11 thoughts on “The Content Of His Character”

  1. What’s wrong with slaughtering babies? America has slaughtered 70 million of them for fun and profit in the name of the god of expediency, and now, they are appearing as ingredients in products.

    Evil always start with the weakest, the ones who can’t fight back at all. It will be the born and elderly soon, then the bulldozing wholesale into open trenches.

    1. I agree with your comment Fred, of course on the other side I do own a small bulldozer.

  2. Apparently this little nigger turd lives in London.
    What a surprise.
    Undoubtedly allowed – along with his entire family – into the completely pussified U.K. with the help of the guilt-ridden judeo-christians of the Anglican church.
    A pox on all those mind-fucked maggots!
    Hope there’s at least one Brit left that will do what’s necessary!

  3. There is inly one way to deal with a rabid animal.
    Lead Or Solid Copper
    I’d prefer to see rope used but, ya can’t have everything.

  4. Notice the thing is a half breed. Obongo , Jarret et al are half breeds. That inner conflict is not to be underestimated.

  5. At least the Muslims provide some good villainy and sport as an external enemy.
    We have to fight them over there and not over here or hope and change or make the KWA great again or some other happy mongoloid horseshit.
    The laughter in Moscow, Tehran, Pyongyang, and Beijing is legendary as the indispensable Amerikwa the Kwanstain commits suicide.

  6. It’s hate is understandable.
    Imagine how hateful you would be if every time you looked at a mirror a negro was looking back at you.

    1. TFB for them. Maybe we should start a campaign that encourages these MF’s to kill themselves since they don’t like themselves. Think of the headlines that MSM could dream up about all the BMFr’s killing themselves.

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