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  1. Ha, got through the constipation part.
    Don’t forget many of those wailing about the white plight in South Africa like Simon Roche were ‘liberals’ who ‘fought for black representation’ in the ‘90s.
    I won’t be carrying any such mouldy baggage. I might feel sad for the decent blacks who get swept away but we are beyond feelings.
    Whites are less than 10% of global population, down from 30% in 1900.
    And they call themselves ‘minorities’. Lol.

    1. I’ve known a few outstanding blacks in my time, but like with cops and lawyers, the other 90% give them a bad name.

  2. the beaten cucks will turn in the fudd guns and board the bus’trucks

    they haven’t done shit to change anything and show NO inclination to start now

    as long as dc sends another $1,200 check and keeps waving the flag they have no reason to be concerned of elmer fudds and fat tatt’d diabetics except for the Black man who doesn’t give a shit about anything except killing white people

    tfA-t tells the hard truths and that’s why he gets so much impotent flak shot at him

    1. Two links well worth watching of the latest (well earned) humiliating failure of potbellied, geriatric, tub of shit, fossilized, LARPing, Boomers and Cuckservatives. It’s with good reason that this embarrassing shitshow is not making the rounds, discussed and highlighted, throughout the patriot-sphere community.
      And adding salt to the wound, the fatback in charge held and broadcast his Über cuckening on Independence Day.

      Two links highlighting (in their own special way) the cucking shitshow of 4 JUL:

      *Take note of the always prominent Boomer, cucking, getiatric and LARPing fatbodies over everyones shoulders.*

      A 15 minute tutorial about the fat cuck in charge, the organization, and the shitshow:

      This search term will lead you to more informative recordings: ‘Propertarian/BLM fiasco’

      1. And the speak no, see no, hear no evil chimps of the ‘community,’ and it’s attendant blogosphere, don’t know nothing about this either: President Trump tells Telemundo’s, Jose Diaz Balart,
        he will sign an executive order on immigration that will include DACA in the coming weeks.
        Trump: “One of the aspects of the bill is going to be DACA. We are going to have a road to citizenship.”


        muh consteetooshun muh libertard, muh free dumb

        what a fat pasty skinned, man boob’d, red-headed retard

        and look at the smiling tard stuffing cheetos in his pie-hole

        tee hee

    2. “..as long as dc sends another $1,200 check and keeps waving the flag they have no reason to be concerned of elmer fudds and fat tatt’d diabetics except for the Black man who doesn’t give a shit about anything except killing white people..”

      Aside from murdering white men and women (and raping both if they’re into that), niggers (males)
      care only about 3 primary things:

      1. Loose shoes (preferably Nikes, stolen).

      2. Tight pussy (that they DON’T have to support or pay for – this plus their niggertivity is WHY professional escorts state plainly in their ads, “NO AA!!” They don’t NEED the destructive drama that niggers naturally bring with them- and this goes double for professional escorts that ARE black; they HATE niggers!!).

      3. A warm place to shit.

      Need I say anything more about niggers?…

      No, didn’t think so!

      As for the dipshit ‘fudd’s and assorted white trash…they’ll both sort themselves out of the gene pool soon enough…especially when the ‘welfare wagon’ implodes and reality reasserts itself via consequences…sucks to be them..

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

        1. As the ‘Animaniacs’ said, ‘K..take the fence..ya can have the gate too!”

          NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

    3. “The men that (the) American people admire most extravagantly are the most daring liars; The men they detest the most violently are those who tell them the truth.”
      H.L. Mencken (1949)

      Now back to getting ready for the revolution.

    4. Your ‘hard truths’ are hardly original. You suffer from an abundance of flaccidity

      1. the only ones here that don’t like tfA-t are the ones who will not recognize the true reality of where Fusa is in it’s chronological age

        please unfuck your brains

        and that is all

  3. I try to drop Barack off at the super bowl in the morning. Coffee helps keep you regular.
    The grains is good for you hype is just that hype.
    I can’t worry about Joe Normie or Karen Cuckstain. My only worry is my zone and it is all I control.
    Locals know that if I’m not safe on my block then no one will be.
    Donut molesters just want to get to that pension and they ignore calls from Karen about a creepy ass cracka walking through their dollhouse delusion zone or suburbia.
    The artificially created upper and middle class blacks are getting antsy because they like living out with YT.
    The professional parasites know that when Mexcrements are the majority there won’t be any more gibsmedat.

  4. Who just want to be left alone, is a lot of people.
    Do shit that causes them to come off the porch, you aren’t a very good “woke anarchist”, you got a death wish.
    Politics rhetoric race culture all the other bullshit etc got nothing to do with it.
    To be left alone, outside the animal kingdom, is the basis of enduring civilized human activity. In Paradoxically this constitutes a shitload of tolerance for stupidity in America. The willingness to tolerate so much trespass and injury upon our American way of life and upon our Trad-American persons, property and codes, almost makes it a wonder why we are traditionally, the most armed people in history. Seems like it should be a disconnect in there someplace.
    Everything has a breaking point. Push bend twist deform burn vandalize enough it creates a raft of consequences. As it is said the bigger they are the harder they fall, in an alternative aspect, the more tolerant Americans are on the main, the meaner they get when they have had enough of something fucking with their codes.

    The “woke” aren’t, the “resistance” isn’t, racial preference is an indelible component of being human, what white privilege really means is people with guns must be outlawed because it is an impossible task to disarm so many millions of armed people who are armed exactly because of defense against being disarmed. My rifle is the first line of defense of everything else.

    Remember Obama’s bitter clinger speech in Colorado back in 2008 when he said this?:
    “We cannot continue to rely on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives that we’ve set. We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.”

    What are armed burn loot murder and antifart but an armed civilian national security force created by a cabal of tyrants?

    Why they tore the statue of Frederick Douglas’s down, is instructional about the fake narratives regarding race. The guy was an emancipated former slave. You would think he is a model to be inspired by for fighting against the slavery plantation the elites of today represent:

    “Liberty is meaningless where the right to utter one’s thoughts and opinions has ceased to exist. That, of all rights, is the dread of tyrants. It is the right which they first of all strike down.”
    – Frederick Douglass

    We are in uncharted territory.
    The historical standard of an “insurgency”, are proxies of somebody else’s attempts to use expendable armed actors to overthrow something or somebody without having to get your hands dirty.
    There has been only one successful natural grass roots insurgency. Even before this insurgency won, and to this very minute down thru time, this insurgency has faced a continuous series of proxies of those who lost to the successful grass roots insurgency.
    Those who lost want what was denied them all those years ago, back.

    Never has a backed insurgency, funded and supplied, as proxies of a tyrant or tyrannical regime, fought a true grass roots open source leaderless resistance of self armed and self prepared dirt people.
    Forget all the politics propaganda patriotism and narratives, true or false, and consider this reality facing everyone:
    what is exposed is a conflict for legitimacy, over who is legitimate and who is not.

    One adversary is a leaderless unorganized legion of every day people armed to the teeth with faith, their sovereign cause, and their rifles. As prudent people will do because the world is dangerous, and also filled with evil people who do very bad things to good people.

    The other adversary constitutes what is nothing but a mercenary army hired and given the objectives by their employers of doing nasty and evil things to the first adversary in order to ultimately remove by any means those who stand in the way of those employers.

    Pretty standard operating procedures thru all of history of any self respecting tyrant or dicktator.

    What is not standard, what is actually uniquely American, which has not taken place anywhere else, is no tyrant to date, their proxies, with the exception of one loss and one stalemate, been successful defeating and eliminating this unorganized leaderless grass roots legion of armed to the teeth citizenry.
    In fact, all other so called insurgencies in history have always had the outside, remotely located, physically removed from the field of conflict, support of a Nation State or a regime of tyrants.
    Without this support such insurgency’s dry up and wither away.

    What would happen if burn loot murder and antifart, insurgencies in no uncertain terms, mercenary proxies, hired by and funded/supplied by an evil cabal out to destroy America and liquidate all American’s standing in the way of that ultimate objective?

    Ask yourself of the effectiveness of this mercenary proxy insurgency when its cadre are reduced by half thru simple wounding and death in violent encounters by the individuals and small groups of armed American’s. Not talking about an armed patriotic uprising across the land, talking about every day people defending themselves from violent attacks by these hired mercenary’s.

    Reduction of an organized force’s cadre by 50%, any such organized armed force faces a logarithmic decrease in its effective ability to project violent force.

    Consider the individual qualities and shortcomings of this mercenary proxy army at the cadre level, its personal and their mental/physical aptitude to fight as combat soldiers. Consider elements such as where they are born and raised, their physical pursuits in their lives, the skill sets they possess, their life experience, their natural conditioning both mental and physical which reflects their environment.
    Last and not least, their motivations, why they fight, what cause they fight for, their mindset and fighting prowess, their combat leadership, their ability to follow order of superiors, their training, and natural combative skills, the mental ability to kill other human beings in an effective consistent manner, when in the face of equally or higher level of violent force fighting back defending or in the offensive.

    These are extremely relative points. Talk, rhetoric, token acts of violence and murder, they do not constitute an effective winning fighting force, it does constitute bullying and intimidation, threatening, a crude violent laced form of extortion, rhetoric writ large, such a funded and supported organized mercenary mob should easily pull off such objectives and tactics especially when it is enabled and assisted by a myriad of malicious allied state actors and corporate provocateurs. After all, optics, and the false narratives derived there of are part of the psy-ops of those behind this “insurgency”.

    Regardless this still does not make an effective armed fighting insurgency capable of winning against the other grass roots self reliant insurgency.
    The cabal must do what all leaders running a war must do if they are to win and take territory then hold and maintain that territory from that territories indigenous population who fights back to defend their territory. They must first kill enough of the defenders, so to take that ground, they must then place a soldier with a rifle on that ground and defend the taken ground. And hold it.

    Burn loot murder is a looooong way from being such an effective mercenary insurgency capable of waging such total war.

    And what of people on their porches minding their own business? Millions of them are armed and have family and friends who make up an even larger support element.
    They got a porch because they like having a porch. Porches are for sitting and observing the world going by off the porch. It is a form of high ground. A safe place to sit, but easy to be aware of surroundings. It is a culturally an observation post, an early warning outpost, its on friendly territory, a trip wire of sorts.

    Dont mess with porch people.

    1. “Don’t mess with porch people.”

      Well said.

      Thing is, you don’t need to explain what that porch represents to those of us who are porch people. It’s as important a fixture as the dining room, the kitchen table, the garden gazebo, the wood shed, the deer stands, and crack of dawn back deck coffee. But thanks for introducing the concept for those readers who may need to add a porch or two to their routines.

      I nominate your comment for “You Win the Internet Today.”

  5. 13% is one thing, but from what I can tell that 13% is not 80% of the problem. 80% of the problem is coming from whoever is using/driving/coopting the 13%. Like Kurtz in Apocalypse Now, you have to target the actual leadership (“the right 3 people”); do that, and the whole thing falls apart. But who, who, who.

    1. Blacks are less than 13% of the national population.

      Black men are half that number (6.5%). Black men between the ages of 15-45 are half again that number (3.25%).

      So that’s a measly 3.25% that’s causing all the mayhem. Not < 13%

      Ponder that for a bit.

      1. > Black men between the ages of 15-45 are half again that number (3.25%).

        Mathematically accurate. And yet, the reporting appears to be that Antifa et. al are mostly non-black. The point I’m trying to get at is, the leaders of these organizations are higher-value targets than street-level actors. It’s worth considering that if you remove the leadership driving these elements, you will reduce or remove the coordination, and thus the effectiveness of street-level action. The problems are, *do they exist* and *who are they* — I think they do exist in some capacity, so the second problem is the bigger one.

    2. It’s not hard to figure out, most of the time (((their names))) are right out there in the open, but when you point it out, the normies have a shout down for being racist. Most anything in print today has the same (((names))) over and over, their Bolshevik views and the fact they’ve been coaching the porch monkeys for decades. Teachers, shrinks, authors , politicians, bankers, all of the same (((tribe))) turning our society into one of sub standard humans, but it’s wrong to point out who they are or what they’re doing.
      Must be we deserve it for being so stupid.

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