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  1. Stalin’s purge of non-true believer generals and the Russian performance against the Finns led Hitler to believe he could kick in the CCCP (USSR) door and knock over the whole edifice.
    If Hitler didn’t bail out Mussolini and the bumbling Italians in Greece the Germans might have reached Moscow before the worst winter in 100 years.
    There is a secret recording of Hitler astounding at the destruction of 35,000 Russian tanks and they still had many more thanks to the Allies sending supplies to the ice free port of Arkhangelsk.
    The Luftwaffe had no four engine bomber. General Walther Wevel was an advocate for a heavy bomber but he died in an air crash in 1936.
    The Russians moved all factories beyond the Ural mountains which was out of reach for the Junkers Ju-88 and Heinkel He-11 fast twin engine bombers.
    The Germans got to experience the perils of winter war and they were totally unprepared.
    The wartime economy wasn’t taken over by official state architect Albert Speer yet and there was no cold weather gear.
    Troops had to improvise with long wool underwear over uniforms, drapes and blankets procured from the citizenry.
    Never go unprepared and never give up. Be like Khan from Star Trek and spit in the enemies face with a middle finger hoisted.

    To the last, I will grapple with thee… from Hell’s heart, I stab at thee! For hate’s sake, I spit my last breath at thee!

    1. Khan has nothing on the soon to be recognized Greatest Man in history…

      tfA-t’s is the superior intellect

  2. Simo,My Hero! Sat Cong bitches!
    Said he liked iron sights because it made him harder to spot. Commie killing MF! My man.

    1. That, and have you ever accidentally breathed on a scope occular at -20°F? Or had a snow-bomb come off a tree branch and cover your entire upper body?

      Even steel skidder blades snap at temps lower than that, and I know scope technology has come a long way…

  3. i love the smile of this mans face

    he understood the pure joy of taking sub-humanoid life 🙂

    have a very tfA-t day!

  4. Dumb ass the smiling person is the lady, sniper!. God your a fuckimg soup sandwich. You will learn to fear the lady Indian snipers their on fantasy island.

    YOU represent the white race, everything wrong with it. One boiled chicken for 12.00, heyyyyyy 4.00 delivery. We’re proud of you tee, fucking the red man one more time. Go team canada.!

    Your ol pal, Dirt!.

    1. Step 1: Open mouth
      Step 2: Insert foot
      Step 3: Apologize for being wrong

      The pictures are of Simo Hayha in winter gear.

      Believe you me, the last thing you want to do is piss off a Finn, because there’s always an open mine-shaft or an old well available….

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