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  1. Bet y’all still haven’t caught a peep about this from Murikan’ shitstream state media about this (the pic’s and videos are worth their own highlight): Virus Unrest Turns Violent As Serbs Protest Being “Lied To For Political Ends” – the unrest was some of the first in Europe since the pandemic began – also indicating the severity of the unrest was worst since the rule of Slobodan Milosevic in the 1990s.

    Murika, a fucking disgrace, the core and base of it’s fightin’ men, geriatric tubs of shit, that will
    pooh-pooh and thump a Bible when fedgov again fully reasserts the restrictions of a national house arrest.

    1. “Murika, a fucking disgrace”

      does anymore need saying?

      other than





  2. Good overview of getting potable water.

    We have the usual suspects on hand: bleach, iodine, hydrogen peroxide, and a “Big Berkey” unit minus the Berkey $$$, thas is: the ceramic and charcoal filters in a dual 5 gal bucket gravity set up as shown-below. Cheap ‘n easy.

    We’re pretty lucky here–a few decent rivers, streams, ponds, AND a gloriously clear, fresh, and unpolluted spring-fed lake of sorts that’s been around for 200 years.

    Here in fly-over Midwest country, it’s been +93*F sunny and humid all week; yesterday heat index was 99*F. Watering the garden veggies was a chore in itself, but seeing our 36 ‘mater plants, beans, squash, peppers, dill and such thriving–makes you feel good.

    For drinking:

    1. We must be close – what you have sounds just like here – NW Wisconsin. I’m looking out my window…

  3. The pic is two Selous Scouts, Rhodesian Army. Only Selous Scouts wore beards.

  4. Yess! Headed for the Sack N’ Save with my hammer and sickle CCCP XXXL hockey jersey and some pretty pink French cut panties from the ex (h/t/-Jas).
    We’ll see what happens and hopefully the Red Guards purity patrol doesn’t demand immediate re-education at the hands of esteemed party member comrade kommissar Billy Ayers.
    We use Aqua five gallon containers of water with membership card where you get a free one after a dozen rounds.
    If you find one out and about they will give you $6 for an empty.
    Purifier is certainly on the to buy list and there is a running creek within football throwing distance.
    Crapital City says the creek belongs to us and they won’t clean it.

    1. “Yess! Headed for the Sack N’ Save with my hammer and sickle CCCP XXXL hockey jersey and some pretty pink French cut panties from the ex (h/t/-Jas).
      We’ll see what happens and hopefully the Red Guards purity patrol doesn’t demand immediate re-education at the hands of esteemed party member comrade kommissar Billy Ayers.”

      My friend here (a Vietnam Vet who served in the Air Force) effectively got himself banned from the local ‘Walmartian’ store; he went in wearing a pair of aquamarine women’s panties over his head as his ‘Face Panty’. The ‘Walmartian Lady Greeters’ were NOT amused and demanded that he change it for an ‘appropriate’ face mask – he refused while in effect saying, “Why should I, it’s no more effective against this fake assed scamdemic than your face panties..and mine is more comfy and absorbent than the schmatta’s that you’ve got on your muggs!”.

      To say the least they were ‘not amused’ (too bad I wasn’t there to see their expressions!). Of
      course they both ‘Super REEEEEEEEE’D’ to the mgr..who told my friend that if he tried to enter
      again wearing it, they’d call the local police. My friend said he gave them all some succinct thoughts
      and saluted them with a ‘Golden Eagle’ as he left.

      Yes, more saved safe water is a plus!!

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  5. Katadyn Vario-used it hiking, camping, kayaking…though in Montana we generally have clean water. Extra piece of mind…I also have Lifestraws that are in all the trucks and bags.

  6. A. The sneakers and shorts of the Rhodesians makes a lot of sense in these times of “the long, hot summer” sporting mid 90° temps and smothering humidity.

    B. Lots of extra mags is not only for your rifle. When forced to travel where you can’t have a rifle handy, Make sure you have multiple handgun mags topped off and on your person.

    If caught in a flash mob, you may be in an exceedingly target rich environment. That is not the place where you want your gun to run dry, amidst hundreds of angry fools who just saw you wipe out a handful of their comrades. The potential reprisal might likely be fatal.

    Backpacks and fanny packs are once again your friends.

    Carry, lots.

    Keep your powder dry and you boom sticks well fed,

    Atlas Shrug

      1. Well, for example if you have to have things concealed, then something like a Glock 17 with 2-3 of the 33rd mags and 2-3 more in the 17-21rd range (extra mags in a backpack or fanny pack). Thus a load out of about 125-150 rounds.

        Again, this is only If you MUST traverse The Idiot Zone and if you CANNOT have a rifle (or AR pistol) with you.

        I still say an AR pistol with LAW Tactical folding device all in a backpack is the way to go. Yet you should have a handgun backup plan for sure.

        Keep your powder dry,
        Atlas Shrug

      2. For someone who claims to have run a SWAT team, you ask some of the dumbest questions of anyone here. Same for the ultimate prepper, clueless.
        When you’re not typing like a drunken monkey, you were amusing, now it’s gotten pathetic.

        When you were active military, why weren’t you SF or SEALS, trying to find your limits as an 18-20 yr old? I did, and you ridicule me, and you flunked out. What a fuk’n fraud, and have been ever since. Fat, lazy and a parasite on the VA to boot.
        I was up in the mtn’s today, saw an incredible grizzly bear 80m away, not bad for turning 66 and still being fit.
        Sucks being you.

    1. Correction: It’s NOT a ‘flash mob’. The proper term is ‘flash flood’.

      From Taleeb Starkes, “Uncivil War – BlACKS vs. NIGGERS” Oh, btw,
      fwiw, the author IS black..just so you know.

      “JuviNIGGERS–A fusion of the words “Juvenile” and “NIGGERS.” The term includes pre-teens, adolescents, or young adult NIGGERS.

      JuviNIGGERS “Little children, headache; big children heartache” -Italian proverb

      It’s said that a tree is judged by the fruit it bears; well, JuviNIGGERS are the rotten fruit yielded from the NIGGER tree. Just like NIGGER adults aren’t typical adults, JuviNIGGERS aren’t typical teenagers.

      Their behavior is best explained as delinquency on steroids. Individually, JuviNIGGERS are menaces; but when united with other JuviNIGGERS, a state of excited delirium occurs and they morph into Flash floods. Since their troublesome ways exponentially increase when in numbers, these Flash floods, mistakenly called “flash mobs” are to be avoided like a pandemic.

      Again, these aren’t flash mobs! Historically, flash mobs were groups of people staging impromptu performances. (dancing, singing) to the onlooker’s delight; not committing random felony assaults, robberies, hate crimes, and other NIGGERtivity to the onlooker’s dismay.“Flash mob” is another term that the NIGGER subculture is attempting to redefine into their image and after their likeness.”


      Something like a car gun in the form of either a 16″ barreled M4 or AK47 would be
      far more useful than merely a handgun with several mags. First thing is NOT to
      be where any amount of JuviNiggers or their adult counterparts are likely to erupt
      in a flash flood in the first place.

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

      1. tfA-t is an expert on NIGGERS

        he grew up at 7 mile and Gratiot Ave

        now notoriously known as the “Red Zone”

        one white man enters- no white man leaves…

        haven’t chanced it thru the old hood in over 10 years and that was driving 50 in a 25 ‘residential’

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