17 thoughts on “Again, The PLAN Laughs Until It Pukes”

  1. It’s a good thing that our external enemies can’t see any of this. Oh wait.
    Control freaks learn the hard way when they end up controlling nothing.
    The Chaos Genie laughs at ordo ab chao.
    All branches of mil got feminized as part of the Fundamental Transformation.
    You could argue that the Third Reich was femme and that is why they lost.

    1. That would be a neat trick, given that even during an extended refit/yard period, the CO, XO, and crew are aboard…… with the majority continuing to live aboard during that period.

      1. You realize ships are compartmentalized, right? I can’t think of any reason why that thing would burn from bow to stern like that, unless it had full fuel and full armament. Being in overhaul, that is doubtful. They might have started sea trials, and did have fuel, but that doesn’t explain a full length burn. And, a fuel fire is a bravo(B) fire, which is generally thick and black smoke. I see a lot of gray smoke, and kind of lufty in that pic, which is an alpha fire – usually wood, paper and organic combustibles. I wouldn’t think there would be enough Alpha material onboard to burn through every compartment, fore to aft. Something ain’t right. Maybe somebody just did something incredibly stupid at the command level with materials onboard. Wouldn’t surprise me from what I remember when I was in the navy. Weird shit. I’d say I can’t wait to hear what they figure started it, but it will probably just be a lie.

        1. You’re absolutely correct, they are designed to be fire ‘resistant’ with their locked compartments.
          I was 2 yrs USNR and 7 yrs USMC with about a yr of sea duty on several LPH’s/LST. Went thru USN firefighting at NTC and was aboard an LPH that suffered collision at sea with a refueler on a MedCruise.
          Why did this ship burn like that, while sitting at dock and probably fairly empty as far as supplies on board? If it were a civilian ship I’d say insurance fire. Short of a Kamikaze attack, there’s no way it should burn like this when the fire couldn’t have burned through more than a few compartments. WTF was so flammable on board? Even a sabotage fire wouldn’t achieve that level of burn thru the entire ship, unless it was intentionally ignored.

        2. Ships always have fuel on board during a refit/extended yard period, and the presence of the crew (enlisted and officers) is constant and uninterrupted. YOU DO REALIZE THAT? No, of course you don’t, you’re just spouting shit outta your know nothing piehole.

      2. Right. Like it was super tricky to blow up a main gun turret on a battleship while underway. Never underestimate the motivated. Never overestimate your command structure.

        1. The center turret of #2, 16 inch gun mount, suffered a catastrophic failure and explosion due to overarming of gun powder bags in the breech…along with a number of unsafe practices that had become commonplace, standardized, and unaddressed. Moreover, the careerist shitbags (of the time) posing as senior ‘leadership’ attempted to scapegoat an E4 (PO3) Gunner’s Mate, blaming him entirely for the deadly accident, with vicious slandering about his personal life and political beliefs. Never overestimate the stupidity of know nothing Cucks (that be you), Qtatds (that be you), tin-foil swillers (that be you), and those who wax poetically about any and all things military, while not having a clue (that is most certainly you).

        2. UPI ARCHIVES NOV. 14, 1989-NORFOLK, Va. – An electrical fire aboard the helicopter carrier USS Inchon injured at least 36 sailors and civilians Tuesday in the latest in a series of Navy accidents over the past three weeks, authorities said

          U.S. sailor dies in fire on ship during training
          By Associated Press Oct 21, 2001, 12:00am MDT

          INGLESIDE, Texas — A fire that broke out during a training exercise on the USS Inchon killed one sailor and injured seven others, Navy officials said.


  2. In the immortal words of Oliver Hardy: “…well here’s another fine mess you’ve gotten me into.” More and more debt bucks being pumped into our: GLOBAL FORCE FOR GOOD, which is nothing but a welfare magnet for wetbacks, wimmen, “minorities”, LGBT-deviates and other dreck seeking a way to tap into all of the freebies once their enlistment is up. Would some Lee Greenwood acolyte remind me WHY we even need all of this power projection all around the world? I’ll give you a big hint: It’s to defend (((free market capitalism)))- H/T to the Bush Crime Family Shill, Rush Limbaugh.

  3. All ships in the USN in my day had a sounding and security watch.
    Even in port.
    Especially in the yard.

    The “sound and scrounge” it is called by those who have done it

    He is a rover on the ship who typically covers all spaces except for the main engineering spaces. He’s looking for evidence of flooding, fire, or security breach.

    I’d be interested to know what the BHR Sound and Scrounge observed. What he recorded.

    Since we’re in the yards as well, my first guess runs to hot work. Welding/cutting. If this was going on, what did the fire watch observe and what actions were taken?

  4. Defund the fuckin navy now. But then again, mil’s job isn’t to win wars. Its to make a few peeps rich. Ike told us so on his way out the door.

  5. From what I’ve heard from someone who is there, and “in the know”, so to speak – a finding of sabotage would be most welcome at this point, as it is probably not the cause.

    Much incompetence and confusion all around. Careers will be ended by this – as they well should be. IMHO Leavenworth should already be on the table.

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