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From a reader:

There is no “White Knight” on a charging steed coming to save you. You will not “vote” for a hero who will magically repair a century of Marxist and Globalist corruption. Folks are desperately seeking some champion to make the demons stop hurting them, but there is no such person. Hoping for such is fantasy – and fantasy is a luxury for children and lunatics.

Go look in the mirror. See that fellow you see staring back at you? He’s the one who has to change all of this. He’s the one who will have to fight, suffer, die and kill to fix this – with no certainty of success, and every likelihood of doing so in vain.

These are the times we inhabit, hard times. It’s time to pick your side and be hard men.

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  1. We seem to have gone directly from ballot box to bullet box. Where is the jury box. Yea, I know not as sexy, but “jury nullification” just might be the answer. With out the killing and destroying the infrastructure. So when did you last do jury duty. Have you volunteered?

    1. “..Where is the jury box. Yea, I know not as sexy, but “jury nullification” just might be the answer. With out the killing and destroying the infrastructure..”

      Remember what author and journalist Vin Supryowicz said about jury duty and how jurors are “selected”? As he said, “Voire Daire” is French for jury tampering..the parasites use it to make sure that ONLY compliant indoctrinated sheepule that are “yes officer, what ever you say sir, right away sir!!” types are selected to pass thru the shute to sit…anyone else that is a contrairian ram (and that’s with trying to be as ‘gray man’ as possible) gets either booted post haste or sent to the gulag for ‘contempt of not kowtowing to the local cross-dressing drag queen.

      gov owned juries are about as useful as gov owned ‘voting’…some here are still WAY behind the learning curve where such childish fantasies are concerned..and no trying to share the truth with them is like trying to explain that, no, the ‘tooth fairy’ DIDN’T leave the quarter under the pillow for that tooth last night.

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

    2. Rosemead: The problem with Jury Nullification usually comes up during voir dire. When the Deputy DA does his examination, you must not even hint you espouse that political philosophy. Not only will you be excused, there will be an asterisk by your name so you are never called again for jury duty. This happened to me when I lived in the Peoples Democratic Socialist Republic of Oregon. I’m still waiting for the state or FEDGOV courts to send me a summons. I know better now.

  2. humans are pathetically unfit, dumb, and lazy

    they will die stuffing their fat faces with DcMonalds feces burgers before they will save themselves

    this warms tfA-t’s heart

    300 million+

    steady as she goes 🙂

  3. Courage under fire is almost the same as everyday courage. Everyday courage is when you go about your everyday business, unaware of the danger. It is not as noisy as being shot at, and you usually don’t smell gun smoke, but the danger is there, you just don’t see it, or hear it. If you lead other men, don’t run or get in a frantic hurry. It upsets the men. Lead them with good example, and the matter-of-fact attitude that you will die today. If you don’t, all well and good. It’s another day you have to soldier on, and do a good job of it, and if you do, you were going to die anyway. The goal is to live free, and for your descendants to live free. It costs a lot for that. So pay the price, and be a man to the end. Drive a rifle, and train someone else to drive one too.

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