15 thoughts on “Insty: How Does This Happen?”

  1. I’m glad to see you are back. I’m a little slow but I tracked you down.

  2. $40,000 for every death marked as Covid-1984. Normies have their new religion and it is a cult just like neo-liberalism.
    Me and other members of fam are considered heretics for questioning the panic porn plandemic.
    Some of these members are video game normies who are now woke to the menace because the comrades have way overplayed their hand.

      1. And (((christianity))) and (((capitalism))) and (((‘modern medicine’))) and (((media))) and (((politics))) and (((education))) and (((entertainment)))………
        Those maggots are masters of illusion and the Traditional Enemies of the Truth!

    1. That would be Judaism if you want to get to the bottom line.

      They’re behind it, communism is just the mechanism they’re pushing with at the moment.

  3. I’m reminded of the (((tribunal))) in the “Chekist” – ALL suspects guilty.

  4. WTF ? We went through all this BS in April in NY and CA. Totally debunked and now we have to restate the obvious all over again?
    The ‘second wave’ just happens to coincide with 3 rd quarter ‘earnings’ (rigging) reports and titanic struggles in the precious metal world. We have seen nothing yet.
    Pension pigs are an endangered species and might as well become martyrs.
    On a side note , killing Solemani was a signal to the anti-empire axis that nobody is home in DC. That killing was a seismic shift in the minds of billions who are not under neocon brainwashing.

      1. Immediately after 9 11 he was directing Shia Northern Alliance to assist SF in Afghanistan against Saudi/DS proxies. Then waged war on heroine ratlines – which displeased DS / globohomo drug/ laundry networks.
        Coordinated anti – takfiri/Saudi operations in Syria with Russian air and Hezballah infantry. Helped a ragtag group in Yemen expose Saudi military as a murderous joke even with US and Israeli support.
        Respected throughout the region and his killing was set up by tricking the Iraqi PM into inviting him and the number two Shia leader in Iraq ( who opposed Hussein for years) to a parlay. The Vikings didn’t even do that shit. That’s what a crew on a suicide , scorched earth mission do.
        That date – 3 January is when a good percentage of the deplorable population of the world said fuck it, Goodbye USA. Have things got worse or better for USA Corporation and it’s slaves since that day?

          1. Roger. Also just like Vietnam , SF /UW air operations in fall 2001/spring 2002 decimated the Taliban.
            Franks/ Westmoreland stomps in with Big Green and crushed everyone’s toes rallying the clans back to Taliban.
            I am sure that was an honest mistake with the ‘ unintended’ consequence of a collapse in opioid prices.

  5. Like I’ve been saying for years as to the reason fUSA goes to war: “To insure the free-flow of oil, arms, and opiates at market prices.”

    When Bush I as much said this shit back during Desert Storm is when I gots me all woke and shit.

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