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  1. I would add that squad leaders do a shake down inspection, BEFORE you take that squad out for a patrol. Not only for noise makers, (these are sometimes called, come and kill me signatures) but for stuff they try to carry that they don’t need, (books, extra clothes, too much ammo, too many grenades or mines, etc) but things that they’re not carrying they’ll need. Like enough ammo, water, food, cleaning kits, etc. The longer the mission, the more they’ll need a toothbrush, water, food, ammo etc. so close and wise supervision is needed. Pre-positioned supplies or ways to get them to your patrol are great, if you got them. Without resupply, about 3 days is it. You can stretch it to 5, as long as your ammo is good and the water is plentiful. 2 meals a day, just like prison. A deck of cards works wonders for boredom, and a pocket sized Bible is good for morale. A little pogey bait is ok. Ammo checks after every shoot out, without fail.

    1. Smoking is not allowed. Drinky drink and dopey dope are for after the victory never during the WAR.
      Skirt chasing time is long gone and forget about those that are left behind.
      None of us wanted this but we work with what we have.

      1. ‘LRRP Tiger Stripe,’ Nigga please…..you geriatric tub of shit.

        1. tfA-t recommends a daily ration of drink and drug when at war

          it calms the nerves and eases the conscience

          oh wretched souls, accept tfA-t as your savior and you will be absolved of your sins

          and tfA-t saw this was good and just

  2. Sorry to be off topic. Protective Masks? Good source of real masks? Am. Part. has a side bar ad. of masks made in Czech. Rep. Are there any other sources and reviews of real Pro-masks?

    1. I have 2 MIRA CM-7M gas masks. They are are made in the Czech Republic & advertised at the American Partisan website. The masks are high quality & NBC rated. Keep in mind the filters are extra & cost around $80. You just missed the sale which would have saved you about $50 on the CM-7M model. They are still in stock but will probably sellout very shortly. MIRA is a great company with superb customer service. Check (no pun intended) out their fantastic website. I am not familiar with other gas mask manufacturers but there are some damn good ones on the market.
      I highly recommend having a gas mask, especially when the SHTF. There is no telling what to expect with a possible civil war on the horizon. I just hope you & your loved ones survive what ever transpires!

  3. We are all gonna have to survive the first few violent engagements, and, understand what happened, what went wrong with your reactions and actions, before all those kind of linked resources are germane and useful.
    But by that time, your one thing nobody in a long long time, but for isolated, mostly rural civilians, and some who have survived ghetto rat engagements, you are combat blooded, as they say, “seen the elephant”, and probably things are such you don’t got time for arm chair combat advice.
    This is a steep learning symbolys learn as you go, nobody alive who has been thru the potential meat grinder. What kind of bad, and how it evolves is the great unknown unknown.
    When was the last time you dealt with a feral ruthlessly violent quasi human? One licking his spear? A group who will not and do not and give a crap not to even engage verbally with norm’s? Ones who everything on their persons and in their hands is stripped from the dead?
    How about a whole pack of feral’s? There’s an economy of force and violence, force multiplier in packs, as packs all come from some civilized past, and understand non feral’s better than the non feral’s themselves. Their ability to violence is re-enforced by the pack, and the pack re-enforces and cultivates the feral nature of the pack members. Its a self sustainable closed loop dynamic. All it needs is other people stuff, a more or less steady supply and its a feral pack. Lot of die-off in the early stages, by all involved. The ones who stay alive create levels of civilization out of the chaos, or evolve into myriad feral ways.
    I think to make it, you got to be so dangerous, so ruthless and cold blooded, for at least a time and a part of you forever looses humanity.
    Thats the valuable learning curve and resulting skill set, to maintain life and more.
    How tribe and community fit, who can say other than make assumptions.
    Nobody in America has been thru this meat grinder, nobody knows.
    Yet knowing you don’t know and you will be learning on the job, well that takes a get er done, no fucking social bullshit, nuts and bolts elbow grease mindset, it is a survival virtue. And here’s a hint, its why so many companies where employees have valuable craft skills, are makers and artisans, talking skilled labor and manufacturing, why these companies are being gobbled up, converged, by the foul hideous things called SJW’s and their vehicle of genocide, to rid America of such people, people of prudence, perseverance which makes up for a lot of other things, people who literally, actually create tangible things of high value, the source of all wealth, its only source, where all wealth is derived, such folks are the doers, the productive, creative, and they live by thinking outside the box of the institutional order.
    The indomitable ones. The ones who know very well what they are about. The most un-feral of humans. The glue of civilization. The quiet ones. Many live by the improvisational act or action, thinking, mindset, subtly brilliant yet common sense rules. Ones who tend not to be caught out, or at least caught totally not ready for the worst, because common sense defines you plan for the worst possible things, then you do not get caught out, too much, totally. It’s all predicated on the one weapon that matter, the one between the ears. The other weapons are tools. And it’s the making and using of tools which changed humanity from a feral critter into civilized tool users and makers.
    It’s how you take, make advantage, of this civilized edge over the feral.
    Not talking barbarian here, barbarian virtues are warrior virtues. Feral is to be an animal. It is human reversion. We see that every day by the hour, this human reversion, these feral animals. They are creating feral packs. Once they turn to the feral side some become addicted, its intoxicating, they are already humans with the propencity to be not reponsible for their actions, who avoid at all cost the unintended consequences, its opnly a small step to feral human, there are those cunning and sly who see and provide this drug, this monkey on the back of feral humanity.

    And how you deal with the feral animal is part of the learning curve. It is these feral humans who are the proxy of the alpha feral’s running things, they are creating a super pack, a hierarchy of feral humans. Have you asked yourself where are these crazed mayors and governors come from, why are they instant tin pot dick-tator tyrants? What fucking rock on what planet did these pseudo humans come from?

    They are make the feral human oligarchy, its really just another pack of feral’s. Ask, who keeps the illicit drug trade going? These feral humans in Brooks Brothers suits and ivory towers, same as all the other order of of purposeful intended, malicious chaos, they are feral’s, its what feral’s do to non feral humans. For all the usual obvious reasons and sins.
    Feral’s who enrich themselves on the destruction of a NOT feral civilization.

    So whats a non feral to do?
    Be the Barbarian Warrior 2000 years plus of Athenian Greco/Roman Christian citizen warrior history you are born into and have running thru your veins.
    It is where, the weapon of all weapons, what won the only successful slave revolt in history, came from. Made winning possible.
    Its not rocket science. Its not even political science. It really culture, history too, precepts and codes, and its upstream of everything else.

    Sit there and die…or get busy living. We win by saving ourselves, it’s always been so, so it will be. There are no others, there are non like us, it is always been our purview, none others, you see any, I don’t, to effect positive change in this world.

    1. Only the people can fix this as it has always been.
      Ferals and vibrants only respect force.
      Any weakness will get you stomped.
      What used to be a rural school district started us on the waycism crap in the fourth grade and we still had bussing of kids that lived almost two hours away in the grotto.
      Hitler was right about every generation needing to participate in a war or they would grow too soft and weak.

    2. Bullshit much?
      You started off making some sense then crapped it all away by attributing the ‘warrior’ ethos to two decadent cultures that lost all semblance of manhood after adopting the jewish mind-virus!

      ‘Athenian Greco-Roman Christian citizen warrior’ equals boy-loving, empire-building, mind-fucked conscript.

      None of that piss blood running through my veins!

  4. Great post there are some real gems in that list if you are willing to dig, lots of dead links so pour a big cup of coffee before you start

  5. Be careful with Adobe and Foxit PDF. They are chock full of security holes.
    You can view PDFs in the evil browser but so can they.
    Sumatra is decent non-system resources hog but I use it on an offline box.
    For those using TOR browser to cover their online tracks do know that it was created by gov and is always connecting out in the firewall.
    Those pranksters over in Italy making bomb threats to schools in America found out about TOR.
    Gov has its own spyware that no app will detect because they agreed not to.

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