The Way

From a reader:

I repeat: Treat all you train and help with dignity, and respect, or you will not succeed. Lost count of all the corporals and buck sgts. I had to retrain to follow this lesson. While a private, I received utter contempt and pure hatred from my supervisors, officer and non-coms, and I never forgot it. I learned, but only grudgingly, and with equal disregard. The thing that keeps me going now is persistence, and determination, in the face of apathy, laziness, and boredom. People don’t want to get off their ass and train, but you keep making the effort to train them, and you don’t stop because of failure. Had a relative who I’ve been after for 20+yrs to get armed and trained, and she showed up this month with an LTC (Texas), and wanting to get an AR and training. I didn’t train her, someone else did. Long as it happened, I’m more than happy with that. Win some, lose some. Fight like the bastard you are for the wins. It ain’t about us. It’s about the cause.

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  1. Some are so deluded and lost in the comfort zone that only a foot up the ass is going to wake them up.
    Events will unfold fast and there won’t be time for Ralphie nose picking or footsie fiddle fucking.
    This society at large has gone full mongoloid and there ain’t no coming back from that.

  2. all ranks above E-5 shall be tried and hung as traitors to the Republic

    for it is those upper ranks who willfully carry out the crimes of the regime and force the lower ranks to be their accomplices

    you cannot run you cannot hide- your rank has condemned you

    there will be NO exceptions

    tfA-t commandeth it so

    1. tfA-t ..

      Take your med’s .. and .. stop posting ..

      As a long time lurker .. you are a stain on WRSA .. get help.

        1. you shall learn- the hard way

          Hmm… I wonder where is DMV Gingo’s acerbic response? Hmm… ever wonder why he never criticizes tFat’s braggart posts?

      1. Somebody fucked over Tfat so hard it affected his emotional stability. He is a liability.

      2. i seen a pic of ewe- ewer a fat old white haired cuck

        tfA-t poops on you

        now go have your heart attack and die

        and that is all

  3. Thanks, CA. Never quit, yourself. The thing I keep remembering is that my Dad, his Dad, and so on, never did.

  4. CA,
    that ranks up with one of the best things you have posted.
    And thats a mighty compliment because you post awesome.

    Appreciate you very much.

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