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  1. Seamrog to the world in general:

    FUCK YOU. I will not wear your badge of submission.

    Elderly and sick people excluded, those you see complying are likely the ones who will not be ‘on your side’ when things get exponentially worse.

    1. Meiriceánach nó Gaeilge?
      Those who comply with this phoney plandemic will definitely be against anything that encourages rebellion!
      I hold them all in contempt and will never trust them!!

    2. Agreed. I propose a new acronym for virtue signaling mask wearers… VIRTSIG’s. If your outside or driving with a frigging mask on… for crying out loud.

  2. You mean people in government don’t love me and didn’t go into government just to serve me?
    Oh snap.
    So sad that manboons never learns anything and just gets played like a sucker in Vegas forever.

  3. Public health authorities across the globe have argued that the lockdowns, stay-at-home orders, “social distancing” mandates and other policies are necessary to prevent the collapse of healthcare systems and the deaths of tens of millions.

    These measures “most likely made the situation worse,”



    this scamdemic only helped identify any deficiencies and holes in tfA-t’s preps and plans- it in NO WAY changed anything having to do with his lifestyle and comfort. unfortunately(ha ha), this isn’t the case in most other murkins situations 🙂


    1. “Public health authorities across the globe have argued that the lockdowns, stay-at-home orders, “social distancing” mandates and other policies are necessary to prevent the collapse of healthcare systems and the deaths of tens of millions.”
      Probably could have avoided that if they hadn’t had the bright idea of giving the world, except working folk, FREE healthcare for so many decades.
      And when have scientist come out of the lab to save the world? They repeat whatever the check signers tell them to. Like any job, you do what the boss says.
      Banks own the insurance, insurance owns the hospital, hospital owns the med staff, so on and so forth. With government somewhere in there looking for another lap dance.
      Not sweatin you T for T, just needed to vent. I don’t think I like you (your hate for Believers bro) but frig if your not right about the dipshitness taking over. The MF’N numbskullary that I gotta watch.

      1. i never before hated believers- in fact, i was once a true believer for many decades

        until i came to this site and experienced bonehead and the rest of the annoying full of shit fucks who have soured me on everything religion- same thing with the USA

        those kind of christers are doing your cause NO GOOD and in fact, harm it immensely..

        tfA-t has the superior intellect

        1. What’s next, tFat? You gonna blame me for your inability to stay married!? Your loneliness? Your narcissism? Your never-ending rage tantrums? Your cold darkened lump of coal of a soul?


          tFat: Asserts he’s gonna be the leader of the just-around-the-corner Mongol Empire Ver. 2.0: Can’t even control a single woman.



  4. Went to the local Wallyworld yesterday morning. Noticed quite a few more sheeple falling in line with the muzzles. Including new parents with their 1 yr olds all muzzled up.

    Also noticed that the shelves seemed even less stocked than the “New Normal”. Looked like an old Kmart after black Friday.

    1. keep stocking your pantry dude

      things are about to get more worser

      have at least 1 years worth of storable food, batteries, clothing, meds, motor lubricants, mechanics tools, and lots and lots of ammo

      Oh Great tfA-t

      Bless us our daily bread, forgive us for our cuckery, and deliver us from stOOOpit- rAmen

  5. Anom makes a very good point, grey man. I wear my mask when out, (Texas) not because I have to, but because I want to. The Sun Tzu part of the games today is to do what your enemy does not expect, and look how your enemy does not think you will look. The less my enemies know of my approach, the better for me. I am just one more mask wearer among millions, what possible harm can I do? This stuff is so easy, I’m surprised to hear all the sturm und drang about it, when it is a perfect way to obscure your presence. Work the problem, niggahs. The Nazis couldn’t catch ALL the French Underground, because they looked just like all other French men and women. The nail sticking up………

  6. I saw a young guy on his bike in 90 degree heat. 90 in the shade. No one around for blocks. And he’s wearing a fucking mask. The fear campaign has worked. There are no Americans anymore. It exposed a lot of people for what they really are, pussies.

  7. As I read this I sit in a waiting room wearing a damn mask to see a dr.
    Do it or don’t come in
    What fucking bullshit

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