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  1. Honest attempt, lots of argument, other perspectives.

    The logic of political violence is the power to hurt.
    Or is that not logic but justification?
    Like tracers political violence works both ways.
    And there in lies the conundrum of globo=pedo and their minions.

    Op-for is playing for absolute keeps.
    Its to the knife.
    To the teeth.
    They got an insurmountable problem and no viable solution but to go full retard, roll the dice, and hope they at least kill enough of us to get around The Insurmountable Problem. They been trying for 245 years. Long time. No wins, one draw, one total loss.
    Only one enemy is going to win because after this current globo=pedo clown show both existing on the same battle space is utterly untenable.
    One is a total loser no matter what, it ain’t out to win, its out to destroy. Everything.
    In order to covet everything, but everything is impossible, so everything will be destroyed if they could win because everything they covet must be destroyed in order to win. Its this kind of war.
    But, do they know this?
    Its so fucking obvious its unavoidable.

    Its all about guns.
    Always has been.
    Everything else is bullshit distraction.
    The guns got to go.
    Our guns.

    What kills them is The Rifle. Our Rifles are the center of our history. That makes getting our guns or killing enough of us difficult in the extreme.
    Exactly how do you disarm a hundred million people who do not want to be, who refuse to, before they even use their Rifles to stop you from doing this in the first place?
    This is the question.
    It is central.
    This reality, ( Wow reality! Where’d that come from? Holy Cow! Hoodathoughtsuch badthinkwasstillpossible, they pulled down all the statues?), is we are the most powerful ones, nobody else has so much power, such power, nobody else is so legitimate, which is power too, and it is power we have that is not attainable unless you are a dirt person defending yourself from power posers. Usurpers. Who only take power from others so they obtain, creating a power vacuum they then presume to presume they have all the power when they don’t, it is all illusion of power, why appearance of legitimacy is so valuable to them. Why maintaining this illusion is a prime directive.
    The only legitimate power outside of sovereign natural power of the individual is negative power, negative power is what happens when government, the state, governs not, not a little, it governs not at all, when it is the sovereign will of freemen determine the parameters if what government does in their best interest, not what government does in its best interest. At the expense of the people. Violate that will it is tyranny. No such thing as a little bit of tyranny, like there’s no such thing as a little bit of slavery, a little bit of pedophelia, a little bit of murder. Why we abolished slavery. Why Abolition of The State is the legitimate thing it is.

    What gets them is at the core of things they are jealous. Really. Think about it for a sec.
    What is it about people who covet power that drives them? They always want more power. Where do they get more power? They take it from others. Power don’t suddenly appear out of thin air. It has to be created. How? By taking something from others. This greed, avarice, hubris, whatever, manifests itself into coveting, coveting is a cousin of envy, beyond coveting is taking, beyond envy is jealousy, mortal sins in good folks vernacular, good folks who self determine to be free to live free to live ordered freedom within the boundaries of what is legitimately personal property they create thru action, not taking, (the denizens behind Burn Loot Murder are attempting to create a falsity into a solid narrative our “white privilege” originates in taking something from something long ago which is unverifiable, only historical accounts which are totally malleable and vulnerable to any revision desirable, legend weaponized, this is imperative because they can not scapegoat the men of the west, create a white boogeyman, if white men obtained their power legitimately), create is the operative word.
    What the hair across the arse of globo=pedo is us dirt people got power globo=pedo can not obtain, it is not possible for takers to obtain legitimate power, its the ultimate oxymoron, cosmic contradiction in terms, it is tyrant envy to covet our legitimate power, born naturally to everyone actually, but what they can do is take the means instruments and motive power inside people away, so only they have power, a monopoly of power, of course they don’t have power of any sirt, all they have is force and the resources and instruments of projecting force to compel and coerce, thru fear, and by hurting people to make them hopefully comply, then they obtain a kind of power.
    Totalitarianism. Use of fear.
    Take Von hillary pantsuit. Is there a more overt compelling example of envy coveting and contempt for our Rifles and our power?
    It is consumed with jealousy for all who have natural power. It is obsessed with others power, with power period.
    It is a monumental task of unobtainable scope to disarm all the armed people. Not only that, but there’s a lot more folks who are not necessarily armed, with a rifle, but are armed with BFYTW, refusal to comply. To peaceably mind ones own business and be left alone in the first place is the crux of legitimacy. Legitimacy is power.
    All there is…is power.
    Liberty and freedom and self reliance and self determination is nothing but, fancy ways of defining elements of power. Our legitimate ownership of property is power too, in the form of tangible things, even land is power, inherently provides one power to feed oneself, provide a place of sanctuary, a Rifle is property, its the first thing, it inherently has the potential to feed you too, and does this efficiently. Thats power. To be a free and self reliant dirt person is the acme of power. Hillary Clinton has no power like this, only the power to hurt, she uses the power to hurt, because she has no power, only instruments of power and only the use of those instruments, which used creates an illusion she has power, because there is always people who are afraid of her, and fear her use of those instruments, but thats not power possessed. Though she is possessed, with obtaining power she can never have. It’s enough to drive any sociopath crazy. What drives her is she keeps getting thwarted by the very thing she covets but can never have, but is driven by her demons of envy and hate for the very thing she covets but can never have. Picture an insane rat franticly running stuck for eternity on a mobias strip reaching endlessly to grasp power it covets.

    All the classic tyrants and their tyranny in all history, with the exception of America, here and now, not history but living reality, never faced real power, the legitimate power of our humble dirt people selves, people armed to the teeth, duly and properly armed with the greatest infantry combat weapon ever devised, our Rifles, because the only way we remain legitimate free dirt people is to own so many Rifle’s it is an impossible task to disarm us or kill enough of us or both.
    It don’t stop anyone from attempting to do so. Conversely attempting is not success.
    The bake the noodle element is, its not our Rifles but the deterrent our Rifles create which creates more power which makes us an even harder nut to crack. Furthermore we enjoy a great profound luxury where we do not, (up till a certain point is reached, or breeched), have to discharge our Rifles aimed at our avowed enemies in defense of ourselves, there’s great power in the threat we will use our Rifles in defense of ourselves, the projection of power that is deterrent is power itself.
    It’s a real pickle, no tyrant has faced.
    We are a real pain in the ass to our enemy.
    We are powerful, because we do not covet power. It is our roots of legitimacy. Which is power.
    All there is is power.
    A living breathing stubborn defiant steadfast indomitable audacious conundrum armed to the fukkin’ teeth.
    God Bless Us. There’s none like us.

  2. The zman is a cucking windbag.
    It’s the only force of arms his ‘side’ actually has.

  3. the bullet in the brain is too damn quick

    the cops, pols, and their cock slurpers need MOAR time in agony to reflect on their decision to commit treason

    a nice slow hang and dance routine is more appropriate

    tfA-t will live to watch the spectacle of wondrous “live”entertainment

  4. The government sent out a message today. Directed at us. The first federal execution in about 20 years occurred today. The man was a “White Supremist”. He proclaimed his innocence on his death bed. I don’t know anything about the case. Maybe he had it coming. Maybe not. There must be others on death row in the fed prison system. But they chose his demographic for a reason. Get it?

  5. “This is why America is probably closer to Soviet-style show trials and political violence than most Americans realize.”

    One of those “most Americans” apparently includes Zman – read the reporting done by Redoubt News on the “trials” in the aftermath of the Malheur Refuge. Review the individual biographies of the Oregon state supreme court, understand that it was Oregon State Police, not FBI, at the behest of Gov. Brown, that took the kill shots on Finicum, review the case of Michael Strickland, and on, and on, and on.

    Nope, we are not “closer to” show trials – we are already well and truly in clown world and what we are contending with these days is one of the most fundamental battles; a war on truth – truth in the real, everyday empirical sense and in the abstract, spiritual and eclesiatic sense.

    Two in face sends them to space – nice, I like it – how about “one in the mask will wax their ass”

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