15 thoughts on “Culper: November As Trigger Point”

  1. Just wait, hold back and observe what is going to happen. There is nothing anyone can do to stop events unfolding, but, there’s no lack of effecting what happens in epic fashion.
    Events have now passed out of the realm of reason and rational affectation. Its a freight train with no brakes on a 7 percent grade.
    Honk! Honk! The clown globo=pedo car from cloud cuckoo land is here.

    Not that it matters they do so, be a miracle any of them grok TINVOWOOT, yet lot of scared white democrats are going to vote for Trump in November thanks to Burn Loot Murder.
    The political dynamics of them secretly voting for nazi orangemanbad so their peers do not know they are betraying the trump deranged NPC herd are guaranteed to have epic unintended consequences because those who count the votes count also who vote for whom.
    The other effect is this “white flight” will cancel out the margin of vote fraud created to beat those damn Deplorable’s this time.

    The smell of turning traitor on election day will permeate the inner sanctums of globo=pedo like explosive diarrhea on a passenger jet stuck broke down on the tarmac in Arizona during July with the air conditioning off.

    Globo=pedo will double down. Doctrinal plans never survive contact with the enemy. They can’t do anything else. They have no other plan. Agenda is not strategy. The effects of doubling down more, reinforcing failure with more failure will cause more among the hive collective to flee. Its a cascade flight reaction, it can’t be stopped. Which will facilitate more double down.
    On the operational front no amount of counter insurgency operations can stop grass roots open source leaderless individual independent action.
    All 20th century 3G War military mindset derived counter insurgency tactics and strategy is based on countering insurgencies and insurgents who are supported by a remote Nation State.
    American Freefor is totally self supported. It is self dependent, requires no long supply line down a Ho Chi Min Trail, or thru woke operatives of the amerikan political class, soros’s minions, operatives infiltrated into state level and local governmental offices. In fact no supply line of any kind is required. At the lone wolf and buddy pair tactical level Resupply and Refit is as home grown as a back yard tater patch and a couple cases of stockpiled 55 grain .223 from the local fish bait and tackle store and army navy surplus field gear. Remember when the obot regime FBI sent BOLO’s out to military surplus stores regarding all the “domestic white terrorists” buying bayonets and canteens? Good days.
    Nobody but the Brits, and only at the last months of the first war of secession, and the French/Indians, (can’t forget great insurgent Confederate warriors like John Mosby who held back an entire federal army with about 300 regulars), have ever faced and fought, never mind won against such American grass roots insurgents and their style of insurgency.
    All the fancy manual and training for COIN is predicated on COIN operations against nation state proxy insurgents.
    Those behind the tactical level operations of Burn Loot Murder may very well be unawares of this unique, organic American exception to classic insurgency warfare, low intensity conflict, 4th G warfare.

    The advent of “white liberal flight” self depopulating mob will effectively create concentration of a radical plurality within the ranks of the woke anarchists, only the most radical will stay behind, they will be empowered by becoming the majority, they will see it as winning, a false sense of superiority aka barn blindness will inspire them to ever more debauchery subversion and destruction.
    The loss of such numbers of “moderate” white liberal cannon fodder creates a closed loop black racial supremacy feedback cycle which sees itself as unstoppable, a victorious false euphoric sense of power will inspire them to higher fits of radicalism, free to commit any atrocity, no limits, they will reject all other voices but the siren call of committing acts of full blooded racial genocide and out of this will be created the seeds of their demise.
    They where doomed from the moment they agreed to a faustian compact with globo=pedo. Cannon fodder from the beginning, raise and bred in the neo=bolshevik white liberal/amerikan jew created plantations of the 3rd world blue shitholes cities they control, as human petri dishes with the intent to create an army of feral ghetto rats born and raised in a live fire cultural combat zone, black blooded feral berserkers, nothing could be as poetic and ironic than being bred and raised as cannon fodder for the real and only genuine white supremacists.
    Nothing but not having the cognitive capacity to see you are a tool.
    That the only white people who where ever your friends and fellow countrymen, you been brainwashed and suckered into killing, for the slave masters you work for that you are incapable of understanding as such.
    Divide & Conquer never had it so good-bad.

    1. Another great essay Mt Man.

      You have gotten better and better over the years. Kudos and Laurels!

      I do so hope you are right re: the Will of the Men of the West, and good folks in general.

      1. “Men of the West, and good folks in general.”


        that must be why murka is soo blessed with sooo many “good folks in general”

        you should be a comedian- NOT!

        fact is they are evil and conniving to the point they will expend energy trying to bring others down to their puddle of piss level instead of striving to achieve the heights tfA-t has risen to

      2. Mtnforge is right, Ought Six. I see it every single day. Those in my tribe see it too.

        Good that we do, of course, but hardly addresses the problem. Those that need to see, won’t for some time, if ever.

        And you, mtnforge, are greatly appreciated.

  2. Meanwhile outside the glass dollhouse of delusion Russia and China are testing new weapons and upgrading old systems.
    Russia is renovating the Tupolev TU-160 Mach 2+ White Swan bomber with its 88,000 pound carrying capability.
    They still have the Satan and Satan II ICBM’s which are the biggest ballistic missiles ever made.
    China has a stealth submarine that is even better than the one that surfaced unannounced right in the middle of US Navy exercises a few years back.
    Are they strong enough to attack now? Probably not but with the internal rot of a fifth column of traitors they will eventually make a move. Plan accordingly.

  3. Perhaps the most intriguing of his arguments is what happens to a civilization, in this case the West, after protracted moral decline and cultural decay. Citing historian Caroll Quigley, Huntington writes that decay occurs “when the civilization, no longer able to defend itself because it is no longer willing to defend itself, lies wide open to ‘barbarian invaders.’”

    That we live in an age of ‘protracted moral decline and cultural decay’ is beyond dispute. But we have been for quite some time. 500 years, to be exact. The first blow came in October 1517. The second blow came approximately 10 years later. Christendom has since been on a slow, downward spiral, the acceleration of which has been rapidly increasing over the past 50 – 100 years. We are approaching the bottom.

    Interesting that this was posted on Bastille Day, the day the French celebrate the 1789 storming of the Bastille by the Jacobins, the fortress-prison in Paris, which at that time contained only seven prisoners, the most known being the deviant Comte de Solages. That, and the prior storming of the Hôtel des Invalides, lead to the Jacobin’s First French Republic, which itself was responsible for the unprecedented anti-Catholicism and the bloody and lawless Reign of Terror that followed.

    1. Blah, blah, blah!
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      scumbag christer = LOOOOOOZER!

      1. The purging of charity from one’s soul inevitably yields a hatred of truth.

        Satan is a liar and the father of lies because God is Himself Truth, and thus satan, in his warped desire to be God, and resulting hatred of God, can only ever pervert truth in an effort to lead others away from God, and into eternal hell with satan himself.

        tFat = Satan’s little helper

  4. Election indecisive. Mail fraud by left. Allegations of voter suppression. Massive MSM campaign. Riots in major cities. Election somehow winds up in SC. Major rioting all over the country in order to threaten SC. SC cucks and gives election to left.

    Right begins turning off electricity to and blockades of major US cities. Armed forces mobilized. Defections mount. dot mil in chaos. Joint Chiefs try to align with left, rank and file refuse then start killing generals. Conflicted Ohio-class boomer CO’s scared shitless, not knowing who to trust, who to run from or whose orders to follow, and running out of food. Clock ticking.

    Small scale (at first) armed food raids into rural areas from cities commence. USD collapses. EBT system collapses. Gangs start to take over urban areas. It is now April 2021.

    DJIA is 40,000.

  5. What Culper fails to note is that the Postal service is one big left wing public union. And that one of the main reasons the dems want an all mail in ballot is that they control the mail. There are videos showing postal workers tossing ballots. It only takes postal workers a few minutes on google to find the counties and precincts that vote left or right and they know where all the cameras are now. The deep state includes blue collar workers….

  6. Whatever happens, and it’ll be nasty, you can bet on that, Stay Focused. If you’ve ever had a crisis in your life, if you’ve ever weathered a storm at work, at home, anywhere, at any time, you stayed focused in order to come out on top, ja? Keep at it, whatever your preps, at what ever level, and don’t quit! None of it will be easy, and none of it will be comfortable. Make things as easy as you can by using your brain. Use your wits. Never, ever, ever, stop thinking. You can win. It may look very bad. If you are alive you can win.

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