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      1. ^– More ghira (rage in the face of logic).

        The purging of charity inevitably yields a hatred of truth. Satan is a liar and the father of lies. Because God is Himself Truth, satan, in his warped desire to be God, and resulting hatred of God, can only ever pervert truth in an effort to lead others away from God, and into eternal hell with satan himself.

        If you have ever been the object of a Diabolical Narcissist’s (“DN”) rage, as tFat exhibits here, you will recognize this dynamic almost immediately. DNs cannot stand any confrontation, criticism, or correction when they are demonstrated to be in error. They will rage at anyone they perceive to be a threat, with the level of rage escalating in proportion to the logic of the argument that they are confronted with. You know you have a DN intellectually pinned when all they can do is scream obscenities at you.

  1. 1. Socialism over Capitalism

    2. Censorship of thought over freedom of speech

    3. Anti-Americanism over American exceptionalism

    4. Materialism over Theism

    5. Equal outcome over equal opportunity

    6. Legal conformity over free dissent

    7. Parental government over limited government

    8. Revisionist history over unedited history

    9. Structural sins over personal responsibility

    10. Centralized globalism over patriotic nationalism

    Dr. Emir Caner

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