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  1. Two things come out for me, the mandatory use of permits, which makes one either legal or illegal and puts money into someone’s pocket. Also fines imposed for being illegal. Constant source of revenue for our handlers.
    The other is that the (((Bolsheviks))) are running the show from behind the curtains, as always.

  2. What a convenient blunder.

    Watch media ignore it, while it makes the rounds to alt sites.

    Wray said it again, “…home grown lone wolf extremists are the biggest threat facing the nation…” only 4 days ago.

    Got that?

    Feeding the narrative. Think feral.gov is begging for help? It appears so.

    Here’s a thought. Don’t help feral.gov. Hand them the mop and bucket. We should stay focused on what we individually determine to be the problems in our AOs that we have the drive, skills and will to rectify.

    Let them die on the hill of their choosing.

    1. Wray is right. The ‘homegrown lone wolf extremists ‘ are a threat – just not to the nation.

  3. The whole myth that police and police agencies are conservative or even libertarian leaning is a masterful demonstration of what over five decades of police supremacism in fictional film entertainment in TV and movies has wrought (with honorable exception to “The Wire” among a few others). Want to join the police and fight evil? You can only do that in internal affairs.

    Planet-wide, no politician can harm a single man’s liberty without the police baton. Follow the logic.

    19,000 police departments from the local to the Federal level and the institutional communist rot at the Federal level has been on disproportionate display with the revelations of the coup attempt against the Mango Mussolini. Of course they send out bulletins against un-sexed men and Hawaiian shirts, low hanging fruit that fits their internal narrative.

    Why does Antifa and BLM literally get away with murder and all the other crimes against humans? Because their mission is the same as the police, a maximum police state. Don’t listen to words, watch action.

    1. @Bill B,
      Funny thing people wonder why there is no push back. I Have seen a myriad of memes depicting the fact that our founders would have been stacking bodies like cord wood by now. One has to ask what is holding US back. You/WE know what that is….Mr. B has hit the nail on the head, it has been ingrained into our heads since the end of WWII, the fear of the police baton and the wrath that flows stemming from the corrupt judges, the courts and government at ALL levels. Case in point the McCloskey incidence. Or it maybe losing your job. The economy is decimated. 1.3 million people lost their jobs just LAST WEEK. Close to 50 million since the start of this scandemic. But WE fear that any push back will be viewed as DOMTER or GOD for bid WHITE PRIDE, aka White supremacy. In short the popo stands in the way. Or maybe not. WE will decide who stands in the way. At the risk of being politically incorrect and ironically….the NOOSE is tightening around our collective necks. WE the people are being lynched, without a care. OUR country OUR heritage being eroded away like the Colorado River and the Grand Canyon. Slowly but forever surely. Never forget the noose tightens incrementally, one notch at a time.
      Stay small, do what you can.


  4. Of course it’s being allowed by the controllers. It’s part of the society reset due to the bat salad.
    I knew when Hymie Trumpstein was (s)elected that it would all be wiped out so they could say see what happens when you elect a “nationalist” leader.
    Remember Marxine Waters making comments about the surveillance state Hussein Hopenchange had built up?
    How could they not know who is behind the agitation and Bolshevik Revolution 2.0 Fundamental Transformation.
    A hostile militant government that is ENEMY at every level. Plan Accordingly.

  5. This is fertile ground for the revisionists and humanists. The irony it is paid for by our tax dollars and we are the target of revisionist efforts to erase us from our own history, and obtain high grade intelligence on targeted individuals, prepitory to whatever ilimination/liquidation programs planned, is probably a most contemptual inside joke, nothing like power, playing your enemy for a sucker and having him actually fund his own survailiance liquidation.

    if that dont tell you how utterly corrupt and cored out Murica! at the state/federal governments there of are, look at Mexico, a narco state operating within the shell of a cored out nation state, which defines the operational state of globo=pedo and its federal/state level branches.
    basically the USofA exists as it does because it is the finest front possible for what is nothing else but an organized crime syndicate operational base, complete with its own intellegence community, leg breaker and hit man organs, and a full on extortion/protection lone sharking rackets.
    The collection and disimination of this vast system source of survailiance is fertile intellegence of the freshest kind, which you get to dissiminate at your leasure but deny in entirety those who it is idealisticly intended to protect, yet the real intent was always to weaponize it. Never mind how hundreds of millions is laundered thru this swamp/deep state/local scalawag scumm racket, and surplus weapons smuggling.
    How many belt feds night vision suppressors ammo select fire small arms and other gear is there thats gone home with these actors? serious question.

    It stands to reason the ranks and upper eshilons of the FBI is infested with what are mass produced NPC’s and a kind of special trained super Karen’s with liscenses to kill, product of 5th column intellegentsia infesting our centers of learning, useful dupes and sycophants selected for their indoctrinated brains to populate federal law enforcement agencies, infiltrate the judicial branch, and weaponize the IC from the NSA to Soros’s positions within his states auttorney generals project.

    Esentially creating an entire system run by 5th column comintern operatives who constitute the minion work force of the so called deep state.

    All along the underlying truth it is paid for by we who they are the target of this weaponized system of control and liquidation.
    Irony of Irony.
    Wheels within wheels.
    Tung Su said make war pay for war.

    Regardless of the scope of this comintern infestation and the money laundering and wealth transfer racket which is the central purpose of globo=pedo’s usurpation, it is an institutional order, it is the Leviathan, it is vulnerable from the very thing it strives to eliminate and destroy, it is constantly in a state of maintaining its illusion of legitimacy of the cored out shell of the republic its hides behind, and of all things little people, its nightmare threat it fears as nothing else is withdrawal of consent. Even disarmament of the little people takes second seat to the weapon of withdrawal of consent.
    As all such constructs of administrative and regulatory tyranny, this institutional order faces collapse from the most grass roots smallest minority there is, the individual, people who refuse to comply, people who join the honorable resistance, who raise their finger high and say BFYTW.

    The largest evil is existentionally threatened by the smallest act of defiance.
    This “Fusion” system is vast, it’s insatiable thirst for other peoples money hoovers up billions, its rotten and decayed to its core. most critically it has never had to face and contend with the wrath of people who have everything to gain and nothing to loose in a war to rid themselves of this leviathan’s tool and minions.
    When those minons begin receiving their dirt naps in tetribution for their attempts to impose open police state pogrom, in no time, weeks, the construct collapses. By the very nature of its self serving corrupt ideological foundations there in lies the seeds of its demise.

    What is oft not understood its not it’s power but its numbers of minions and sycophants willing to risk their lives property family and indeed nice paychecks, is its vulnerability, those who are the ones expected to do the dirty work, for a cabal of elite crime bossess ultilizing an ideological farce as cover for itself, for a spoils system run by the largest organized crime syndicate ever known.
    This only works long as the enforcers of the raw naked power of the cabal are feared, as long as their illusion of overwhelming force and violence checks little peoples resistance and defiance to it is maintained.
    The beginning of the end of this tyranny originates in withdrawal of the little peoples consent. The proof of this truth abounds, the proof of how powerful a weapon against tyranny consent and its withdrawl is, is right before our eyes. If maintaining a level of consent, or to put it in proper terms the tacit and ignorant consent of what Stalin succinctly called useful dupes, was not critical, there would long ago be no electoral process, no four year cycle three ring circus of illusion of legitimate constitutional presidential elections, local and state elections included, yet what there is is a construct of the appearence of voting, the grift peoples votes count for something involving their choice, their voice counts, it is the illusion these American institutional rights as free people count. Bread and Circus for all intents and purposes.
    The main point is control, pacifying the electorate, provide the illusion of a legitmate process in which it is people who are determining the direction and politics of their country and way of life.

    But, a funny thing happened, it seems it was possible somebody from outside the cabal could be truly elected by the little people. Not only this blasphemy of liberty, but it seems the little people are stronger than thought, there is life in these men of the west still, fight in them, and a kind of cunning which was believed to have been emasculated and bred of the basket of Deplorable’s.
    So yeah elections indeed have consequences.
    Withdrawal of little peoples Consent not only matters, it trumps illusion of tacit consent hands down, and of all things it is a weapon, the mostbpiwerful weapon ever devised in the arsenal of liberty.
    Current managed false flag chaos and subversion of society and governmental constructs, is the institutional order reacting to the greatest of threat to its illusion of legitimacy.
    That it must hire actors and agent provocutuers, employ whole cloth propaganda and other forms of big and small lies, fabricate fake hate to blame upon the little people in order to create more illusion which justifies, and hides, the truth hidden behind the curtains of the big illusions. A just legitimate movement of grass roots peaceful redress has absolutely no use for nor need to cause destruction, find scapegoats, employ force and use violence, nor murder people who are doing nothing but minding their own business, never mind extortion and threats if everyone and anything fails to comply in totality with its extortionary demands of compliance and submission.

    It all smacks of desperation, of an institutional order illegitimate facing imminent cascade failure.

    And whats so pertinant is the little people simply exersized its natural rights of self determination in the most normal peaceful fashion that exists. They voted for Donald Trump and won.
    Imagine that?
    Such a simple truth.
    People actually choosing themselves, a leader, their champion. Beating the managed pre ordained outcome of the circus of margin of presidential election vote fraud.
    To say that it was possible somebody outside of, not from, not annointed, from the cabal of clowns running things, could be chosen by the little people came as a shock to the institutional order is a vast understatement. It rocked the system to its core.
    Imagine we elect him again.
    What 4 more years of our murder weapon will do to the institutional order.

    And we little people have not started shooting yet.
    Imagine where we are.
    Imagine where we will be.
    Imagine how long their order will last.

  6. all cops suck and should die right now

    tfA-t has screamed this all along

    the cucks are so far behind tfA-t

    the murkins CANNOT win without losing their phony religions and adopting the tfA-t doctrine

    in the end ALL will BOW and praise tfA-t


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