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  1. Blah Blah Blah

    more empty words from a brainwashed murdering lifer statist POS rag waving perpetual tax maggot- who no doubt is a lard ass grey haired cuck who still thinks he commands respect – because MUH stripes…



    the murkin era and it’s war mongering criminal drones are D E A D

    it didn’t have to be this way- but they insisted on destroying it all with the T.W.O.T and it’s accompanying police/surveillance/.mil /prison/medical tyranny complex.

    forcefully imposing a war worship culture on a once peaceful, productive, happy, proud, patriotic people- which is gone forever

    this high level retired turd is more guilty of facilitating america’s fall than most- and he should know this. but the guilty never admit their wrong doing and always double down on the failed politics of bullshit and horse manure…


    1. Yeah. He spent his life shilling for the fed rez and pedowood.
      He even made this video for distraught drivers in Tel Aviv.
      Call him a “boomer” and ask for a draw at high noon.
      Your hot pockets are ready.

      1. the turd sponged off the taxpayer his entire life and counting

        and NEVER won a war

        fuck him and all those like him

    2. WTH are you talking about?

      Jerry Miculek was a millwright for 15 years before becoming a professional shooter at the age of 37. AFAIK, he didn’t serve a single day in .mil.

      1. Jerry Miculek is an incredible shot


        he would have a damn massive heart attack if he even tried to hang with tfA-t

        another FAIL! from the LOOOOOZER christer

        will ewe ever win?

        tfA-t thinks NOT!

  2. I’ve taken 2 defensive pistol classes that touched on firing out of a car. One class was put on by a POST certified trainer the other a ex MARSOC guy. Both stressed getting the muzzle parallel to the hood as soon as the guns out of the holster. Neither class had us actually shooting from inside a car.

  3. With Front Window glass you MUST shoot through the same hole essentially. It will not shatter and create a large opening to shoot through. The problem with that is obvious as any small deviation will have an effect on bullet impact down range. IF you are extremely luck you can get hits up very close through the glass but it’s no guarantee. You can shoot several rounds and then Rake a hole to shoot through as well.

    Side glass, no problem, first round will shatter it and then apply lead to target as necessary.

    I’ve done this dozens of times. I have a tow company that supplies me with vehicles that we use in classes and training sessions.

    One thing you must do if you are going to do this is wear a mask. The glass will vaporize and you don’t want to breathe glass shards into your lungs. Be safe, Be Hard to Kill!

    1. Shot out of cars at Blackwater back in 2005. Eyepro is a must. The glass that stays in the car is fine. Not quite breathable dust, but small. Definitely not something you want in your eyes.
      When the instructor demonstrated it, he had a cardboard sheet set up in front of the hood. He had a laser on his pistol to show the difference between point of aim and point of impact. He put the laser on the target’s belly and pulled the trigger. There were THREE holes 8-12″ above where he was aiming. The 9mm jacket stripped off of the bullet as it went through the windshield and everything tumbled up wards. I shot next out of the passenger side and had the same result. He then told us that bullets tumble downwards when going into a car. Later we set cardboard up outside the driver’s side of the car, and shot 9mm rounds through the car. About half of the rounds penetrated both doors and went through the cardboard. This was our lesson in why cars are shit for cover, and the engine block is the only thing that will reliably stop bullets.
      As far as noise goes, most of the blast carried right out of the hole blown in the windshield. I remember it being a lot quieter than I expected. Once we were overseas, we largely used armored Land Cruisers and Suburbans, as well as some unarmored Corollas and Hi-Luxes. We had a rear-ward facing gunner in the back of the SUVs, who had an armored door with a gun port. Firing the SAW out of that was very pleasant. I’d say that 90% of the gunshot goes out of the muzzle, so it was very hearing-safe inside of the car.
      That said, I wouldn’t want to shoot 5.56 in a car, through the windows, without ear pro.

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