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  1. I sure wish they could stop calling these entrenched RINOs “conservatives”. What a misleading title, and and honor totally undeserved for just having a R by your name.

    FFS…there are only about 10 or 15 conservatives in the entire F’N federal government. The rest of the Uniparty, regardless of superficial affiliations, are communists, not counting, of course, the 10% that are true retards.

    1. the same can be said about so-called “freefor”

      more than half are .gov teat sucking scumbag snitches

      the rest are more or less flag waving cucked snitches who still believe in building 7, 911, osama bin er, i mean Tim Oswald, terrorists, cops and soldiers are HEROES, T.W.O.T war wasn’t about drugs, oil, and the $, white hats, AMERICA!, good cops, their daughters are virgins, their wives never cheat(ed) on them, their 3rd child is really theirs(LOL), pensions, FREEDOM, and teh CONstee2shun

      the U.S. is a corrupt CORPORATION- period

      why people won’t accept they’ve been fuckedtheir whole lives tfA-t cannot understand

      except for mebbe… they are SO INVESTED IN THE LIE they will fight n kill to keep it going until they get what’s been promised to them right OR WRONG…
      and attack and plot against any(such as tfA-t) critical thinking person who challenges THEIR naive vision of reality- and their free ride into retirement

      ha ha

      there are really only a few true Freedom-minded people at WRSA
      the rest just want to be left alone to chew their cud in comfort, or control what’s left of the Fusa and rule it THEIR way- because they said so…

      tfA-t merely points out the facts as they present themselves without sugar coating and wrapping it all up in the murkin CORPORATE colors- Read YT and BLEW

      go fuck yourselves old timers- you screwed the pooch, lost control, and shat the bed, now those same assholes think they’re going to fix things- i can only imagine the hand-wringing and gnashing of teeth as these FAILURES say and think among themselves

      “if we can only rid the intertards of tfA-t, we can still WIN!”

      and that is all

      1. Exactly what I’ve noticed too.
        The more gov’t Kool-Aid they drank, the more they deny truth. Try explaining the IRS/FedResBank and the more they laugh at you, or the fact they’ve been brainwashed by (((Bolsheviks))) for over 100 yrs and they call you a Nazi or Commie.
        Fuk’n lost cause, this nation is inhabited by sorry ass brainwashed normies who love their kosher Kool-Aid and shackles.

        1. these turds shawn, quite the puss, and Dickboi are straight up snitches

          hope they like ditches…

        2. When Osama Bin Ladin
          Was ‘Tim Osman’





          T.W.O.T was just another scam to fuck the murkin people out of another TRILLION $’s

          that seems like piker territory these days after this F.F. Scamdemic

          and the likes of cuckville are still lapping up the Pentagrams semen…

  2. Imagine being white and voting for either of these two Zionist-controlled parties dedicated to your destruction. I won’t be voting for any national Republicans, going to keep it to my local state government people, and that’s it. Republicanism/“conservativism” (aka Jewish neocon rape-and-pillage the treasury and import masses of sub-80 IQ third-worlders into white towns) is not the future I want for my people.

  3. They finally figured it out? William F. Cuckley is laughing.
    Remember when Pauly “The RAT” Ryan got spanked by Gropey Joe Biden at the debate?
    Almost as funny as milquetoast Mittens 47% comment.
    Conservatives be all smart and shit fighting culture wars that they lost 50 years ago.

  4. “Conservative” is a meaningless political term in 2020. There is nothing left to conserve and no will among the actual American people to preserve our history and civilization. We need to build anew and then once we have done so, we can worry about conserving again.

  5. Vote Republican again, no really they think i will bother to vote for them again because they will do better this time. I imagine most of my future votes will be addressed to whom it may concern and will be registered in the following ways. .308 .223 7.62×39 or any other caliber i own.

  6. FWIW, Ann Barnhardt called it years ago when she said that congress was
    a pack of 535 sociopathic narcissistic rat bastards that had no honor whatsoever.

    Same with the 9 nazgul cross dressing priests and the ‘hmftithic’ but
    are all just ‘corporate employees’ to the juden globalist international
    banksters that reside in “The City of London”.

    Owned, lock, stock and barrel since 1913.

    Prof. Carrol Quigley said as much in his book, “Tragedy & Hope”.
    Some folks read it and woke the hell up..others still are wandering
    like Downs Syndrome motards on their first visit to ‘The Magic Kingdom’.

    They STILL ‘BELIEVE’ the mythological mirage of the ‘cuntstitpooption’
    and that they’re ‘FREE’ because they are allowed to (((select))) a pre-approved
    kabuki theater puppet to be their ‘leaders’…even though Kenneth Royce tried
    to show them the truth thru “Hologram of Liberty” and reality daily tries to
    break thru to them in myriad ways…

    There is NO ‘left’ or ‘right’; there’s ONLY the Uniparty and
    it’s been the tool of the internationalist global banksters
    since ‘Mureica’ was TWICE duped into fighting TWO ‘World
    Wars’ for those banksters utter benefit, not to mention all
    the rest of the garbage since that bucktoothed squint eyed
    sociopathic runt TR had to have his ‘moment of glory’ in Cuba.

    The last time ‘Mureica’ ACTUALLY fought to defend herself
    was with Andrew Jackson against the globalists in 1812.

    Of course the bolshie’s controlled by that juden controlled
    economic hegemony want to pull HIS statue down, among others.

    NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  7. It would all stop in a moment if they weren’t corrupt feeders at the trough of spoils and shadow enablers and had backbones like Men of The West, but they ain’t that either. One more element needs to go on the list of the great cleansing.

    Or pro bono helicopter tour for de force.
    MOHGA: Make Old Huey’s Great Again.

    U.S. Conference of Mayors Adopts Resolution in Favor of Reparations

    Ropes and lamp posts kids

    Comrade Cuomo Announces Visitors into New York Must Show Papers and Register With State or Face $2,000 Fine..

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