Backyard Flammenwerfer Series

Mad props to BCE, who might consider making you one (for educational purposes only):

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  1. The German Flammenwerfer 35 weighed 80lbs. and the user had to wear a rubberized suit complete with boots.
    The Fallschirmjäger (Paratroopers) came out with a smaller two tank version in 1941 and it was also heavy.
    The fg42 7.92x57mm Mauser was one of the best weapons of the FJ.

  2. Since I am on a budget, I prefer Dragon’s breath. It is relatively easy to come by here in Rawles Land; provided you get to the Gun Show early. Just be careful with it. You can start a brush fire with it very quickly. Watch the You Tube videos.

  3. Flackyard Bammenwerfer
    Bamyard Flackenwerfer
    Wackyard Bammenflerfer
    Yackflard Wammenberfer

  4. I don’t understand why anyone would forsake the use of napalm for propane.

    1. The Flammenwerfer as you see, is actually using 89 ‘proof’ unleaded gas when I did the test. A test that went a bit sideways b/c of a metal filing that I didn’t get successfully rinsed out pre-test. (It stuck the throttle in the ‘on’ position.) That issue is now solved, and the ‘usual’ mix is 1 cup of palmolive, and 4 xtra large Dunkin Donuts coffee cups, dissolved in a 2.5 gallons of 89 proof unleaded… gets the proper ‘throw’ and distance and napalm effect…. this ain’t yer daddys misfiring propane stove folks… shit is hawt and burning like a motherfucker when properly operational. NOTE: I will be updating this tonight on the Blog so stay tuned… I also have improved the torch mounting and handling.

    2. Napalm is the fuel of choice, it shoots further and sticks to what you want to burn.
      I’m a former 0351 Anti-tank assaultman and one of the last to be trained on the old flamethrowers in 1972/73. We mixed regular gasoline in a 55 gal drum and added quart cans of powdered thickening agent, stirred it with a boat paddle until it was well mixed and thickened, and then used a hand pump to pump into the flamethrower tanks. The gelled fuel mix holds together better in the air and isn’t affected by gravity as much as straight liquid. You can also shoot around corners, richochet/splatter it off a wall to get behind a target.
      Stay away from propane, diesel and kerosene, they won’t work properly, either blow up in your face or not ignite.

  5. Nothing says “get the fuck off of my lawn, antifa” like this little puppy right here.

  6. According to Forgotten Weapons, dot com, the actual result is asphixiation by CO, not flammen burnnen.

    Nothing more humane than that! Lemme find a linky thing.

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