22 thoughts on “November”

  1. President Duckworth will complete the Fundamental Transformation into the United States of South Africa.
    Jo Jo Biden will shoot off a blast from his shotgun on the balcony to celebrate fifty years of indispensable “public service” in the best government that money can buy.

  2. So, who will bell the cat? This buffoon and his useful idiot Beto can huff and puff all they want. They do not have the personpower(check out my woke language!) to accomplish this. The Leviathan has not even started to follow through with the “COVID-19 compliance checkers”; who would most likely be tarred and feathered or even worse, once they went door-to-door.
    I just went back to work in the private sector, running an indoor range and selling guns and product. There is not an AR-15 to be had anywhere here in Rawles Land at the moment. Stores are rationing ammo. Glocks are scarce as hen’s teeth. This s**t that Pedophile Joe is spouting is the same tired, old rhetoric that the leftist political hacks have been bloviating about for the last 40+ years. The Karens, the Feminazis and their Beta Males, and the rest of the Marxist remoras will lap it up. It is of really no consequence.

  3. Why are you putting this fucktard on your web site ??? He is an asshole and you know it …….

  4. To all who think this cannot happen:

    The Left is confident it is going to win and win big in November. They anticipate taking the senate, holding the house and taking the presidency. With this in mind they are making public their intentions openly because they are sure they will be able to claim a mandate and want all their positions made clear well before hand because, if they do win, they WILL move to enact every single one of these policies.

    Better get organized asap and better be serious about what is coming.

  5. the best case is to vote for joe

    let him do the deed

    then it’s either stand up or shut up

    jewboy drumpf only made things worse- fuck him

    #Cops lives DON’T matter

    1. Aaaaaahh, the rationale and cleverly deceitful chicken cook, WITH only 4.00 delivery, BRILLIANT! , has words for his peeps.

      I couldn’t help but notice, your pal, M&M, over on ten mile seems to think and speak simlar to you. Weird isn’t it. Fucking mutants!.

      Your ol pal Dirt!.

    2. It is getting boring, isn’t it? Funny thing is. It doesn’t end well for Biden no matter how it goes.

    3. Biden and nig woman 2020! Vote democraps into every position possible.
      We’ll see how many bloviating chrischeeun paytreeots really engage when their republicunt security blanket is no longer available.
      Let’s get this 1,500 year old jewish experiment over with for fuck’s sake!

  6. I wonder if the senile old fool ever heard or remembers a line from one of my favorite old actors who also happened to be a civil rights leader who marched with Dr. King. FROM MY COLD DEAD HANDS Charlton Heston [rip]

  7. Doesn’t matter what his plan is. You know what they say…”man plans and God laughs.”.

  8. I have a prediction:
    Joe will not be the nominee. He’s a Trojan horse at best, a smokescreen at worst. He’ll drop out during the convention, citing health concerns, and the true candidate will be revealed in an orgy of leftist glory.
    This covers the true candidate from scrutiny until the last possible moment. It also throws the Neocons into complete confusion until the election. It’s the only way they can “legitimately” win in November.

    1. Your theory has many proponents. In fact, it is exactly what pol watchers expect.

      Good money on Michelle, right at the moment. A lot of folks expect the satanic whore to show up at the last moment, but she is despised by all, so if not Michelle, there are about a dozen or so WAGs, to include Susan Rice.

      None but casual observers on both sides will be surprised. At this point, casual observers are in a distinct minority.

      It really does not matter who slides in Biden’s slot.

  9. This plan is so absolutely ridiculous, it’s painful to read. I thought the part where they plan to stop people from 3D printing guns and assembling their own guns at home was great. Good luck with that.
    They claim they can make everyone go through a background check before downloading 3D printer files. The plans have been freely available online for years and will never go away.

    Gunsmithing is an ancient skill going back thousands of years made easier by modern tools. There is no way they can stop people from building guns if they want to.

    Smart guns? HA!

    How are they going to stop the sale of ammo, parts, and kits online and through the mail?

    How are they going to make people get a background check before selling privately?

    It will never work and it will only drive more voters to Trump and/or Kanye.

  10. Obviously the “Red Flag” gun law part will garner support from my half assed RINO hack, Lindsey Graham 2. Whatever and his new spooning partner, Democrat Richard Blumenthal who only last year held their own Uniparty hearings regarding this.

  11. Biden can win if he maintains the low profile to limit stupid statements; his flacks will spew elegantly worded puffery while hiding behind Corona concerns.

    The commie cadres know that he will not last one year in office and then the real tyrant, Harris, takes the reins.

    Having held the house and taken the senate they will see themselves as invincible and then my friends the real tribulations begin.

    What you’ve got in hand now may well be all you will have on Jan. 20, 2021 when the great leap forward takes off. Unlike the feckless Rs, the tyrannical Ds will have their plans in hand, the bills drafted for immediate passage and taking immediate effect.

    Empty bluster and bs has no place here. Recognize your position, plan your response as best you can.

    Be seeing you.

    1. Empty words? Everything I say and write is from the heart. This place used to ne choked full of REAL AMERICANS, for some unknown reason it seems to collect straight up haters, loosers.

      We should be team building, yet were subject to that dumb fucker, chicken cook, talking shit all day, every day, and his associates.

      For the record, I recognize my piss poor contribution here as well.

      A wise old associate here use to say. ” When you speak the language of your enemy, use their tools, YOU have become the enemy”.

      We are surrounded even here, by our enemies, whom try and blend in, set the narrative, by wordsmithing, half truth and innuendo, actually pretty clever.

      The true patriot knows their heart, their strengths and most importantly,,,,,, their weaknesses.

      Me, I’m actually a scared shitless ol man, who honestly isn’t looking for a fight, yet recognizes, what’s being delivered to our door steps. Don’t fear death, I fear failure. Failure to protect my peeps, my country.

      It’s a nation far from perfect, but it’s mine, I’ve lived all over the world.

      I’ll take the United States for 2000 please.

      What you Precieved as attacks are actually just bantering, poking, motivating. I get it. And I love it when Tee, or 0321, or NG, or DMV, hit me back with some of their awesomeness.

      When I spit my morning coffee up, from their sharp wisdom, it actually makes my day. And I complement them. A sharp mind a free mind isn’t afraid to counter punch.

      I love these guys, and would help all of em if they needed my help. All above would be welcome in my camp anyway.


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