4 thoughts on “Mike Just Didn’t Belong”

  1. Poor Mike had a hard time in the White (wayciss!) House in evil racist America.
    It was like a prison for the ravishing beauty.
    Wakanda is better suited for the ones that we have been waiting for.

  2. the american’t’s are only getting what they have earned

    worship false gods and reap the whirlwind

    murka and it’s peepul are not worthy of righteous men such as tfA-t

    and that is why he doesn’t live on that cursed land

    if only you would have taken heed to his wisdom and warnings years ago…

    if only you would have followed in his path of decency, courage, loving, and honorable way of living

    but NOOOOOOO

    instead, you worshiped murdering evil grinning bearded mercenaries who spread their rot and vileness around the world and you cheer as they bomb, shoot, starve, and destroy peaceful humans who only wanted to be left alone to raise their offspring – who are NOT transgendered, queer, drug addled, drunk, tattoo’d, lazy, fat, stupid, in debted, filthy, cowards

    tfA-t won’t tell you lies and say all will be well- just have faith in a wicked lying vengeful god that has been hailed as your savior

    no- he will not lie to you

    he just tells it like it is

    when you aim towards bringing others down to your pathetic level of resentful, envious, scheming, treacherous, vengeful, way of living, you will reap what you sow

    it is now time to harvest your rotted thoughts and backstabbing deeds that you have so carefully tended to and eat them as nourishment for your decayed evil souls, minds, and bodies

    tfA-t shakes his head in disgust

  3. So, let us all shed just one single tear for the Wookie.

    And then get on with our lives knowing she’s less than a mediocrity.


    1. Agreed. She is also worth scads of debt bucks. If she is Pedophile Joe’s Veep, she will be our next POTUS. Plan accordingly.

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