on the mainland

    tfA-t smiles as he slowly and stealthily outfits his team with uniform IFF gear



  3. Bandana’s are straight up Murikkkan-no ties with disgusting sand niggers or sand merchants.

    1. What’s wrong with an SS sniper veil? 🙂
      When out west dress like a cowboy! I’ve got some really nice silk bandanas too.
      I don’t own a sand rag for that exact reason, in my day we wore the OD sling/bandage. Why copy a raghead?
      I’ve got some of the Bundeswehr head nets in Flecktarn and desert, they’re comfy and work nice for camo.
      But yeah, a surgical mask blends best with the normies.

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