7 thoughts on “How Not To Be Seen”

  1. One night I snuck up on a fox and Mr. Rabbit and his offspring are always running off during the morning walk.
    I tell them to be careful and to not let anything get too close.
    Scared the shit out of my .45 loving buddy one night with sky camo, he didn’t spot me walking right up to his car door.

  2. I commented earlier about Shannon Outdoors. Clarification, I have no association with the company other than as a very satisfied customer. Many of the apparel gear stuff I see on WRSA seem to lean toward cold weather climates. I live in, hunt and travel the SE for work. At least eight months of the year, my get home concern is not getting eaten alive by bugs and snakes and not passing out from dehydration. I map plot my routes back home intentionally through/around wet swampy areas. First because water is there. Second because if one is prepared for it, swampy, bug infested areas can be geographic force multipliers and hidey holes. Dont believe me; go to a swamp wearing a wife beater, shorts and flip flops. You know what, I should compose a post with my experiences hunting, intentionally hiking, working and yes sleeping in bug infested areas.

  3. Y’all should become familiar with UiLCAaNS and “r@dar_5catter1ng”. It scatters much more than r@d@r. It makes magic multisp3ctr@l eyes blind. This will be on the final exam. Pass/Fail with no retakes allowed. Engenius souls might find some on a dock by the bay. Fire up your old Saab sedan and fish for some Barracuda while you are there. Bring some netting. They’re fierce. 3 layers works great. 2 is ok. 1 works as long as you stay far away and the eyes haven’t upgraded to 4K actively cooled eyeballs.

    If you figure out this riddle keep the rhyme close to your vest. Don’t be the dickhead who ruins it for the rest.

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