28 thoughts on “Wilder: Why The Left Fears The Right, And Why The Right Will Win”

  1. Back from the Sack N’ Save with pretty pink panties mask. The wymyn got a kick out of it with one worker saying my husband was going to do that but didn’t have the balls.
    She had no muzzle on so I said put your mask on comrade.
    The woman at next register started laughing her ass off.
    The clerk at self-checkout said whatever works man.
    Some fat drooling mongoloid shitstain said stupid as he waited in line like a redundant mass of protoplasm.
    They hate us because they ain’t us. We think for ourselves and don’t need mommygov or Karen to keep us safe in some bubble free of all risk.
    We don’t regurgitate braindead slogans that an elementary student would laugh at.
    We look things up and find out about interlocking corporate directorships and the tentacles of the controllers.
    Lastly we are handy with the shooting irons and their maintenance.

    1. “We think for ourselves and don’t need mommygov or Karen to keep us safe in some bubble free of all risk.”

      Which explains all of the folks on the Right (conservatives and libertarians) who claim to have gladly given up their liberty in exchange for the false promises of protecting property values, because they are afraid that that their neighbor may have the “wrong” type of window curtains or paint their house the “wrong” color.

      The Road to Serfdom and the Privatized Toll Road to Serfdom lead to the same place.

  2. “Why The Left Fears The Right, And Why The Right Will Win….”

    My dick laughs!

    1. DMV, you usually put up really good stuff, then you laugh, at possible solutions ideas, is life that bad, do you no longer have a conscience, a sole, hope.

      My friend I can’t believe you are just going to roll over and let the left scratch your belly. Sniff your ass, to determine your playability, your resolve.

      Brother it’s time to get right with your higher power, I don’t care if it’s tees goat head alter, or a door knob. Hope is a very critical component of life. I hope you find your shadow, your resolve soon.


    1. if the cucks, normies, progressives, commies, and christers could actually comprehend the level of callous viciousness and complete disregard of compassion, mercy, decency, or value for human life they would shit their pants, piss down their legs, and move as far away from the world as possible- the moon won’t even be a safe place for them…

      and to those who have been used like cheap $5. whores and .50 condoms fighting murkas wars of empire- well, let’s just say- what goes around comes around…

      there will be no safe place to hide, no cop, miltia, soldier, or superman will be able to compete with the tsunami of pent-up rage, hate, revenge, and pure fucking cold-blooded evil headed their way

      tfA-t knows how the legions frenzied madness has built-up like atomic fire and hells brimstone just waiting to be unleashed and rained down upon any and all who breathe the earths air and drink of it’s waters

      there’s special treatments planned for those who has bullied, mocked, and abused their authoritative positions and those types will regret the day their bitch whore mothers birthed them from between her open slut loins

      you have been warned

      tfA-t doesn’t threaten

      he doesn’t taunt

      he only tells of what must pass thru history’s sands of time

      enjoy what you have all earned so very much

      tick tock and very soon- POP goes the weasel

      have a very tfA-t day 🙂

      1. and to those who have been used like cheap $5. whores


        If there is anyone here who knows about $5 whores, it’s tFat.

        At times, he’s even called them ‘wife’.

        tFat has spoken.

        1. ewe r ah moo sing

          the christer cuckold stuck with the same old saggy tired worn out pussy – FOREVER

          the only other ass you get is when your finger rips thru the shitpaper

          HA HA HA


  3. In an honest world the left would lose. This is not an honest world. The right generally plays by the rules. To the left there is only ONE rule…….WIN. Never underestimate the level and extent of cheating and fraud the left can, will and has engaged in to win.

    1. This.
      Pay attention folks, the game has started, you’re already down points.

  4. HA HA

    the truth?

    you fucking pussys have no goddamn clue of how bad things are going to be

    put it this way

    tfA-t has held back his real thoughts

    the blood letting will fill lakes and valleys to the tops of mountain peaks

    it will be BIBLICAL

    there will be NO MERCY shown for anyone- man woman or child

    all are legitimate objects for target practice

    RUN! HIDE! say your goodbyes to loved ones now while you still can

    before it’s too late

    there are M I L L I O N S of tfA-t’s in the Fusa

    tfA-t is LEGION

    have a nice day 🙂

  5. “why oh why, didn’t I take the blue pill”
    said only he who believes resistance is futile

    After this, there’s no going back, you take the blue pill, you wake up in your bed, and believe whatever you want to believe…take the red pill, and I show you just how far the rabbit hole goes.
    Remember Neo, all I’m offering you is the truth…

  6. The right is a sick joke!
    Doesn’t matter how many guns they have if they’re too chicken-shit to use them – which they are. They’ve been talking crap and posturing since Ruby Ridge.
    Can’t jeopardize that career, house, affluence, three cars and all that purchasing power.
    Must follow the tenets of whichever sect of guilt-ridden jew-derived christianity that makes them feel morally superior whilst castrating them.
    Must abdicate all means of self-protection and governance to the police, prosecutor, judge and (Republican) politician because of their psychotic need for (their version of) ‘law-and-order’ and rendering to Caesar.
    And on and on and on……
    No thanks. The right can go fuck themselves!!

    1. it’s the cucked, pussy whipped as fuck “family men” who are the HUGEST COWARDS on earth

      they all blow smoke up each others assholes about how they will do this or that


      you’re too busy working like slaves to feed and house her and Juwan her latest Bull stud.

      your Queen of Spades wives will never give you back your tiny balls. she gave them to Juwan so he could show the brothers in the “Bullpen” what a loser their white fuck bitch is about to take to the cleaners, er, i mean divorce courts…



    2. Exactly!

      Aw shit, almost forgot: President Trump tells Telemundo’s, Jose Diaz-Balart, he will sign an executive order on immigration that will include DACA in the coming weeks.


      Statement from video of interview – Trump: “One of the aspects of the bill is going to be DACA. We are going to have a road to citizenship.”

      1. drumpf 2020
        I told you he still has a lot more dick for you registered voters/paytriots/III%/republicans/Boomers/cultists/Qtards/geriatric fossils/Cuckservatives/shilling mutts/MAGApedes to suck.
        Hey Kool-Aid!

        1. geriatric fossils

          SPOT ON

          the white hair cuckolds at WRSA deserve all the black cock up the ass they can handle

          HA HA HA

  7. WWW has a point.

    Centuries the same tyrannical humans have ruthlessly attempted to put Liberty back from where it came.
    They have squandered unaccountable beyond trillions in treasure.
    Handed down generations of red diaper baby crotch droppings to carry on the long march.
    How many wars have they perpetrated and waged against secession from their tyranny.
    Millions, billions they have force fed the blue pill, to create the armies of free shit, the hordes of cannon fodder, vast hives of NPC’s, Untold proxies to do their dirty work.
    The use of the instrument of terror called Genocide, created and is creating extinction level level events, of cultures, history, traditions codes and precepts. As for liquidation of living humans, its getting upwards of 200 million since the human extinction movement began, THEM for short. They even had a leader of THEM installed on the throne of State power on Earth, a usurper, who got up each day, brushed his teeth, looked in the mirror, and said who and what do we Genocide today.

    Then something remarkable happened, She, who They, thought she could never lose, the last of the false flag usurpers representing the final nail in the coffin of FUSA and the destruction of The Men of The West, finally, and it would be a barren vag in a Mao pantsuit, a globo=pedo carpet munching shrew, a cold blooded mass murderess, an exemplary gifted blackmailing extortionist, matriarch of the greatest organized crime syndicate, a global initiative if unparalleled avarice and greed, everything Stalinist, even Stalin himself may have been eclipsed by, lost to whom they said could never win, because a basket of those white trash Deplorable’s said, Because Fuck You Thats Why.
    BFYTW for short.

    OF course THEM always double down, this is the definition of insanity, it can not be denied, this truth, unless you overdose on blue pills of course.
    Even with the vast mind job propaganda false narrative resources of a totally complicit yellow media, with the vast monetary resources ill gotten from strip mining America and the Christian West, with totalitarian corporate control of the West’s economic activity, with the hollowed out shell of a once federal Republic and its vast installed minions, the monopoly of political and administrative tyranny of a Hobbesian Leviathan Permanant deep rooted State, after brainwashing, dumbing down, and indoctrinating millions of our kids in the greatest ideological farce imaginable, guess what?
    They have never beaten us who be free men. Free people in hearts and minds.
    We are still here.

    No matter what the never ending BS says about we are toast, finished, kaput!, we ain’t even begun to fight, we are sitting here making use of the time left to us, waiting, being our prudent and tolerant selves, watching, we aren’t fools, so what THEM beats itself against the brick wall of BFYTW, go for it dudes! Go full retard over MAGA and our murder weapon orangemanbadnazi. Makes fools of yourselves and your lies. We wait patiently. We know what needs doing. Be-clown yourselves, have a fight with yourselves over your ridiculous embarrassing for you crisis of legitimacy.

    I’m descended from the people who won the only successful slave revolt in history.
    I’m not worried, that we win is inevitable, in fact whats happening is essentially simply part of the evolutionary nature of Liberty.
    After all this time, we still are here, we have not been beaten, we have never lost this long war, there are none like us, we will not loose, we can not be beaten, because we chose not to, we choose to win, we choose to refuse to lose, this is winning. We are people who are winners. We descend from winners. Nobody can make us be losers, no more than we can be made to give our consent, or bend our knee, you can try to kill us, you still have not beaten us, we still win, because we refuse to be coerced. There is something you don’t understand about us, your most ruthless doesn’t account for it, it is something so alien to you it is incomprehensible, yet it is simple, you have no idea how mean us good folks get when you violate our codes. Like I said, there are none like us.
    And we are armed to the fucking teeth exactly because you do not understand.
    We do.

    1. The ‘christian west’ you and your cronys continuously bloviate about is a 1500 year experiment and the jews are the ones wearing the white lab coats.
      Many anti-religionista race-conscious whites have, at great peril, pointed this out over the centuries, but the pious lab rats can neither absorb facts nor reason.
      So scurry around in your cages and brandish your cross, your money, yer gun, your corrupt histories and your MAGA.
      The rat snake is making it’s final rounds.
      Good riddance to you all!

  8. more truth

    the white race is so pathetically weak and impotent

    they have lost their cuntry to a 13% minority of illiterate niggers and degenerate homosexual queers

    no wonder their wives and daughters breed black babies while their sons wear pink panties and butt plugs training themselves to become transgenders so they too can be the black mans whores

    you can probably hear tfA-t laugh all the way from Canada


  9. Never underestimate morons ability to delude themselves into thinking a thing is so when it is not so.

  10. https://national-justice.com/trove-leaked-fbi-fusion-center-and-dhs-documents-provide-insight-antifa-charlottesville-political

    also insights into how converged it is and glimpses of 5th column influences within the FBI. In certain sense theres culture not unlike the indoctrinated woke academia produces, no surprise as younger applicants probably can’t become a “special agent” without a certificate proves you been suitably brainwashed.

    THEM infests every institution, the collapse of the institutional order can not come fast enough, this shows signs that failure is on its way.

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