8 thoughts on “What If It’s All A Lie?”

  1. The retard is a stalking horse and Trojan candidate, his usefulness is to provide a conduit straight to the throne of power.
    Imagine they way this can be accomplished.
    Its not rocket science, its actually so typical and predictable.
    First, they will stall to the absolute last minute before they announce who will be the next proxy POTUS.
    They have laid the foundation of a banquet of suitable plausible deniability’s, they can pick and choose from, to oust or off the globo=pedo scumbag, and presto, instant Domestic Enemy #1 usurps the offal office.
    No muss no fuss no plaster dust.

    Would it be a surprise, she who they thought could never lose in a Mao pantsuit was the choice for false flag VP position?
    She has been awfully quiet these last couple months.

    Shits coming down to the wire, not for Freefor and Trad America, but for our enemy. Time is a critical perishable resource for them.
    They really need somebody in there something bad like 4 years ago. They are getting their agenda’s ass kicked six ways to sunday. Decades of effort, trillions in treasure, generations of red diaper babies, all for not, Ol Civ Nat Trump bless his orangemanbadnazi soul has taken a fucking chain saw to their precious institutional order, chopped off billions in free operational monies, put a stick in their judicial radicalism system, even Soros and his Nazgul’s from his States Attorney Generals project has not provided the subversion and destruction his Balkans’ and Euro=pedo projects have.

    Pedo=Joe is the perfect proxy in every way. He has allways been an insurance policy from the start, its why the Kona ghetto rat had him as a kickstand, Ayers & Dhorn are old red diaper baby hats at helping to set up and guide this neo-bolshevik coup crap.

    First they have a big hump to mount and conquer, a much larger basket of Deplorable’s.
    Exactly how will they rig 2020?
    Easiest and simplest is the JFK option.
    Eliminates a raft of obstacles.
    Its direct and instant.
    Dead 1st term incumbent Presidents don’t serve a second term.
    On the cheap too.
    Whats one 177 grain SMK 7.62 x 51mm cost these days?

  2. Has anyone noticed,or thought that the color of his mask,is,as they say,racist? Blackface joe in plain sight for all to see…

  3. Know why Joe Biden wears a mask all the time now? Because when the dementia starts in while he’s talking, his handlers can claim his brain damaged ramblings are being dubbed in by his enemies. Can’t wait for him to pick the Manatee for a running mate. Ugh. A fat, black, female, lesbian, communist. And uglier than home made shit too.

    1. Sean: He won’t pick the Manatee. He will pick Barack Obama. Trust me on this. They will pull out all the legal stops and do whatever to get their ticket in the Time Share for Criminals, at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Stay tuned.

  4. Gropey Joe will not be the nominee at the DNC next month.
    He’ll back out at the last minute for “health reasons”.
    His candidacy has been merely cover for the real candidate who will be revealed at the DNC, delaying the negative press and investigations as long as possible.

    I’ve got a Jackson on the Wookie.

    1. Yup, I’ve said same thing.
      S/he’ll be a slam-dunk for the Dems.

  5. All a lie? Understatement of the century. They lie. About everything. Its what they do. They can not allow the truth of them out. Lies so big thats how they got to be what they are. Lies so monstrous its difficult to fathom at times.
    Everything they do is either predicated on lies or the ideological farce of theirs which is nothing but lies, built on lies. So many lies the truth is purposefully lost in the tangle of lies, plausible deniability and dissimulation. Which are all lies of a sort also.
    They couldn’t tell a truth it it hit em upside the head, even if they wanted to. They wouldn’t know what the truth is.

  6. It’s a New Record!

    Seven straight comments, each worthy and for which I can have nothing but approval!

    Refreshing. Thanks, fellas.

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