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Long time reader, I never bothered to post due to not really having much to add to the “conversations”. However, something did spring to mind the other day when pondering some of the AAR’s on various Antifa and BLM “protests”.

Note that historically, almost all European colonial armies made use of the “native elements” by first and foremost assigning to them “White Officers”, who knew their jobs (usually), and in the beginning of organizing such units White NCO’s as well.

Secondly, such “Native” units were almost always paired with “European Troops”, regiments or battalions of Europeans (often as not Irish, or other put-upon “nationalities” within the European country’s boundaries) in order to make them steadier on the field. “Stiffening their resolve in the face of the enemy”, as it were.

It was noted over the centuries that while very aggressive (perhaps too much so) in the attack, when any sort of resistance was encountered, or a reverse happened, they would fall apart and as often as not run for their lives without Europeans there to give them courage, resolve or whatever you would like to call it.

One may come up with all sorts of reasons for this system being emplaced, but the bottom line is that Colonial Corporations such as the various East India Companies, which were definitely profit-minded and pinched pennies until they screamed, spent a lot of extra money on building this system, so they had good reasons to do so.

What the present situation looks like to me, again based upon various AAR’s and photo’s, is that the Left is doing the exact same thing with their “ethnic” (read BLM) auxiliaries. White men (almost always men, BTW) are giving on-the-ground orders, and the units are “stiffened” in their resolve by adding into the mix a lot of fairly well organized, and less flighty White kids (read Antifa) into the mix.

I thought that it was rather interesting, this revisiting of the old Colonial attitudes and methodologies being applied today in the present unpleasantness. Asin the days of yore, they must have good reasons for it. It also points to at least one major weakness in their system, which ought to be able to be exploited in one way or another.

Thank you VERY much for all that you do. You get a lot of, er, unusual individuals posting on your site, but I strongly suspect that there are plenty of less unusual, and far more devoted people out there reading your site. Please keep up the good work!

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  1. I keep telling people to shoot the scrawny white guys and the fish mouthed white women but .gov insists on doing it the hard way. It’s almost like .gov is in on it.

  2. I second the last part of his comment. Thank you for sharing of information/sources I wouldn’t have otherwise known about. I don’t follow big media stories, personalities on twitter, and can’t stand to listen to the news on television, let alone WATCH it and be forced to see the faces of people spewing utter bullshit. Thank you for sharing the many sides of all that’s going on, I’m not sure I’d be able to keep my head on without sites like yours. : )

  3. Very thoughtful, pertinent observation. The one fly in the ointment, if you will, is when these corporate mercenaries start marching against our enclaves, they are attacking peaceful folks in their homes and neighborhoods who just want to be left alone. Unless these Globalist puppet masters are prepared to employ state-of-the-art weapons and tactics against the white suburbs, the Negro mob and their White renegade officers will not prevail.
    I offer the recent incident in my A/O where the Spokane Antifa let it be known they would travel over to CDA and start burning businesses. When they did show up, they were met by several local men and women armed to the teeth and patrolling the sidewalks along Sherman Avenue-the main drag in downtown CDA. They left. In spite all of the weeping and gnashing of teeth by the local Marxists who run the Daily Fish Wrap(Hagadone) and their useful idiot LTE writers, remoras, and red-diaper-doper-babies, the public support for this unorganized militia was overwhelming.
    The exhibition at Stone Mountain has given me and many others pause. Until the actual shooting starts, no one will know for sure how these armies of darkness(pun intended) will perform. I will not underestimate them. The good news is more and more of the cucks, normies and sheeple are ceasing to be cucks, normies and sheeple. It has been posted at WRSA for years: In the coming sportiness, your uniform will be your skin color. Plan accordingly. Bleib ubrig.

  4. The commenter makes a great point.

    Whites are clever at creating, building, problem solving and mass conflict. The secret sauce is; we organize better than any other. Risk taking allows us to fail which is the primary reason we organize well because we fall into a natural hierarchical order based upon Risk taking and Merritt instead of relying on lineage and honor or physical prowess. Intelligence matters too, but east Asians are smarter, they don’t organize as well because of “face” and “family name” concerns. Our willingness to fail and learn from it is a great asset.

    This is important: Antifa uses a merit based advancement system to promote their ranks. That’s according to their own literature. And yes, without the honkies in the lead there would be little long term threat from the color revolution. Look at Chicago, it’s been tribal war over drug money and turf for decades with no clear organized planning or ability to take over and hold markets or territory.

  5. Reader makes a good point, and a clear historical parallel. Don’t ever forget that when this current unpleasantness was kicking in to second gear, how the Democrats fell all over themselves in support of BLM and Antifa, both communist organizations. Traitorous whites are the fulcrum being used by blacks and communists, and moslems

  6. It even happened, in of all places, Coos Bay, Oregon. I had a friend move up there a few months ago. Loves the area, especially all of the restaurants with their fresh caught seafood. Lo & Behold, Antifa announces that they are coming to Coos Bay. To get rid of Whiteness and educate that community on BLM. Except………the fishermen, the farmers, and other “unworldly” types have seen enough of this BS in Portland. Evidently you have to come over a bridge to that town, and guess who was the onsite greeting committee? Yeah, the working folks who are FED UP with the 💩 from Portland, Eugene, etc. There are good folks everywhere-they just need to find their inner Colonist.

  7. what a CUCK

    the “less unusual” types are the fucking problem

    probably a damn BOOMER! too

    tfA-t is the light, the way, the future.

    join him in creating a more pleasant world 😉

  8. All great points put forth in the post, my personal thoughts on the subject is my belief on the places of white radicalized women in the movement. The ” Karen’s ” for lack of a better term for them are screaming obnoxious bitches with more power than most want to admit.

    1. What makes you think that white radicalized women are karens? I’m a white woman and I’m neither radical nor a Karen. That is a strange comment… also, I have yet to hear the voice of “radical white women”. Show me where this is so I may sit, eat popcorn and lol. As long as it won’t put me on yet another FBI watch list. After all, I follow this blog….

      1. Oh and I mean that because “KARENS” are not typically liberal cunts, they are disenfranchised housewives with nothing better to do than ask to see the manager.. perhaps you meant another term.

        1. Disenfranchised housewives are for the most point screaming obnoxious controlling liberal idiots otherwise known as Karens. Just look up any online videos of school board meeting for a start.

      2. all wimyn will be in chains and will be done with as their owners please

        tfA-t hath declareth under the penalty of torture and death to their families

  9. Going to quibble with this.
    I have been actively watching live streams from the protests all over the country on a nightly basis.
    The initial large scale protests / riots did seem to follow this pattern. Very quickly after the looting stopped the pattern changed. The protest are now exclusively majority white with much smaller numbers of blacks involved. Thats a little simplified as there are outliers, Atlanta for example has still been a largely black protest with whites being used to block police. Even within the same cities there are separate protests going on that have very different looks to them.
    Seattle had the “CHOP” which was very much White dominated but had supposedly Black “leaders”, however there is a smaller female group within that was marching every night over to the West precinct and then over to the closed Hwy section. That group is absolutely lead by three or four black females but is almost exclusively white marchers. This group is still around and I believe it was one of their members killed on that section of highway the other night.
    Portland has a mob that is lead by three or four mentally challenged individuals….
    Its honestly a complete clown show in Portland. They have a couple of Black females, a very ignorant white female that had a halfbreed kid that was killed in a crosswalk (by a “nonracial person”) and that person was not charged, because “muh Racism” . There is a Black crossdresser, a different Black male that is somewhat coherent and then there is a Black guy that cant stop talking on the megaphone and professed that he was “ready for combat”. They lost a lot of steam last night because some of their most hard core members were arrested when they took on the Feds Monday night.
    Louisville, More whites than blacks but the march leaders are always blacks on the megaphones. These people are mostly harmless and have primarily stayed in city parks. They have ventured out into the suburbs on multiple occasions in rolling parades that block both lanes of traffic. They also had the homeless guy they forced out of the park come in and shooting up the place and killing a white photographer. Since that night and the clearing of the park of their encampment they have been peaceful but annoying.

    There is always whites that are giving out phone numbers for bail funds and legal help and I have no doubt that there are whites behind the upper organizations but there are Black leaders at the street level here and its not as simple as “focus on the scrawny white kids”.

  10. Some of you guys are making the mistake of saying “White” people are leading Antifa and related scum. They are not Whites. They are the enemy pretending to be Whites.

    Have you done no research at all about jews? How about George Soros and his son who are just two of the many jew sources of funding, organizing, and direction of Antifa, BLM, etc? It’s simple enough. Even wikipedia — well known to be owned and operated by jews — admits the already outed jews. They don’t, of course, expose their own secret jews.

    Here’s a bit more very important knowledge. Not opinion. Knowledge. Who can be born in any country in the world and become automatic full citizens of Israel? Not Whites. Only jews.

    Now, look at the list of “dual citizenship” members of Congress (Senate and House) holding U.S. and Israeli passports. You thought those were Whites? They are all jews.

    I’ll be glad to help more. Click to my new website, which should be linked on my initials.

    1. The post was referring to on-ground leadership specifically. That’s the context. I’m aware of the conspiracy as well.

      1. Fred, sorry I jumped on your ass a while back. Aside from religion, we’re both pretty much on the same page, enjoyed many of your comments on other blogs.
        My apologies.

    2. The dumbmasses refuse to open their eyes or minds. Their ears are glued shut, they refuse to believe those poor poor jews are capable of racial genocide, it was Hitler who did all those bad things, not the poor jews.
      You can throw 1,000 books and facts out in front of the masses, they won’t read or investigate 1 single issue, they already know better, their minds are made up. 100 years of Bolshevik jew propaganda has taught them all they need to know.
      Now let them die at the hands of those poor poor jews.

  11. I have a bone to pick, too. Specifically, this part:

    “White men (almost always men, BTW) are giving on-the-ground orders, and the units are “stiffened” in their resolve by adding into the mix a lot of fairly well organized, and less flighty White kids (read Antifa) into the mix.”

    We don’t really know if those white kids are less flighty because to date they really have not faced any real opposition. I have my suspicions, but that is all they are, suspicions.

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