6 thoughts on “Dial It Back Two Notches”

  1. I’m gonna SUE!
    Who the fuck is following me around, covertly photographing me, violating my God given birthright to privacy?!
    Who damn it……Who?!

  2. Taco Smell? Ate there back in 2000 and never again. Frankenfood and teevee enemedia is why you see a mongloid mass of lumpen proles across the land.
    If some comrade gets to prattling on about the worker’s utopia or how Marx had it all figured out just fart in their general direction with some high powered spleen.

    1. Word. The sad thing is, millions frequent these Frankenfood establishments on a daily basis. Here in Rawles Land TB, Wendy’s, Mickey D’s, Zip’s, Popeye’s, Jack’s and the rest have cars backed up in their drive-throughs from 1100-1300 and then from 1600-1800. Where are these plebs getting all the money to blow on this over-priced poison? They would be better off with a peanut butter and honey sandwich and a piece of fresh fruit. Brain-dead lemmings.

      1. Dweezil,
        Same here in my AO in extreme Western Arizona.

        McDeaths, Crack-ho-in ‘de Box, Burger Baron,
        Shh-lub-way and Tac-O-Shnell are the local
        Frankenfood micro-death distributors here.

        I’d wager that they’re getting their $$money$$
        via the same place that other parasites do..welfare
        payments or direct ‘cash assistance’ (yes the majority
        of the above WILL accept payment via EBT/SNAP cards).

        Just remember how such parasites WILL react when
        “the music stops” ala MB’s essay.

        Because the ‘local injun au-tho-a-tey’ has done a
        double down on stupid via the created fear of the
        nothingburger cold bug, this IS their local response:
        “REEEEEEEEE – It’s baaaaack!! Ca-ron-na is baaaack!!
        All MUST wear ‘de HOLY Mask of Protection!!” “Local
        businesses MUST lock down again!!! We MUST protect
        our most at risk Tribal Members – We’re ALL in this together!!”
        the above food places and regular restaurants ARE again limiting
        their hours of operation and whether they’re operating only via
        ‘take out’..if they’re open at all…

        And as this and other issues have shown, tfA-t IS overwhelmingly
        right about Doofus Americanus…over 90% ARE utterly worthless
        losers and outright parasitic shitheads that serve NO useful purpose.

        I won’t call for them to be turned into ‘Soylent Green’…but I’m NOT
        going to expend ANY great effort in saving them either..not my job
        and not worth my time.

        And the bolshi McCloskey’s of Saint Louis, Ohio can enjoy
        the niggertivity that they supposedly respect and admire so much.

        NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  3. Taco Bell is bacteria laden trash.
    It exceeds Meth in the ability to loose weight, try it out, you’ll look great.
    You’ll Evac from both ends at once.

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