7 thoughts on “Word”

  1. tfA-t will wager $10,000. that little slut “Julie” has fucked a black man

    sadly, most murkins can only dream of that much disposable ca$h

    tfA-t will wager another $10,0000 most have never even bet that much on one throw of the dice

    they are truly pathetically poor slaves

  2. The only good commie is a dead commie that ratted out his friends before you sent him to hell.

    1. you speak of quite the puss-Quietus

      a snitch his entire worthless parasitic life

      no different than a slug on a slimy rock

  3. I have killed communists before, and will gladly do so again. tfA-t, gentle soul that you are, you seem to know a great deal about people you don’t actually know. Pity that we know so much about you.

      1. I heard you pissed off a big chief Indian with cold chicken wings, warm beer and soggy fries. He was about to have the medicine man put the fix on you but, it was determined you’re not much and they’re going to let a 10 year old earn his first feather. Going to split that dumb skull of yours clean down to your big mouth with a dull tommyhawk.

    1. and about those communists you MURDERED

      you’re old i understand and your mind fails you

      they didn’t invade your country did they shawn?

      confess you had NO FUCKING BUSINESS killing anyone

      go to hell

      you were just a paid merc- an “errand boy” and nothing more

      you will die soon, then your crimes will be forgiven- maybe

      tfA-t is not your problem shawn

      look at the murdering monster in the mirror- then do the right thing

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