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  1. Hopefully he is well. Noticing some long time commentators going on hiatus or descending into the bunker.
    Could it have been trouble with ISP for wrongthink? Or maybe he was smiling as he posted up and that is facecrime in the glorious utopia.
    The terminal insanity is a bit much at times and I don’t blame them for wanting to escape.
    When manboons gets going on a utopia building delusion then look out because hell is coming to breakfast.

  2. ‘Ol Remus…where are you ?
    Remus touched so many of us in several ways.
    He made us think about the finer things which
    helped us appreciate the arts and engineering.
    He compiled others thoughts, and views, upon
    humanities condition…and direction.
    Remus is a humble fellow, that which I can
    attest to from correspondence. But we all
    know he must have letters behind his name
    which shines through from his comments and
    his many interests. For what ever reason,
    should Remus post, or not post again, He has
    left this place much richer than how he
    found it. We can all agree to this truth,
    and that we’ve all come to think fondly of him.
    There’s a little of ‘Ol Remus in each of us.
    Mainly, because He inspired us in many ways.
    We would honor our friend well, to allow the
    Remus, which resides with in us all, to shine.
    Until then, when we’ll all finally meet up
    once again, one hazy spring eve, at the water
    cooler of yesteryear known as the Wood Pile,
    Let’s mentor others as ‘Ol Remus mentored us.
    With kindness, knowledge, and inspiration.

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      1. For the life of me, I can’t comprehend why there are so many effed up women nowadays.

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  4. Remus is definitely missed, Woodpile Report was simply one of the best aggregators of news and comment around. I really appreciated the balance between news and ol’ Remus appreciation of things like fine art and photography, Remus is obviously a renaissance man. If he simply decided to go dark, can’t say I blame him as I plan to do the same myself, probably sooner rather than later.

  5. Wo, are we movin’ too slow?
    Have you seen us,
    Uncle Remus . . .
    We look pretty sharp in these clothes (yes, we do)
    Unless we get sprayed with a hose
    It ain’t bad in the day
    If they squirt it your way
    ‘Cept in the winter, when it’s froze
    An’ it’s hard if it hits
    On yer nose
    On yer nose

    Just keep yer nose
    To the grindstone, they say
    Will that redeem us,
    Uncle Remus . . .
    I can’t wait till my Fro is full-grown
    I’ll just throw ‘way my Doo-Rag at home
    I’ll take a drive to BEVERLY HILLS
    Just before dawn
    An’ knock the little jockeys
    Off the rich people’s lawn
    An’ before they get up
    I’ll be gone, I’ll be gone
    Before they get up
    I’ll be knocking the jockeys off the lawn
    Down in the dew

    ©±® Zappa, Duke, Dunbar, Fowler, Duran

  6. The Woodpile Report was a voice of reason in a world on the verge of collapse. Now back to getting ready for the revolution.

    1. verge?

      it’s in freefall at terminal velocity about to make impact with the rock hard ground

      tfA-t is more than ready for anything

      sadly 99% are not 🙂

      Got Islands and the Canadian wilderness?

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