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  1. I have kids. Their future is vastly more important than mine, as Lord willing, they will be alive long after I am gone. I am far more expendable than they.

  2. I don’t think this is so true. I, and I assume most parents, would do anything to protect my children. But we can’t do that if we aren’t here. So we will put up with a lot to make sure we are still here for our children. There is a point where we will have to risk ourselves for our children to have a future. That point is getting closer and closer, faster and faster, but we haven’t reached that point yet. This point, where we realize that we will have to sacrifice our prosperity, jobs, lives, to protect our kids, will be when things get interesting.

    1. the green brays were always a bit on the femme persuasion-girly scout beanies and all…

      what is truly hilarious are the rugged Ranger cunts -minus 1 week of menstruation a month..

      nope. no problem with murkin spehshul farces…

      be afraid- very afraid

      tfA-t feels your pain- he’s here to help


      1. And THEY expect anyone with genuine intelligence to believe that not only did SHE actually earn her way, but did so coming from the ranks of the nasty guard.

      2. Almost forgot, the word is that
        TWO more are currently in the Q course pipeline.

      3. Fuck, your a knucklehead, the army hired you to carry a machine gun barrel, dumb shit couldn’t even accomplish that, YOU lost it in the swamp, “Your own words”.

        What an incompetent piece of shit, but hey boiled chicken with 4.00 delivery, you clearly have excelled in the business high end on your fantasy Island.

        Take a knee you dumb fuck.


    2. Agree, happens to spend an hour last night with a Green Beanie, in planning phase. His asshole brother mentioned this. The good Col, went thru the roof, like a scud missile.

      Was pretty amusing I have to admit. I’m still smiling. I’ll get lunch, and a couple iced cold beverage out of the deal today, while we’re out doing a looky Lou, at stuff.

      For enquiring minds, here 1300, meet greet, short inspection as before.


  3. Living in far western burbs of Crapital City county on the county line has reached the end of the line.
    Herr Gauleiter (mayor) has just issued an edict making mask wearing mandatory.
    Pappy’s old girlfriend has some acreage down in the southern part of the state and she has said to go there if it ever got too crazy.
    Went to the Sack N’ Save and there were more unmasked than masked. Shanaynay turned to LaQueefa at the self checkout and said…I’m paying for this watermelon.
    Enemedia is going on about Saint George and BLM so it is time for the evening walk.

  4. from what tfA-t has witnessed, the typical murkins spawn are neither worthy of feeding nor protecting

    what a bunch of dumb’d down, fat, stewpit looking, and useless blobs of piss n shit sissys

    much like a pair of field underwear, they only get worse with age..

    to use them as an excuse for cowardliness is to be expected from a population of total fucking losers

    the murka must die and be burned to ashes to rid the earth of a disgusting example of a so-called modern progressive civilization

    Praise and Glory be to tfA-t

  5. They (Govt and Education System) have had Generations to produce cowards, traitors and participation trophy skinsacks.

    And they have been 100% successfull.

    Parents and Grandparents are responsible for this.
    Every day of public education requires the Childs De-Programing from the Communist Agenda and Thought Process.
    It was tiresome for me. But i also had them realize they had to check the Communist boxes so they weren’t failed by the The Traitors known as “Teachers”

    Dark days folks, dark days.

  6. I used to think, “let it come before my children’s time.”

    Now that my children are coming of age, I think, “let it come soon, so I can help my children.”

    1. It is interesting to me – and sobering – to see so many (not just on sites like this, but on leftist sites also) acknowledging that something bad is coming. Not an external threat. An internal threat.

      I share your sentiments. Many others do also, and that is promising, and troubling. Somewhere out there on the web amidst a sea of porn, is a flotilla of information documenting global consciousness leading up to 9-11.

      There was a global rise in foreboding in the days, and the day of BEFORE the event.

      SOMETHING is coming. We can assess and prepare, but we don’t know what it is. I think we will all be surprised when ‘things kick off.’ I too want it to land on me, so my kids don’t have to suffer.

      I think though, that this will be different, and suffering will be a universal condition. I don’t expect that while we are wrestling over statues and skin color and ‘free shit,’ that the chicoms are not preparing to take advantage.

      I pray for my kids, and yours every night. Outside of bloody conflict, that is the only hope. And I do hope in it.

      1. The “thing” you speak of in hushed tones if the absence of real money.
        You can only float a dream so long, then you have to wake up to reality.
        This rotten assed gov’t has thrown all of under the bus and it is up to us, the survivors, to keep on surviving, or not.

        The burn off will be glorious. In the first 3 months, after EBT’s and all other gov’t give aways cease, there will be 50 million dead. Then, 5 million a month until equilibrium occurs. Perhaps half the population or more will have to disappear. This could take a couple years.

        Afterward, for the survivors, will be completely different than now. It will take a hardy people to continue on. Due to the continued hardship of living in a 17th century lifestyle lives will continue to cease massively. Of those born each year less than have will survive to adulthood and lifespans will decrease sharply. Will you go down in the first wave or will you make it through to the horrifying other side?

  7. Totally agree, seen and heard it way too many times already. “I don’t have the luxury of fighting the IRS, I have kids to worry about”.
    Instead of fighting for their future, you offer them slavery. Sad.

      1. Are you ignoring the IRS?
        Yes, you can raise kids and thwart thieves at the same time.

      2. Seam, he’s got nada, he’s a mountain troll, nobody in his AO listens to, smart folk. He’d have em talked in to taking a knee in record time. His deluged contribution is,

        He fought the IRS, and the IRS, won” what a dumb fuck!.

        Your still redeemable old man. Quit feeling sorry for yourself, work on stuff you CAN influence. STOIC, I think is the word, rather then piss and moan about shit you have zero control over.

        As for kids, I don’t think he and his husband Tfat, are suitable parents. Spent big money down at Planned Parenthood, on asshole abortions.

        By the way, Good Morning America. What a stunningly awesome day it’s going to be.


    1. Same for those who are only concerned about their 9-5 and paying their bills. It’s a prison for the mind.

    2. the pain and anguish these cucked parents will experience when their chiles are torn apart and bleeding out will be worth a second bag of popcorn in the machine

      tfA-t has no love for any of them

  8. Well…

    We are in for a world of shit…

    I’ve changed my homepage from the Drudge Report to WRSA

    Drudge was taken over by globalists a long time ago and frankly it is dangerous to expose yourself to that page’s PSYOPS.

    Hell, we all knew what is headed our way was comin’ a long time ago…

    Time to man up…

      1. drudge is a JEW

        from what i’ve heard he did what all JEWS do

        the shekel is mightier than the pen…

        all JEWS are sub-human and are only useful for lampshades, blankets, and hog slop

        all the power and wisdom of the universe belongs to tfA-t

        tfA-t IS GOD

    1. You wallowed in the Drudge Report while it was “only” a fag Zionist site. You left only when it went “globalist.”


  9. The fact the I have kids makes me want to kick this conflict off and get the fight over with.

  10. Late to the party, just remembered a book from the 1970’s c.@ 1978.

    “Combat: House to House” by Unit 9 out of Canada and now out of print and no listing anywhere. Great book and covered more than urban tactics and metropolitan strategies. Mine was stolen by an acquaintance who “borrowed” it for a few days and the dude disappeared back to the Philippines. Yeah, I used to hang with a questionable crowd.

  11. Its not only kids. Being denied unlimited consumerism, the convenience of the modern world brought by corporatism’s lust to demographically squeeze the last buck of wealth creation out of the middle slave class. Strip Mall America is like a cocoon culture, its a familiar, having it is a form of safety, an illusion for sure, a shield too, but an illusion, for when things go bad how much help will come from this industrial institutional economic order? Is their any fealty to these captive “customers” as dependable buck shelling patrons? I do not think there’s much if any tangible investment from this order on the local level, but for the lucre which is provided for lining the pockets of the political class, and thats negative investment.
    Slaves who gently, willingly, place those shackles of comfort upon themselves, to the point, the possibility living a life without these modern conveniences is an unspeakable threat all its own. Alternate ways of life become alien concepts. Those living outside and defying the modern world’s siren call, their way of living become a threat of sorts. Alternate political stances also, and no few will do anything mentally to retain, defend their world views from this economic/socio perch which rationalize their lot in the social contract.
    I’d say nothing such as it is is meant to last, it certainly exists on the precipice sudden cascade collapse as the corporate/box store and franchise operates on a financial ragged edge with little if no financial prudence or buffer. It does appear as prosperity, it also seems like a kind of economic vacuum cleaner sucking up everyones wages, hoovering up the wealth of the nation, the carrot on the stick is the convenience and drug of consumerism.
    Then again, thats freedom, folks have that, to live as each see’s fit. Nobody is twisting arms to live within this system. Its a pretty big plurality too. Are 10’s, hundreds of millions wrong? Such numbers have a certain legitimacy because they exist in the first instance, and whose to say otherwise then?
    64 Million Deplorable’s no matter how much they are despised are not wrong. Clausewitz said in war quantity has a quality all its own.
    There’s an occluded brilliance in the social engineering involved. Providing all the millions with the pacifiers of instant convenient gratification style of life in the modern world is quite the accomplishment in itself.
    Is it a dead end?
    Those who would “use their kids as shields,” are they, or how much different is it, from say agrarian ancient cultures who procreate large families to assure their bloodlines and ancestral legacy’s survival, so there’s a safety net for when the matriarchy and patriarchy grow elderly there is tribe to take care of them?

    Maybe the real important element in this has something to do with when the eco/socio engineered convenience goes away, what is left to fall back on, what tangibles are their for hard times, to protect ones children kith and kin?
    I do know 1st hand, it is land, the tools and knowledge, resources, working knowledge and experience, the fruits of land and the agrarian culture, cultivated to provide for life. Its naturally got built in anti-fragile features, sustainable source of food. It aint much about it convenient, other than it is my property being the first thing. It ain’t a strip mall, I own it, what i invest in it comes back multi fold, it is a natural reserve of resources, its as tangible as tangible can be. It’s free choice also. Yet with no shackles attached controlled by an industrial institutional order. If my kids are used as a shield, its to shield us, them and generationally from calamity and things evil, a solid investment, where you own the principle and interest both invested within. I call it 5 acres and independence. It is hard work, there’s no convenience because most things can not be put off.

    Whats a “better” way of life here? Whose “wrong” or “right”.
    I do know my agrarian choice is free choice pretty much in all things, though some choices are pre-ordained as immutable laws of nature are absolute, there’s self reliance, self sustainment, sustainable elements, my labor invested pays me back comparable to the energy and resources put into it, but there’s risks too, like loosing grown food from disease or insects, or weather, pests etc. To live totally off my land? Thats truthfully something requires investment over generations, or investment of wealth I do not have, I think too its your kids that are your shield for a viable future.

    Guess there’s different kinds of shields. Different motivations for having kids, different imperatives, a myriad of ways you raise your kids and make them into adults.

    1. MTN, no doubt in my mind you got good shit going on. Most here do. The time for noodling spitballings over, if your not pre positioning ” stuff” making move to defendable ground with your team mates, your going to be playing catch up.

      MTN, God bless you.


      1. your goD is useless as feces




  12. Thou art dust and unto dust thou shalt return, but first make a big pile of brass and bodies. Amen.

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