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  1. Fellow travelers Jo Jo and Barky. My favorites are the pics where Dear Leader Messiah is having trouble with an umbrella and a gate or the one where he is carrying the post-American world book while walking to the airplane.

  2. Autumn Day Extermination

    Unleash the fury and the rage on this day
    as we head towards battle seeking genocide
    state of war the invasion now begins
    kill all common folk who refuse to take our side!!!
    Stalk belligerent citizens for the foes that they are
    succumb to the onslaught of malevolence!!
    Led to the fields towards the traps they have laid
    plot revenge for the loss of our kind
    Now Die!!!!!! Die
    Separate the men from the children & the women
    put them in pairs standing side by side
    strip them of valuables anything they are carrying no remorse
    no escape you cannot run & hide
    Shoot the first cognizant insolent civilian
    or those who mock and chastise our precious ways
    set into motion our rules for conditioning!!!
    Machine guns open up and scour the ground with spray, lead!!!!!
    Perfect day for an Autumn Extermination, perfect day!!!!
    The lone child screams out in agony
    watching his father die by use of the blade
    blood slowly trickles from the exit wounds of a dagger
    seizures now commence as he dies where he lays
    Perfect day for an Autumn Extermination, perfect day!!!
    See the mourners come by to pray
    watch and learn as their turned to prey
    Perfect day for an Autumn Extermination, perfect day!!!
    River of blood flows from the lifeless corpses
    bone shattered broken by shards of lead
    flame the remnants burn what’s left of the children
    see to it the enemy finds their dead!!! Dead
    Slaughter the weak
    slaughter the corpse
    bury our dead

    ©±® Crusader, Warbastard, Phlegm, 2002

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