9 thoughts on “Hatespeech: On The ADL & American Society”

  1. ADL = Cesspool of anti-White, Anti-American filth.
    B’nai B’Rith has permeated damn near everything.


  2. Mel Gibson gets a pass forever just for making Mad Max II.
    It blew my doors right off as a little guy and maybe those movies prepared us for the dystopian shithole that is coming as manboons tries to build the Benetton rainbow paradise.
    Maybe the ADL is the engine of the cancel culture?
    Who gave (((them))) all of this power?
    I thought mommygov loved me and was in it to serve me? (not really)

  3. Us holohoax ‘deniers’ have been battling these fuckers for ages. Welcome to the club.

    1. I looked up something on Semites the other day, and sure enough, Germany’s pre-war jew population was listed at 800k, but Hitler killed 6-20 gorillian of them. And no ash/bone piles either.
      Then there’s the debate, which ones are actually Semites and which ones aren’t. Anything on Wikipedia is a lying farce anyway, (((they’ve))) already re-written history, religion and culture.

      1. Careful SemperFi, 0321…

        You never know when all the truth that we’re telling about “The Hostile Elite”
        might just trigger ‘Morocco Mole with ‘da ‘Stasche’ aka ‘Mutt Cuck’nen’ to
        teleport from ‘N. Useless Boomer Dying Elephant Land’ (aka ‘Flo-rid-da’)
        to look about and go full boomer tradcuck simpmitzvah ‘special olymipics
        aspergers’ chimpout…”REEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!! Oi Veh!!!!..D’er spreaaadun
        the truth about muh beeeloved Hebe’s again!!!!!…Naaaaatssieees!!! D’ere’s
        Naaaaatssieees here again!!!…D’ere gunna shuuve me an my wife inna
        ovens and toast us into ‘Chicken ‘n a Biskit’ crackers!!!..then they’ll turn
        us into ‘Super-Testosterone enhanced Performance Soap on ‘da ropes’
        and Motel 6 Lampshades and stuff that can be sold at Love’s Truck Stops!!!
        “Sumbudy call ‘de ADL..call ‘de SPLC..call ‘de Kosher Nostril…call..call my mommy!!!

        NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  4. Ah yes, the ‘(((Adult Diaper League)))’ and their ‘joined-at-the-hip’
    incestuous twin (((Special Poopers Launching Crap)))….

    Here’s a relatively short video expose on both of these (((terrorist hate orgs))):

    Who is Really Behind Youtube’s Censorship?

    Really quite surprised that it’s STILL on (((SpewTube)))…..
    Especially since (((adl))) chimps out publicly EVERY time
    that anyone mentions that their iconic ‘martyr’ Franks
    WAS a convicted murderer and child molester…(but then
    again, he ‘was a good boy’ who was only following the
    talmud where female goyim, especially children are concerned….)

    And some people wonder where (((pedogate))) comes from?….

    NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  5. I just go with if the adl is for something it’s bullshit and anything their against is probably good for me and mine.

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