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  1. BOOMERS! are dropping like flies

    tfA-t will only gain MOAR $ as his elderly benefactors expire

    BIGGER boats and younger girls 🙂

    poverty $uck$

  2. We just lost a national treasure.
    Sounds to me like he toughed it out to the very end too.
    God Speed sir, you are already missed.

  3. Rest In Peace…thanks for blessing us with your wisdom and literary skills.

  4. It happens in threes. Hope Remus gets with Charlie Daniels and can enjoy some time. Go rest high.

    1. do you actually believe people get together after death?

      mebbe play cards and shoot the shit?

      just wow

      tfA-t has no other words

      this is a prime example of (((brainwashing))) and projecting

      1. tfA-t, like all of humanity, WILL bow down to Jesus Christ eventually.

        Ol’ Remus will be missed. I’ve been archiving his posts as PDFs for years. I hope to someday be able to share them online.

      2. You fucking retard, I’d say show some respect, but then you don’t even have any respect for yourself. Go boil some chicken, shit stain.

        Imagine if you were even 1/64th the man Remus was. Your not, never will be, fucking Trash with Cash, your mommy and daddy left to you.

        Sad is, when the injuns skin your ass alive, not a sole will miss you!. then and only then will you beg forgiveness from the true God. And guess what he will forgive you for every wrong, every crime you’ve committed.
        I’ll be praying for your sick ass tonight, someone’s got to.


        1. Dickbboi here is a prime example of the failure of the white man

          whites are too busy being decent and sympathetic

          “law abiding” and respectful

          all colors of wimyn attach to winners- and it ain’t gonna be ewes with cuck values and googolplex to the 10th power essays

          tfA-t always enjoys as watching the worms squiggle as they suffer, dry out, and die

          the niggers are winning because the whites aren’t even in the fight

          and that doesn’t even consider the Bolshies are running the BLM war

          Dickboi and company are loosers in the long run because they are still bringing words to a gang war gunfight and it’s nearly meat wagon, fire hose clean-up time

          to the pits you go!

          strong virile smart tfA-t will TRIUMPH over broke Dickboi and his gerry band of murkans


          1. Paper Tiger Soap Box Hour with T-Fuck and his 90-proof keyboard chirping of “fuck ameriturds; let em burn in hell!; eat shit ‘Murica, durr hurr, blah blah I’m an insufferable cunt, etc.” How my doin so far? If he was so brazen like he wants you people to think he is he’d march his sorry ass into the burn unit/cancer patient floor of the local children’s hospital and tell those little ones to their face while they have tubes shoved up their noses and bald heads from chemo he wants America and them to die so he can finally slither out of from whatever shithole he’s in and feast on its carcass. Of course he’d never dare display how deranged he really is in that scenario because he knows some mother fucker like me would send him right back out the double doors and head to the ER came in clutching his hands to his mouth trying to catch his teeth from falling out all over the floor. He wants you to thinks he’s Mad Max as society falls to its knees but nah…he’s just the leather speedo wearing faggot in the Jason Voorhees hockey mask that gets BTFO by the oil rig truck at the end of the movie.

  5. Damn. Just, damn. A true light has passed. Don’t make many – if any – of the like; anymore. Godspeed, Ol’ Remus. And thanks.

  6. Damn.

    ‘The ultimate secret of life is the sure knowledge of death. For without it man would not strive to leave his mark upon the earth.’

  7. I am grateful that he shared his thoughtful and remarkable mind with us. He will be missed.

  8. My soul cries.

    God bless you Remus. Your whit and word will be sorely missed.

  9. I’m deeply saddened to hear this.
    I highly respected his writing and views.
    I was curious about his perspective on things as they played out and now…..
    He will be missed.

  10. Damn it all. Requiem Aeternam Dona Eis Domine. May you and you wife rest in peace together. I don’ t think this bottle of John Powers will see the morning.
    We will never see the likes of you again.

  11. So long, old friend. I never knew you but sure felt like I did. Hard to know what to feel – much of what he said years ago is coming to fruition. Would he feel happy knowing he was right? Most likely he’d have rather been wrong. But he wasn’t.

    ‘Miles to go before I sleep’

    He’s travelled his miles, that’s for sure.

  12. Rest peacefully with your beloved wife, Remus. You saved me from Democrat stupidity and blindness, I cannot repay you for what you did for everyone. Thank you always.

  13. Thanks WRSA for passing on the news. Worst fears. Remus was the best. He leaves a hole in the Internet no mortal man will ever fill.

    I traded email with him a few times over the years. I would always offer to send him one of my Commie Obama ushanka hats, which he would always turn down. Our last email exhange, in July 2018, I asked him about his military service. I suspected Navy as I kept reading things in his posts that sounded similar to things I would hear from my Navy son. His reply:

    “Yes, ex-Navy. I got out just prior to the Cuban Missile Crisis and was certain I’d be recalled. Amphibious attack ship. Noisy, dangerous work my friend, even when all the ordnance is outgoing.

    Can’t resist telling you my ushanka is top quality, genuine rabbit fur.”

  14. I, too, had feared the worst when the silence lengthened and the weeks elapsed after 09 JUN 20. Hope, as always, is to be treasured, but I knew. I knew.

    This is very sad. I know that everything happens for a reason, and that there are no accidents, but damn, I am really having difficulty seeing the brighter side of this event.

    Perhaps the gent had already served his time in hell, had offered his warnings, and felt that enough was, indeed, enough…

    1. Mike,I guess the only two brighter sides are Remus has a well earned rest with his life,and,the knowledge he passed on to all of us will not die and we are better people for that knowledge(and humor!).

  15. I think the loss of his wife was just too much for him. I so enjoyed my Tuesday morning trip to the woodpile. You will be greatly missed.

  16. Rest easy, Sir, you were appreciated by many.

    Here’s one of his many acerbic gems from a few years ago.


    Remus’s notebook for 6 November 2015

    People love to go on and on about the ruder, baser senses, as though their ancient status connotes some sort of wisdom, or primacy above the more refined senses. I’m sure we’ve lost our ability to smell Wooly Mammoths a mile away. I do not regret the diminution of this faculty.


  17. Truly heartbroken. Everything said about him will be spot on and more. I thank you for the notification. God Speed Remus you have joined your wife and all is well except for our sadness and loss of future education. May God bless all his family in this time of mourning.

  18. A great sadness as another much needed Citizen passes from the scene.

  19. Those of you who are amateur radio operators know this as “silent keys” & that term can apply to Remus. I live near the mountains where he resided & will always remember him & his great website that originated from these parts. Let’s keep Ole Remus in our hearts & memories as we prepare for the inevitable. Keep in mind, he was constantly warning us about it in almost every posting.

  20. Remus and me, had been in communications almost daily since just before his wife’s passing. Yes He was a naval officer. Managed a larger business their in Philidelphia, his home was The Appalachia of Pensilvania, he shared many pics, and had just finished a SUV, for extended travel.

    Has two sons, and had been traveling to his wife’s care facility weekly, before she passed. Apparently that facility was a distance, took several hours one way. He made that trip often to be with her. he had many close friends in his area, and was a tea drinker.

    Remus was sharp as a tack, another Limbaugh, I will commit our email exchanges to a disc, I valued his wisdom, and his humble approach. A giant among men.

    God speed sir! Your now with your first and second wife, of whom you shared wonderful stories with me about. Thank you for your friendship, your wisdom.


  21. Worst case scenario. The WP Report page calmed me down a few times when I was frothing.
    Loved the old ads from the real America and paintings and wisdom.
    Great thinkers are few and far between but we can carry the torch.
    A dear auntie passed of renal failure after her husband shuffled off of this mortal coil but we knew it was actually caused by a broken heart.

  22. There can be no higher tribute to the man and his memory than to embrace his wisdom, and act accordingly. Goodbye “ol Remus, as in God Be With You.

    And if he shared with you certain aspects of his life, please, respect his privacy. I have, and you should too. Everything he wanted the world to know, he published….and much to our benefit.

  23. I dont think Remus is of the boomer generation. His blog and his mode of expression were completely outside the Boomer norm, even for conservative Boomer voices

    Also, the fact that he concluded every post with a WWII-era photo suggests that he lived thru that time and had distinct memories of it. That’s why I suspected the worst after just two missed Woodpiles

  24. I will fill a parting glass for you today sir. Goodnight and joy be with you.

  25. I will miss the Woodpile Report and how he took the time in his commentary to preserve some of the culture of American Western Civilization. Part of me is glad he won’t have to experience what’s coming. Rest easy Ol’ Remus, we’ll take it from here…

  26. My week never started until my Tuesday reading of the WPR.

    RIP Remus, you will be missed.

  27. One of the finest voices. One of the best men.

    The world is a far lesser place without him.

    Godspeed sir, following winds and fair seas.

  28. Rest in peace Ol’ Remus. Your wit and wisdom you’ve shared has been admired by so many.

  29. Ol Remus,
    GODSPEED Sir. You were the light house at the end of the wharf. Now that light has gone.

    Rip Sir.


  30. May god grant we sit around the campfire, hearing the wisdom and wit of such a one again! Till then, RIP.
    P.S. Whoa unto you Satan! One mighty, that dispels your ignorance with truth and power has come home! With him you’ll find no place!

  31. His essays were worthy of being carved in stone. The art lessons were enjoyed by me, a non artistic person. His wisdom gave me a leg up on what is coming and yes, I now keep away from crowds! RIP Remus.

  32. Requiescat in pace

    Note: Remus did not archive his blog. Every new weekly blog meant one from six months back disappeared from his site. When I asked him about this, he simply responded that’s the way Yer Ol’ Woodpile Report has always been and he saw no reason to change it.

  33. Special People have touched my life In different ways. John Wayne, when I was growing up, inspired me, My uncle John who taught me good work ethics, Frank, an 85 year old carpenter who Taught me to live life to the max, every day. I count Ole Remus among them. Presenting the facts in an eloquent way with a touch of humor, a modern Churchill, dealing with the troubles of our times.
    Let us be inspired by him…

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