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  1. World dominion declarations of globo=pedo, interesting timing and inferences in their official agitprop of victory.
    A might premature. Even for pedo=elites

    Its that basket of those damn deplorable white supremest’s across the “unsecured spaces” armed to the teeth. They keep getting in the way of our planned pedo-topia. This time we got them. Our plan to Burn Loot and Murder them out has begun.
    We will finish what we began in 1859.

    Yeah right.
    Are they in for a rude surprise. Again. For the third time. BFYTW
    But don’t say a thing. In war you never stop your enemy when he is making a mistake.
    Lets Win!

  2. the american’ts are dumber than a pile of dog shit and more cowardly than Dirt shawn and quite the puss

    just look at them- wearing fucking masks and worrying about dying…


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      25 years in law enforcement,,I’ve known many many slick shit talking fucktards like you. This I knew, all I had to do was wait, watch,,and their asses were mine, for major crimes. EVERYTIME.

      It’s all in the patience. Wanna give em enough rope to,thoroughly fuck themselves.

      My job was simply write a very articulate case, many times,, far longer then it should of been. Judicially incorporating all the evidence, the pen register tapes,,the trapped phone calls.

      I didn’t catch them, like your dumb ass, your gonna catch yourself. This I know,,,,,you will roll like the fucking coward you are. You will sell everybody, you know down the river,,to keep yourself free.

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      Play your cards right Tee,,you could come out of the big house with a entire carton of smokes!. And a butt hole big enough to drive a semi truck thru.

      Kid,,your a fucking psychopath, you,truly,need mental,Heath help. I don’t even think the VA resources you rate could UNFUCK you.

      Your ol pal Dirt.

  3. Thank you for these links Sir.

    The importance of the WRSA website cannot be understated, because it is one of the few remaining conservative bastions of truth that is still standing despite repeated attempts by cancel culture to silence our free speech. Thank you sir for your fortitude and courage during these trying times. The information you provide is critical, and you need to continue to push on no matter what obstacles are thrown at you. Your posts are a beacon of freedom, and are helping to fortify the resolve of Patriots.

    I would suggest that everyone carefully read the prose of those ‘Global Reset’ website links. Phrases such as “the management of a global commons” should leave no doubt in your mind as to the intentions of these people. “Global Commons” means Global Commmunism. It doesn’t get much clearer than that. We are in the beginning phase of a Communist Coup that has been very carefully planned and orchestrated. COVID-19 lockdowns and the demolition of the economy, BLM, Antifa, riots, the destruction of statues of our Founding Fathers, the burning of churches, the erasure of history. And for those of you who are still sleeping or thinking this will go away on its own, you had better wake the fuck up, because this train is coming at at us full speed.

    You need to start getting yourselves, your families, and your neighbors organized RIGHT NOW to resist this. Round-ups of political dissidents (conservatives) are coming, fueled by the frenzied hatred of mobs programmed and brainwashed by a lying Leftist media propaganda machine that is painting any dissenters as racists/fascists. Nothing could be further from the the truth. I have many friends who are African American conservatives and Patriots, and they do not agree whatsoever with the non-peaceful, violent nature of these riots.

    These violent BLM and Antifa Leftists, 64% of whom are white, are foaming at the mouth with hate. They hate America, they hate you, and they want you and your family dead. This mob is going to become increasingly violent, and they are coming for you and your families, just as they have in all Commmunist revolutions. This one will be no different. Millions have been murdered by Communists. If you so choose to ignore history, you are signing your own death warrant. The threat is here on our doorstep. Right here. Right now.

    You need to arm yourselves and get trained, because no one is going to come and rescue us. We will be fighting for our lives. As the civil unrest escalates, the military will be ordered to stand-down by criminal Leftist politicians and governers. We have already seen evidence of this in the way in which our Police and National Guard have been hamstrung and ordered to stand-down during the initial ‘riot’ phase of this Communist Coup.

    Civilians such as myself are beginning to realize the grave nature of our current situation, and are arming ourselves. However, weapons and equipment cannot be employed without proper fitness and training. For the rest of my civilian brothers and sisters, if you have not yet arrived at the conclusion that our Freedom and Liberty and the lives of you and your families are in great danger, you had better get off your ass and start training. This is going to be a long, bitter fight and you will need every bit of strength, endurance, fortitude, courage, and resilience to make it through to the other side.

    Patriots arise and awaken. Every man and woman a leader. The war has begun. If you have not already done so, form mutual aid and defense agreements with your neighbors in order to protect your families and loved ones. Get the training you need. If you are a civlian like myself, read the fucking manuals on Light Infantry, Rifle Platoon, 4th Generation Maneuver Warfare. You must hurry and learn and read everything you can, get fit and get trained. If you are military or law enforcement, have patience with non-trained civilians, and help train and lead us. This is going to be a desperate war, with the full weight of the mobs,the Leftist infiltrators in our government, their media machine, and institutions bearing down upon us.

    There is no time to waste. Begin planning immediately for defensive operations. Start building the communications network with other Patriots.

    Our darkest hour is approaching.

    We The People must STAND AND FIGHT.

    God Bless America

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