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  1. The Nine Noble Virtues
    1 Courage
    2 Truth
    3 Honor
    4 Fidelity
    5 Discipline
    6 Hospitality
    7 Self Reliance
    8 Industriousness
    9 Perseverance

    I add another:
    10 Prudence
    (the most important issue of our time)

    And an axiom:
    Celebrate the return of drinking from the skulls of our enemies
    Re-discover The Barbarian Ways

    1. The Seven Gifts of the Holy Ghost received at Confirmation: wisdom, understanding, counsel, fortitude, knowledge, piety, and fear of the Lord.

  2. I’m probably not the first person to express the idea that

    If I’m going to be called a racist no matter what I do or say or think, I’m either going to stop giving a s**t about racism, or even join the racists out of self-interest.

  3. “Just Me says:
    July 13, 2020 at 13:52

    You know I have often wondered WTF was wrong with the indians, we have the Houmas tribe here, an offshoot of the Biloxi Creek supposedly, and for the most part they are regular hard working people. They are fishermen mostly and have no reservation per say but I hear about the reservation tribes and their casinos, welfare and alcohol/drug problems. They go on about some proud past none of them ever lived, some piece of land we supposedly stole from their ancestors that their ancestors stole from some other tribe. It’s like all they want is to sit on their fat asses and complain without doing anything for themselves, just like another minority we are all too aware of. ……. Fuck Em
    Take care”

    Since I wasn’t able to respond to ‘Just Me’s’ post earlier regarding
    the question posed about why some indians (‘rez dwellers’) have
    such disproportionately bad outcomes (one ‘could’ file it under “Sloth”)
    as opposed to indians who AREN’T a part of the ‘rez’ infrastructure, I’ll
    answer it in two words:


    The indians that HAVE ‘accepted/crafted’ “treaty’s” with the utterly
    owned and cancerous ‘government of the united states’ are NOT sovereign
    in any meaningful, way, shape or form. They ARE and continue to be mere
    ‘wards of the state’ just as a minor child or institutionalized mental deficient
    or mentally ill person under confinement is. The ONLY ones that are NOT in
    such a state/predicament are those tribes that NEVER entered into any such
    treaties or agreements and are NOT recognized by juden bankster controlled
    filth of “Mordor on the Potomac”.

    How can I say this?
    IF they must seek permission from “Great White Father in Washington) to do X,Y or Z
    on their supposed ‘sovereign land’ BEFORE they can DO X, Y or Z, then they are NOT
    “sovereign” but helots/vassals of the controlled central government.

    Like LBJ of the uniparty used welfare to pacify and control the niggers,
    ‘Great White Father in Washington’ uses the same to pacify and control
    the indians..and it’s been working for over 150 years as many of the ‘rez
    indians’ have NO idea how to exist or survive without it, month to month,
    year to year…and the amount of welfare devoted to indians on the ‘rez’s’
    actually is FAR greater than that which is spent on niggers in every way.

    And don’t think that extreme rage isn’t boiling in many of them against
    ‘WHITES’ every day for their ‘being forced to live on the rez’ or “the loss
    of their territorial lands and freedom” (which they got by fighting and
    defeating competing indians..but you’re NOT supposed to know that….).

    The social pathologies that one sees in niggers in the
    inner cities are ALL exhibited on EVERY ‘rez’ to an even greater degree…
    it’s just not shown at either 6pm or 10pm as it ‘doesn’t fit the narrative’
    the parasitic elites desire or use..for the moment.

    As for those tribes that AREN’T ‘rez’s’…they for the most part, lack those
    social pathologies..but again, one isn’t told about it as ‘it doesn’t fit the narrative’….

    Here’s a quick video to put it into perspective:

    “The Native American Question”
    (originally on ‘spewtube’ but got deleted for being ‘hate speech’..as truth usually is)

    Those of you who’s AO’s are near (or possibly in) a ‘rez’ are
    in for a “Double Whammy” when the Fat Lady opens her mouth
    and pops!

    Some indians (like those from NON ‘rez’ areas) should be fine..
    others…not so much to say the least…

    Sloth, Envy and Pride..wearing a feather war bonnet and
    war paint…

    NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

    1. i don’t see that on tfA-t Island at all (ojibway/chippewa)

      only 600 permanent residents- a lot of them retired from civilian army corps of engineers, merchant marine

      many own 100’s of acres of farm land, grow hay, and raise cattle- this is ancestral land

      most of the waterfront owners are retired working class whites

      i’ve never witnessed or heard of any serious drug or crime problems

      it’s an island.. there’s no real place for bad people to hide- for long and it’s expensive to come here.. $17. on and off ferry ride

      all very normie, cucked, and contented…

      this is one of the nicest reservations i have ever been on- it’s a real gem 🙂

      1. “..this is one of the nicest reservations i have ever been on- it’s a real gem 🙂”

        But is it a ‘gov recognized’ “rez”?..that’s the question?

        As TFM has shown above in “The Native American Question”,
        those indian communities that HAVE ‘accepted’ a “relationship
        with government” (‘rez’s’) have a much WORSE social, physical
        and economic outcome for themselves than those who haven’t.

        If the Ojibway/Chippewa have ‘never entered into a deal with
        the devil [an utterly imaginary entity..yes I know]’ in the form
        of ‘gov’ in the first place, that may be the reason that they’re
        doing so well now.

        NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

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