8 thoughts on “#NKVD2020”

  1. I have no idea who’s gonna do it (I am *fast* losing any small faith I ever had in Barr) but this prick Wray should be gutted, drawn and quartered.

    Fucking Bunch of Idiots

    1. Your first clue should have been that Barr intervened to end the State of Idaho’s prosecution of Lon Horiuchi for the murder of Vick Weaver.

      1. True that. Not too many remember he was a useful idiot for the Bush Crime Family.

  2. There comes a point where one has to face reality; no one is going to jail and the swamp isn’t getting drained.
    It’s called political theatre for a reason.

      1. Actually……the only few that have gone to jail are Trump’s cronies. Sure wouldn’t want to work for that guy!

        I could come up with at least a dozen SERIOUS charges against Hillary and Nancy, and yet Trumpster gives them a pass, then we have Gates/Fauci walking away from genocide charges……they’re either all buddies in this political theatre or they could hang Trumpstein with similar offenses. The whole political arena is a farce and the normies eat it up like an afternoon soap opera. Vote moar and harder!

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