10 thoughts on “Herschel: They Really Do Hate You”

  1. What is is going to take? A mass slaughter of whites by a black mob?

    Well that depends on where……….

    Out here, it’ll be the other way round.

    If it’s in a hive, the converged will genuflect to their programming.

    1. Free gifts should be handed out to these white enablers, show them how much they are appreciated. Sporting goods like baseball bats would make nice gifts, or maybe even some air mailed gifts like yard or porch lighting. If they’re really good folks, some indoor heaters maybe?

  2. ALL whites who put up with that crap, for whatever reason, deserve everything that they get!
    Let them reap their just reward.

  3. A delusional detached from reality suiciety gets everything that it deserves.
    They hate me?
    Good I hate them right back tenfold and don’t fear letting them know about the hate that hate made.
    Local morning news is prattling on about waycism!
    A soft weak failed banana republic has to create problems due to boredom and overabundance.
    Racism is a thought and people have an inalienable right to their thoughts.
    How do you stop a thought? Some Clockwork Orange lobotomy treatment?
    Better not give them any ideas.
    Better not give them any ideas.

    1. Crisis Actors, Deep Fakes, Junk News, all Kabuki Theater to install the control grid.
      Central casting ads are probably all over the latrine of the www known as Craigslist.

      1. YUP

        and the (((charade))) has been going on for 2000 years.. hint hint

        tfA-t also sees right through it

  4. Have an idea, I’m going to start feeding these folks, my great grandma, use to put plaster of Paris, in feed for mice and rats. They would leave the area and drink water, almost instantly become little statuses, as the mix hardens with the application of water. ,

    We’ll have statues one way or another, via my clever plan!.


  5. CA, Dunno if you’ve read it yet but I sent a more detailed post to you ‘bout this from City-Journal.

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