8 thoughts on “PSA”

  1. Heh! My preferred rifle. Just put a DSA scope mount on it and a PSA 1-8 ACSS reticle scope. Got an eye infection, so haven’t been able to zero the optics, yet.

    1. I’ll take a M14-clone over the FAL. Not because it is vastly superior (they each have their pluses and minuses), but because they are much more readily available, including parts, here in fUSA.

  2. The DSA scope mount is good. So is the Light Tactical Rail, if you’re mounting something lighter than a pound.

    1. I’ve got A.R.M.S. mounts on my M-14/G-3k/M-16’s and a DPMS on the FAL shorty, all good quality as far as holding zero. I’ll probably weld a steel Weaver rail on the G-3k to lower the scope somewhat. Factory/ARMS German mount is too high and bulky.
      Be advised FAKE AR-15 mounts from ARMS are being made and sold, a $10 mount being sold for $65+. I’m not sure which one is my real one, but one has differnt stamping and was sold for Airsoft use on Amazon. Then the rifle guys decided to sell forgeries and make a few bucks.

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