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  1. Location,,,,Location,,,,,, Location IS everything. Sad to say, if your east of the Mississippi, your flat fucked. Don’t believe me, have a look at the night time sat photos’s.

    Not harping friends, West IS best, room to breath stretch your legs. Southern Oregons flying a ” Sorry no rooms available” sign.

    Many even here are tied in place by family, work, etcetc. If your not its well past time to bail for better landing spots.

    Good luck gents.


      1. Then it’s all over in minutes for us out West. The east and the rest of the world…who knows?

      2. Good one, your still fucked. According to the majority of ash flow charts we should be Ok. Can give definitive answers after the event.


  2. July 16, 1979 two good guys were KIA in Rhodesia. Hugh McCall, former 173rd Airborne in the Nam. And my friend, Steve Dwyer former USMC. Both were RLI. 41 years have passed.

  3. Collusion Russian Uranium 1/Clinton Deep Scumm much?
    All The Clowns are all connected.
    Follow the money.
    Follow the conduit of human trafficking, start at Planned Genocide’s baby organ legging operations, follow the money. Vast money. Not including the children used and murdered in satanic ritual and for their terror jacked up blood, the Roe vs Wade Planned Parenthood front has processed 62 million babies born in America. So follow the money: Sixty Two Million Babies, lets say there is a profit of $100 each skimmed off operational expences, which is most likely paid for by the federal pork barrel gift from the Swamp Creatures, probably lifted out of Social Security, they are that kind of Swamp Scummbags: 62 million times $100 bucks rounds out to 62 Billion greenbacks, did I figure that math right? I get 620,0000000 million.
    Its common knowledge a vile of stem cells alone goes for thousands of bucks. Whats a set of skin grafts? A syringe of bone marrow? An eyeball, a heart, a lung, a kidney go for on the wholesale organ legging market? Then there’s the racketeering built into obamacare and the insurance industry.
    Then, the power and control which is derived from the corruption.

    See how these Scummbags infest our civilization? They are leeches. Vultures. Bloodsuckers, literally and figuratively.

    The pedo=elites child trafficking conduit and the Uranium 1 deal tie all The Clowns together. Core operations of the “Clinton Global Initiative” organized crime family of Clowns. Uranium 1 is the key, central to Clown World syndicate operations since Benghazi. Elite Phedophelia represents the hedonistic nature of the globo=pedo cabal and the heart of their operational art of blackmail and extortion critical to maintaining centralized raw naked power over the body politic.
    “Deep State”? Noooo, deep imbedded scumm. No historical precedence in scale and scope and levels of depravity. Biblical examples fall short. Yet Absolutely Correct.
    If there’s a definition of absolute corruption, wonton unlimited depravity, The Clown Show sets the benchmark.

    The Clown’s War of Projection upon us dirt people:
    Never-Trump Project Lincoln Co-Founder Paid By Russian Government

    A short and concise piece exemplifying how stupid these Clowns are and the core thread of total absolute corruption which binds them all, ties all the factions of the amerikan based globo=pedo organized crime syndicates together.

    I guess you can’t let a good Manchurian candidate go to waste.
    Beetlejuice gave the ghost of Senator Comintern McCain a hall pass.
    That gift that keeps giving.

    It seems clear these scumm-bags are in a serious pickle, need an anarchist insurgency, an attempt to keep the feed trough filled with American’s wealth.
    Only these Clowns could screw up this free lunch.

    Ol’ Trump’s right as usual. Not just ready, but who could ever be ready for how stone cold corrupt these people are.
    Only idiots of indescribable greed and hubris would stoop to creating an army of programmed hive mind plantation ghetto rats and pasty white spoiled liberal red diaper baby brats as proxies sent hither to distract the Republic from how truly The Clowns have created a civilizational existential level event of economic collapse.

    They were Clowns before, they are Clowns now, they will always be Clowns, only Clowns are so incompetent, Clowns that realistically had it made in the shade.
    These Clowns had everything sewed up tight, nobody was bothering them for a century and a half since Lincoln and his marxists set up the unbroken line of permanent treason to today which was so hideously profitable, the teat of an entire wealth of the nation to suck, and a system of absolute fiat monetary/economic control, imposed to rule over the essential vital leg of Liberty, free unfettered economic activity.
    It’s what the second war of secession from Fabian aggression was waged for after all. Just follow the money.

    It turns out as with men with power and immense wealth want, is more power and wealth. Even this incredible mountain of wealth, this banquet of the table of spoils they use America for isn’t enough.
    Um, hello, there ain’t any other mountain of spoils.

    They knew Trump was the kind of natural born civic nationalist Patriot who would turn off their federal source spigots of free money. Its what the administrative and regulatory tyranny State was creative to do.
    Bill Buppert and Gary North where always right.

    As is the usual of history’s circular route it is us dirt people who are presented with The Clowns disasters. They stole everything else but the unintended consequences.
    They are in ready to run away mode attempting one last desperate act of chaos out of which they might salvage their agenda of their precious world pedo=hegemony.
    Doubt it. Such fools have without fail fucked up every free lunch. Doesn’t lesson the effects of present low intensity conflict, which is NOT anything low intensity for the poor victims suffering the unintended consequences of another Clown World Debacle.

    The only “White Priviledge” here is it is and always has been, there are no others, you see anyone else let me know, the purview of us dirt people to effect positive change. We are experts at salvaging Clown Debacle. How many times have we saved our civilization from these jackals in 245 years? What else is the “glue” that keeps our civilization from collapsing each time The Clowns screw up?

    I think it is time, and it is clear as a bell I ain’t alone by any measure, to do something truly permanent about The Clown Show. Something our good character and natural prudence has kept us from doing the Barbarian on these jackasses.
    In no uncertain terms there is no army of the size us dirt people constitute, and if the current small arms race os an indication, it is our gut instincts inspiring us to do the unspeakable, what we have faithfully held off from committing, justifiably, for every manjack and womanjane with a lick of common sense there’s lines you don’t cross, lines once breached are fraut with the never come back from the brink of savagery thing thats been the downfall of all civilizations before.
    Is this that American Exceptionalism?
    Reagan’s Shining City On The Hill thing?
    I believe so its definitely something like that without doubt.

    In that light, its the glass is half full gift of opportunity that comes only once in an age. Us dirt people have been presented with the perfect storm, the perfect circumstances to do what has long been needed doing.

    Exterminate The Clowns to the last one.
    Hunt them down and give them all the dirt nap.
    Evil will always exist, its human nature, but you sure can reduce to the kind of minimum it don’t rear its evil head for enough time to finish the legacy of Liberty and Prosperity we are gifted with to take care of.
    There is no one else.
    Us dirt people are the bulwark.
    It is the stuff of legacy.

    The profound fork in the road.
    Win Yuuuge or take the dirt nap.
    Up to us, our cause, GOD, and our Rifles.

    Because Fuck You Thats Why.

    1. Clown World.

      It appears we have similar reading lists, as our conclusions.

      Always good to find a like mind.

  4. The SGM is Correctamundo. One of the best parts of his talk was that you should have a care about what your words and footprints are, for a very good reason. You may soon be judged a patriot or a traitor based on those words and footprints. Other blogs and comments have said as much, but this is even more clear. I’m not one to talk much about this, as my words and deeds show I am careless about my trail. But that’s how I roll, and I’ve been a little more careful lately. Gentlemen may cry Peace, Peace, -but there is no peace. The war is actually begun! Sound familiar?

    1. And I goof about the postwar Committee on Peace & Reconciliation that will run no matter who wins.

      It’s not a joke.

      What is coming will continue even after the field fighting ends (if it ends).

  5. Blah Blah Blah

    more empty words from a brainwashed murdering lifer statist POS rag waving perpetual tax maggot- who no doubt is a lard ass grey haired cuck who still thinks he commands respect – because MUH stripes…



    the murkin era and it’s war mongering criminal drones are D E A D

    it didn’t have to be this way- but they insisted on destroying it all with the T.W.O.T and it’s accompanying police/surveillance/.mil /prison/medical tyranny complex.

    forcefully imposing a war worship culture on a once peaceful, productive, happy, proud, patriotic people- which is gone forever

    this high level retired turd is more guilty of facilitating america’s fall than most- and he should know this. but the guilty never admit their wrong doing and always double down on the failed politics of bullshit and horse manure…


    1. “(if it ends)”

      it will NEVER end

      who wants to go back to the corruption, graft, and “good ol boy” network system that got us here

      but that’s the message these has-been, failed geriatrics(who will soon be room temp) are projecting

      i for one will spend every last ounce of energy , will, and might, along with every last worthless americunt $ to fight against ever going back to what i’ve experienced my entire life- rotten bastard old men who wish to rule me and my freedom

      and i bet that sgm wears a fucking face mask too…

  6. Yea, I need to reel it in aswell, it’s getting really really real! I amuse myself, you’ll think,I’m full of shit anyways. If you only knew what was really under the hood, in play.

    I can tell you after its done, if we got it right!. Failing scares the liven shit out of me.

    But then what could possibly go wrong?


    1. Dirk:. No need to feel in on any account. Don’t you know the internet is forever, and “they” will search one’s every 0/1 keystroke ever made?

      Wanna truly freak them out? Go silent. No cell, no cable, no smart TV programming devices, no smart anything, no digital cameras with geolocation apps, no social media, no internet.

      Burner phones maybe, and only publicly available wi-fi for periodic check-ins, if that.

      We are all on all the right lists, now. I have a feeling that’s exactly why the Blue Hive Virus has not reared its head too far out of it’s natural habitat. There are more of us than even WE know.

      Nevertheless, when it’s time, all fun and entertainment aside …we can and must go silent. I did it for a couple of years. It was easy, it was peaceful, and it was very productive.

      I check in here just to take a pulse, look for kindred spirit, and like minds. I made the lists a long time ago. Not gonna spend one nanosecond worrying about it now.

      None of us should. When its time to make them work for it, we will know, and we will make them work for it. Probably be the most honest days work any of them have ever put in.

      Peace…until there is none to be had.

  7. Yes, location is everything, that is why the safest place in the nation is Southern Appalachia because of the Grand Solar Minimum into which we have already entered. People living north of latitude 40 degrees will either starve to death or become refugees as numbing cold descends upon them, making growing their own food impossible.



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