4 thoughts on “DTG Sends”

  1. DTG, you know your not wrong, people places and stuff need to be in motion quickly.

    Another well timed article.


  2. Loose lips sink ships. Keep quiet about what you have and never reveal any political beliefs.
    It could be someone trying to ferret out what you really believe who is an enemy.
    Whatever you know just play dumb. Nod your head and say the latest 2+2=7 simple slogan.
    Read a story the other about a mobster who was on his death bed when the police brought in the killers and he would not identify them.
    That was the feel good story of the day.

  3. even Mike Krieger has had enough


    the tfA-t doctrines main platform of “300 million+” is the only chance you have to come thru this alive and able to re-build without the vermin of society (cops, pols, gimmegrants, and fat lazy dumb tatt’d slobs) leeching off your hard work and production

    tfA-t will only accept tributes in the form of young virgin maidens

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