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  1. Since we don’t have a country anymore, just Masters and Rules of the Masters to follow, I’d be interested if anyone has any real solutions. Using the current system plays into the hands of the Masters, so screw that. Do we need a Third Continental Congress with delegates from the concerned States or areas, to meet and debate how we can become independent of the Masters and their Ilk? We’ll have to do something similar soon any way, or just disappear as a free people into the mists of history. We are this () close to doing it right now.

    1. No real solution. Politics is over. Just maybe a few more legal battles for formality’s sake and then… well you know.

      1. a retired Army LtC i met last week at the island trash transfer site trespassed thru my almost NEVER open front gate yesterday

        the asshole is running for “orifice”

        i walked out on the upper balcony as he exited his POV and stopped him right there

        i told him i no longer believe in the vote and have withdrawn my consent to be governed

        he was speechless- i bet he thought veterans would support him

        as he walked away, i squinted an eye and posed in the shooting position and told him “when i’m ready, i’ll be voting from an elevated advantage” he turned around and gave a knowing grin


        like i would vote(at all) for a lifer double-dipper field grade authoritarian to be my new master

        fuck the murkins are dumb

  2. I would also like to remind all and sundry that the Loyal Opposition is not above calling a Constitutional Convention, lorded over by our Darker Brethren and Moslems very loudly, sweeping our rights and property out the door. Traitorous whites, interested in their own skin, and wealth, would only too gladly assist them in doing this. If you don’t believe it, recall how a communist non-citizen was elected twice as President, and how many people voted for and supported him. This () close.

    1. The one fly in the ointment are the normies.
      They won’t “allow” anything new, (no new delegates, no changes ) while they’re waiting for the Republicans to win this fall and save our bacon.
      Some of these folks are still doing exactly what their grandparents did, in the same manner, and expecting this nation to fix itself, using a corrupt gov’t and illegally skewed voting system.
      You can’t fix stupid.

  3. Say what you want about the document but those cats messed around and pledged their sacred honor and won a guerrilla war against the worlds only super power. Turns out, it’s easier to win a war than create a just governing structure, but it’s harder still to keep it. History bears this out, not only American history.

    1. apples to oranges

      in those days

      people knew better than to rat you out and see something say something…
      it might be the end of them

      these days it’s a badge of honor to be a snitch and they’re pretty confident nothing will happen to them

      300 million+

      hold your fire
      not yet…


  4. If you keep claiming to be a U.S. citizen THEY can do what ever they choose to YOU, as by making that claim YOU give THEM full jurisdiction over everything YOU do. And by claiming so without a signed oath or affirmation to the U.S. (United States), you have committed purgery on all those forms and statements.

    The U.S. (Unites States) is a Corporation. Period. It is NOT a Government, But has been posing as one since 1789.

    The U.S. (United States) is NOT The United States of America.

    The U.S. (United States) is what Trump and ALL “presidents” have sworn a oath to since 1789. They are NOT your President.

    Are you a U.S. citizen? Yes? Then bend the fuck over and hang on cause you are now their bitch. You’ll learn to like it – sorta.

  5. “Say what you want about the document but those cats messed around and pledged their sacred honor and won a guerrilla war against the worlds only super power. ”

    Totally WRONG.

    The vast majority of Declaration of Independence signers DID NOT sign the CONstitution. Many however did sign the Articles of Confederation. There is a world of difference betwixt the two.

    Patrick Henry on why he did not attend the original CONCON:

    “I smelt a rat”

    1. A nation built on myths and lies. Now when you explain what actually happened, they claim we came from heaven, the hand of god created the USA. Angels guided the hand of St. Thomas of Jefferson.
      At what point do folks wake up to the lies and bullshit they’ve absorbed?

      For those of you able to read and comprehend fact, read “Hologram of Liberty” by Kenneth Royce aka Boston T. Party. He explains in very clear detail the con job that was foisted on us over 200 yrs ago. Lawyers and Masons fucking over the ignorant populace.

    2. It’s true that the anti federalists were right. That doesn’t disprove my point at all, if you read the whole paragraph, that is.

  6. There is a legal maxim that stares “Emergency knows no Law”.
    It is “Legal” as it is within the war powers of the Constitution.
    Emergency is legally the same as war.
    There is a war on the Emergency.
    This country has been under a state of emergency since Congress was abandoned just before the War of Northern Aggression.
    It was Codified under FDR the week of his inauguration with the support of Congress.
    Also look up the Leiber/Lieber Code.
    A military base presence is legal evidence of a conquered country.
    Every State has a military base and there are military bases in about 160 countries.
    The competition between Congress and the Presidency is nothing but smoke and mirrors for your consumption
    Every year the Emergencies are renewed.
    The Magic Parchment also does not apply to we who have conventional Birth Certificates as that Document makes us Domiciled in Washington D.C., a Corporation outside the 50 States United.
    I do not like it either but the truth is rarely pleasant.

    1. Just like the IRS was incorporated in Delaware, then moved to Puerto Rico to be outside the boundaries of US corporate law. They have no right to be raiding US households, or carrying Class 3 weapons while doing it.
      BATF is same story, strong arm of the Federal Reserve Bank/IRS.
      But hey, the copsuckers think they’re cool. Tired of dealing with all these ignorant normie traitors.

      1. don’t try to convince the state loving cuntboy quietpuss

        he loves him some government

        just read his bootlicking comments

        reminds of the light kernal i shoo-d off my land yesterday

        the dickbreath thought he deserved respect


    2. D.C., It was designed on purpose to be outside the control of the states, that’s why politicians are exempt from Federal Law that applies to commoners. Why do you think they have the pensions and insurance they have, it’s only for the special ones. They reside in the DISTRICT of Columbia, not the state of Columbia.
      They really are above the law. And most of you don’t have a fuk’n clue how the gov’t really operates. Push and vote is as far as it goes, hope you hit the jackpot.

  7. HEAR YE


    any fools who believe in a false god will be severely punished

    there is only but ONE true GOD

    tfA-t is the TRUE GOD of the universe

    all will bow or die

  8. Yup, many yrs ago signed my name and US citizen on my 1040 forms, they tried to nail my ass for bogus back taxes while many others walked away scott free from taxes. Learnt my lesson, but it’s also on record now.
    I am not a U.S. citizen or their tax slave.

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