3 thoughts on “通过汉英词典。”

  1. None of it will matter when the dollar is Zimbabwe wallpaper.
    It won’t even be worth picking one up as they blow by on the ground during a windy day.
    The PPP is the final looting spree and Joe Normie didn’t get anything but a kick in the teeth from mommygov who loves him so dearly.
    Fundamentally Destroyed. Plan Accordingly.

  2. Bwahaha! Enemedia is prattling on with panic porn pablum. 60,000 people a day are infected with the bat salad flu. Riiight.
    Some bimbette teleprompter reader says…I can’t believe people aren’t wearing their obedience muzzle or panty mask.
    I need turd immunity from Satan’s anus or teevee. Emptying a magazine into it would be so fun but it does have resale value.

  3. The average American isn’t even aware how bankrupt the US is, let alone the $9 trillion that just vanished into private pockets.
    Looking at the average IQ or even general knowledge level of most middle/upper class Americans it’s obvious this nation peaked quite a while back. Time to let it all burn down, the dumbmasses don’t deserve to live in a nation they know nothing about. They are so fuk’n clueless of how ANYTHING works, from crooked voting to who controls the media or the money, time to take it all away from them. Mindless sock puppets wandering around in a cloud of debt and more toys than they can play with.
    Time to reap it now.

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