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  1. Not a one of of them has the tiniest grasp on reality.

    Re-elect each again and again and again.

    Oddly enough, the organization does not post a roster online.

  2. Maybe not so far-fetched when dollar goes full Zimbabwe. Won’t be long now before one of ‘em brings a horse into the Senate and we go full Nero.

  3. So the TAX-GRABBERS want $6 Quadrillion from TAX-PAYERS?

    Got a few words for these ungrateful and insolent creatures:


    I have had my payroll robbed since 1963 for all the previous nonsense (which did zero good for all) and if this becomes a law or demand or they come looking to steal my stuff by ANY further means de facto or de jure, riot, plunder, or flash mob:

    …it will be served up fresh from self-contained Lake City brass furnaces and piping hot….

    Double servings required for some…tap tap

    1. Maybe they will actually try this, maybe if they do then people will actually DO SOMETHING if so I welcome them to try. BUT I reserve the right to hunt these tyrants down and do what is required…

  4. Not a single penny………..ever. I owe them nothing, and even common courtesy is increasingly difficult to muster at this point.

  5. Give them a free train ride to the East. Along with some (((others)))

  6. Going Galt? What if we all just paid off all of our debts, paid up the property taxes and went on strike for a year? That was put up by someone way back in 1978 and strangely enough some people tried it and it worked for them. Nationally it would be a statement of (resistance? rebellion? can’t think of the word).

    I know, Boooomers can’t because of Medi-care, Yuppies can’t because of the lifestyle. I have been thinking of going Galt and have been preparing for it, but it does take a network and some cooperative folks to do this. It also requires one person to “remain” establishment to keep the facilities covert and “covered.”

    Just thinking out loud. YMMV. I think it is a can do activity for the properly motivated and there is no White Knight coming to rescue the Republic because that YT gnite was us, years ago.

  7. Fuck these black haired Bungarian bush niggers. I have a better idea, how about they get a job, work and save the 43 years most here did. Actually some here, even longer.

    Most here earned what they have, working daily, didn’t have mommy and daddy leave us, our wealth. Morning tee, hope you don’t choke on a bologna round today, we would miss you like a case of the fucking black clap!.

    Your ol pal Dirt

    1. you god dmand loser

      you don’t know what physical labor is scumbag pig

      tfA-t labors harder than anyone on this board EVERY fucking day

      that’s how retired at 40 years old from his own contracting biz like the BOSS he is

      that’s why he has the nicest homes and properties wherever the fuck he lives, all his stuff is at 100% ready to go, looks like brand new, and all PAID for nigger- Dick

      it’s also why tfA-t is in GOD like physical shape, stronger than EVER, and has more energy than a fucking atomic BOMB!

      piss off you fat blob of broken down old doughnut eating parasitic coproach puddle of puke

      and yeah, when mommy goes i’ll have another million in ca$h- not that i need it


      what’s it like to be a peasant?

      tfA-t wouldn’t know

      1. that’s how retired at 40 years old from his own contracting biz like the BOSS he is

        Well, with daddy’s money and the business already built up, I would hope so.

        that’s why he has the nicest homes and properties wherever the [expletive] he lives, all his stuff is at 100% ready to go, looks like brand new, and all PAID for

        Daddy’s money does go a long way now, doesn’t it?

  8. Print it up in Confederate money and give it to them. Or give it to them in Yankee dollars, and complete the timely implosion of our economy. I’ve talked to supposedly mature people who don’t understand what that kind of inflation would do. Inflation kills, and lock-downs and other brakes on the economy kill too. Just because no one has seen with their own eyes real hunger and destitution, does it fail to exist. Famine makes people drop dead in the street. Famine makes emaciated young men and women sell themselves for a crust of bread. Inflation kills.

    1. In the HBO series “Rome” there’s an episode titled “No God Can Stop a Hungry Man”.

      Ain’t it the truth.

  9. To paraphrase Everett Dirkson: “A quadrillion here and a quadrillion there and pretty soon you’re talking about real money.”

  10. And that photo is of Shiela Jackson-Lee, the Queen of useful idiots. Operative word being ‘idiot’.
    Her stupidity is only eclipsed by her horrible demeanor.
    No shock she’s on the “gibs” bus.

  11. Well they wuz kangz n sheiit, so really that dollar amount still feels pretty low.

  12. Okie dokie, but out of that windfall they need to pay me back for decades and decades of welfare, with interest, rebuild the cities they have burned, and pay the taxpayer back for feeding, clothing, housing, medicating and educating their prison dwellers for the last 150 years.

  13. Considering the Zimbabweification of the USD, that’s probably a bargain.

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