6 thoughts on “De Facto Anti-White Apartheid”

  1. “But one thing’s for certain—this is the pivotal moment when white Americans either fight back or go the way of the Indians. If the surge of violent crime, police defunding, and hate propaganda doesn’t motivate them, nothing will.”

    1. Anyone who still needs motivation is irredeemable…

      steeping in the tepid, soothing broth of denial/soma.

      1. “steeping in the tepid, soothing broth of denial/soma.”

        how’s that god thing working for ya?


  2. I love this.

    Fight back against WHO?

    My latino neighbors for minding their own business?

    The Sikh who owns a subway down the street that i have no beef with?

    No. They aren’t the issue. The only ones in this country that are causing any sort of grief are predominately white smug hipster leftists who think Bernie is a good president and the punk ass media fanning the flames of racial tension that wasn’t really there.

    The silent majority is waiting for the election to see what direction to take.

    The blackpilled defeatist bullshit gets old.

  3. It often looks bad and like defeat when you are engaged. Press on. The fight belongs to the fighter, his to win or lose, and as long as you fight, you’re in it. Roaring winds, crashing lightning, and massive thunder have rolled over all of us, yet here we are. Deus Vult.

  4. Some people really cant even IMAGINE standing up for themselves, can they?

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